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  1. BrodieL123

    network issues

    How do I connect a router to my main network modern wirelessly on the same network
  2. BrodieL123

    Dedicated csgo server

    what do you mean
  3. BrodieL123

    Dedicated csgo server

    So like a storage server
  4. BrodieL123

    Dedicated csgo server

    I want to know if I can run a dedicated counter strike global offensive server on a home server , and what's a good home server to use
  5. BrodieL123

    Home server

    Or a good site
  6. BrodieL123

    Home server

    I'm getting a server built from 24 drives
  7. BrodieL123

    Home server

    I'm going to buy a home server
  8. BrodieL123

    Home server

    Thank you already tryed couldn't work it out
  9. BrodieL123

    Home server

    I want a home server so I can run a steam counter strike global offensive server 27/7 how do I do that what's the best way
  10. Ok thanks does both routers have a different connecting name
  11. I want both routers to be connected to each other so I can connect the ether one wirelessly
  12. How do I connect 2 different routers together on the same wifi network if any ideas please respond below
  13. BrodieL123

    Wifi router

    So can I use both for wifi
  14. BrodieL123

    Wifi router

    I have a modern as main wifi source how do I connect a router to the same network as my main modern network wirelessly