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  1. Hi, im new to linustechtips, have a good day Sorry for my bad english, i know a bit, but it isn´t my native language First, i have a "good" pc as i can guess, but i need help to upgrade 4 components All help is really appreciated Specs: Gigabyte GTX 960 2GB 8GB Ram Intel core i3 2105 3.1 Ghz (yeah, i know its very old, that´s why i want to upgrade!) LG 1920 * 1080 60Hz monitor Some random case i had in my house (DELL) A generic Pixxo Jaguar 600W Power Supply Components i want to upgrade: CASE: I dont really care about the case, but it definitely is an option, i need a 70 $ (US Dollar) pc gaming case, it needs to have dust filters, and have fans at the front and an exhaust, they dont need to be - RGB or LED, but if it has, even better. Processor: Just look at that old Sandy bridge core i3, i need an i5, but i dont know wich, pls help : ( it needs to be a maximum of 200 US Dollars, and preferly to be a haswell generation processor, and it can also be an amd fx Motherboard, preferly Micro-ATX, at least 2 Memory ports and that is durable, and good. Power Supply: i need a good power supply that has to be at least 80+ BRONZE, with a limit of 80 US Dollars, can be 600W, 700W. That´s all i need to upgrade, i will upgrade to a 1060 on half-year All help is rrreally appreciated