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  1. So my friend's birthday is coming up and I've decided to make a video for him where random people just wish him happy birthday. So could you just say "Su gimtadieniu Rokai" and record it. You don't need to say it perfectly or anything. If you could join this and help me out it would be amazing. You can send it to: <content removed> or you can send a direct messege through here. Have a nice day
  2. Alright so it won't fry the electronics no matter whichever way will I use it?
  3. I know that but does it matter for the items that takes 18v DC?
  4. I have 2 different plugs for this
  5. Does it matter if I have: 1. AC (220v) go to 18v DC or 2. AC (110v) go to 18v DC
  6. cool but expensive AF...
  7. Bluetooth is the way to connect but I need at least 2 hardware things that could create this connection between each other.
  8. Yeah I basically want to edit code without needing to take and old laptop out because the board I'm using is not accessible from my PC
  9. What kind of software?
  10. Is there a way to create wireless connection from male USB cable to male USB and/or female USB port? Eg. I plug USB to my PC and there is a virtual cable going through Wifi or Bluethoot and then ends up in a "Arduino" board hooked up to other USB thing and it would act as an actual USB wired connection? Thanks in advance
  11. It would be great if you had experience to place object and add heights and stuff. And I assume that is not really hard since this is low poly game. And we would need tracks and a free roam map or something... I hope I answered your question...
  12. Eventually we will share all that we made.
  13. Hi... We've been making a game and we realized that we need extra help. We are looking for: Programmer (Unity, C#) Map designer And anything other but we really need those above The game is about: The game is simple car game (low poly). There is not much for now and that's why we need help. We have 2 3D designers and a programmer. And now we are thinking about making race/drift game and then add some other kind of stuff. Bunch of other pictures with the objects in game (Note: There are more models) https://imgur.com/a/CKcLt