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  • Birthday 2002-05-26


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 1300x
  • Motherboard
    Asrock fatal1ty
  • RAM
    8 gb ddr4
  • GPU
    Rx 470
  • Case
    Phanteks Eclipse series p400S (white silent)
  • Storage
    1 TB wd Blue (regular files) 1 TB old toshiba (Emulation) 4 TB Wd Blue (Gaming)
  • PSU
    seasonic 650 watt bronze
  • Display(s)
    30 inch 1080p monitor
  • Cooling
    Basic ryzen cooler
  • Keyboard
    Destiny 2 RAZER Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Destiny 2 RAZER Mouse
  • Sound
    Razer kraken 4.1 pro
  • Operating System
    windows 10 and ubuntu

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  1. Lilninjsways

    Need a new graphics card for under $400

    i found one with one mediocre review saying the cooler was garbage
  2. Lilninjsways

    Need a new graphics card for under $400

    Nice catch that is weird!
  3. So I've started earning money from selling my items on eBay! and may be able to purchase a graphics card!! Woohoo! time to move away from a gtx 1050 ti which I've had for many years! But with so many mixed reviews and media saying certain things and many many graphics card releases! I don't know where to start, what to look at, what to consider My specs are ryzen 5 2600 (overclocked slightly) gtx 1050 ti 16 gb 3000 MHz tridentz ram with a 60 Hz 1080p monitor (soon to be 2 if you read my previous post) NOOOO more than $400 and would like to of course spend less than that unless it is absolutely worth the money Thank you
  4. So I have a birthday coming up and my family is begging me to tell them what I want and I have 2 ideas I could either have a dual monitor setup with a vertical stand (i don't have a lot of desk room that's why i decided vertical) or a new graphics card I currently have a gtx 1050 ti with a ryzen 5 2600 and 16 gb's 3000 mhz tridentz ram I will give my reasoning behind why I am choosing these two as my options 1. Dual monitor to make it easier for me learning and experimenting with app/game development and programming and i hate over lapping windows on my pc it will also help with some games as I am a completionist and like to complete alot of stuff and would like to have google or whatever on one and a game on the other 2. Graphics card to boost my general gameplay experience of course and i've been experiencing slow downs on new triple a games especially far cry, assassins creed, and anthem and I know I have to upgrade in the near future Please help me decide! Thank you!
  5. Lilninjsways

    Dvd RW will not let me erase or format

    I havent seen one
  6. Lilninjsways

    Dvd RW will not let me erase or format

    1 was imgburn and 1 was the actual windows file explorer
  7. So i have put movies on 2 disks and both sadly failed so gladly i got RW disks (re writable) but they wont even let me remove the movie nor format or whatever you wanna say... I have tried 2 different computers with 2 different disk drives im not sure what to do
  8. any game on the microsoft store on windows 10 will let you play online without the subscription so gears of war, sea of thieves they all allow you to play with out the gold
  9. Lilninjsways

    Best surround sound bar for $200 or under

    So my mother is an audiophile she wants the best of the best!! She is so used to a surround sound system with multiple speakers around her that her father gave her about 4 years ago (1000 Watts i believe) but now she is getting a 4k tv and the surround sound system wont work with it and wants an surround sound system without doing a shit ton of setup being done and i recommended a soundbar but dont know which would be good (i dont really care about sound i just dont want it to sound like im in a tunnel) does anyone have any recommendations?
  10. Lilninjsways

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    well i have a dvd and vhs player (2 in 1) it has a "record button" but I dont have any blank tapes and dont really know how to do it from using the dvd in the player and recording vhs with that same player
  11. Lilninjsways

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    oh yes i know that
  12. Lilninjsways

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    how long does 2 way recording take do you know?
  13. Lilninjsways

    Is there any vhs player/drive for pc?

    that was a much more heartfelt response but thanks! I have heard that if you have a DVD/VCR combo player you could somehow record the DVD to the blank VHS tape but I wonder if there is a part where I can insert a VHS tape and move the video onto it i don't care if it takes forever I just want something that can do it
  14. I have many VHS tapes that I want to save onto my pc while also my grandmother only has a VCR and no DVD player and want to move any videos of the family to VHS since she always asks for some. I have always asked her "why don't you get a DVD player to have these video's?" She says "it would be easier if it was on VHS" Is there any way I could do this without a VCR? I have looked and they have converter's but no actual drives Thanks for helping me!
  15. alright I see I see keepin it under cover huh?