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    Professional Indiana Jones – just whithout occult Nazis and murderous cults … and unfortunately without whips as well …
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    Jack of all trades


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    Ryzen 7 2700
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200 DDR4
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    Zotac 1080Ti Mini
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Shift X
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    2x 500GB SSD
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    Corsair SFX600
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    Samsung 46" LED TV
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    Custom Loop
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    Das Keyboard 4C Professional
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    Win10 Pro, Ubuntu 18.10

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  1. bowrilla

    Next gen ryzen motherboards

    How should it help you if there's currently nothing using that exta bandwith - nothing is yet made for PCIe 4.0. Or let me ask you a question: how many PCIe lanes are you using right now?
  2. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    If you're using defaults in BIOS and haven't tweaked Ryzen Master, this is all within spec and the intended behaviour of Precision Boost. You can switch it off in BIOS (or temporarily in Ryzen Master) but you will loose performance which is a bit weird considering that you've bought the biggest Ryzen CPU available.
  3. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    That's pretty normal. Your PTC isn't an actual temperature but the reference value at which your CPU will throttle. It is not a measurement. High 30s to low 40s are perfectly (!) normal for the stock cooler. If you're uncomfortable with that you'll have to invest in a different cooler. In BIOS a lot of the power saving technologies are off and it puts the CPU under a small load. Higher temps are normal. Did you install AMD's specific power profiles? You can choose the "Balanced" one which should reduce boost a bit. EDC means "electrical design current". It's the current limiter of your CPU. It's perfectly normal for your CPU to hit it when Precision Boost is being used. Again: your CPU is working entirely within spec!
  4. bowrilla

    Next gen ryzen motherboards

    Zen2 / Ryzen 3 will support PCIe 4.0, the chipsets however are not finalized on this according to Tech Jesus' industry contacts. Also according to those contacts it might be possible for current gen mainboards to be updated so they could in theory support PCIe 4.0 for the slots that are directly connected to the CPU. This requires mainboard manufacturers to put some work into updates and some boards may not be suitable for an update due to electrical pathways and so on. I wouldn't expect many updates on this one. Getting back to the chipsets: it is possible that the upcoming chipsets might make use of the PCIe 4.0 capabilities of Ryzen 3 but only using it to provide more lanes. That might lead to higher bandwiths for NVMe drives. Now - does it matter? For the average Joe and even high end gamers: no. Current GPUs don't fully utilize 16x PCIe 3.0. Even in SLI you'd only benefit fromit when you're not using a bridge. So it would only affect AMD's Crossife setups and ... there's really no point to do that. You'd spend more than you'd do on a better performing NVIDIA card while having to gable if a specific game even supports Crossfire at all. NVMe drives then - well, the best drives out there do max out their 4x PCIe 3.0 interface, but there aren't any faster ones around and even more important the benefits are usually only of theoretical nature. I mean, the difference between SSDs on SATA III and NVMe are very much measurable but don't make that much of a difference for most people. It can make a difference if you're shoving around huge amounts of data but loading Windows or some game of your choice aren't that kind of loads. Bottom line: PCIe 4.0 is nice to have and will surely be the interface of the future but don't bother in 2019 ... or probably 2020.
  5. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    Have you checked your task manager? Maybe you have a terribly optimized program running in the back.
  6. bowrilla

    44-49 on idle?

    It puts your system under a potentially unrealistic extreme load maxing out temps and power consumption. While it is true that you usually won't see those loads dering real life usage, with Prime95 you can make sure that your system runs stable and you have a safety margin. If your system is fine under Prime95 without thermal throttling, BSODs or random freezes then your system is stable and won't overheat. Neither Cinebench nor Aida64 push your system that hard. It's not a necessity to test with Prime95 but imho it's good practice. It is a bit on the higher side assuming you're using the stock cooler but it depends on your case, ambient temeperature, individual loads and silicon lottery. It's not unreasonable but as people have said: max temps are more important. Despite that: does your CPU throttle in idle or does it stick to clocks above 3GHz? If that's the case, then you should check your energy plan settings in Windows and make sure the minimum CPU power state is set to something around 10-20%. That will reduce temps on idle a bit.
  7. bowrilla

    H500i question plus Psu

    You can go with the H500. I wouldn't pay the premium for the mostly useless "i" version that will lock you into NZXT's eco system. The H500 is a budget oriented ATX mid tower case. Regarding airflow the Meshify C is definitely a better choice leading to lower case temps and if you're planning to use an air cooler you'll end up with lower CPU temps. Pricing seems to be similar to the NZXT 500i. GN has very good and thorough case reviews and comparisons. I'd at least take Steve "Tech Jesus'" opinions on cases into consideration.
  8. bowrilla

    ASUS B450 motherboard for ryzen 2600x

    Just like I've said: it will work, it's okay, but it's just not a great/really good board. It's an okay board.
  9. bowrilla

    ASUS B450 motherboard for ryzen 2600x

    Will it work? Yes. Is it actually good? Not really, it's okay but that's about it. Without OC on a 2600X you should be ok though. See for example this Tier List in the AMD subreddit: Not really. MSI has better VRM designs on ATX and most of the ITX boards have better designs as well like Strix B450-I, B450 Fatal1ty, the B450M Mortar (mATX) …
  10. bowrilla

    H500i question plus Psu

    While I don't see why a fan controller (!) won't work with any standard fan, afaik the "i" in the "H500i" is aiming for the proprietary DRGB system. It's so not worth paying the premium unless it's about the same price. The H500 is kind of the budget case by NZXT with the rest of the H series being more expensive (and imho better looking). The issue is: the other ATX mid tower is the H700 and that's even more expensive (without the pseudi-intelligence of "i").
  11. bowrilla

    Watercooling help

    Additionally, every fitting adds another potential point of failure. Chances are low for a fitting to fail when using good ones but it just is another added connection with a o-ring and o-rings can fail.
  12. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    Well then it's just not throttling. Adjust your power plan and set minimum power state of your CPU to 10-15%. This will throttle down cores individually when not under load reducing idle temps. The H500 is a nice case but not with particularly good air flow. GamersNexus tested it and it was designed (and worked well) with negative air pressure.
  13. bowrilla

    i9 9900K CPU

    This is like tuning your car by putting another engine in the trunk that's not connected to anything … how old are you?!
  14. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    But in this case XFR is dynamically boosting one core, not all cores and VCore isn't fixed. 1.4V is usually regarded as the max safe VCore for all core OC - you can still loose the silicon lottery though.
  15. bowrilla

    Help with Ryzen 2700X Cpu temps

    Cinebench R15 is not a real stress test nor is it a stability test. You go Prime95 for that. It's torture and no real world load will ever reach that kind of levels. You haven't specified the case you're using. This can have a HUGE impact on temps. Overclocking beyond 4.1GHz is only a bit tricky for all cores. Single core oc is easy. Have you stress tested your CPU and determined max temps? Again, your temps are totally within reason. You can't expect much more with your stock cooler. Jay probably used open test bench setups. Does your CPU throttle down? If not, check Windows energy plans and set minimum CPU clocks to 10%. You can adjust VCore manually in BIOS and shave off a few degrees (especially peaks) but you will probably reduce XFR (or even totally disable it doing it all by hand).