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  1. Oh for Rumors... https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/amd_are_rumoured_to_be_creating_a_consumer-oriented_16-core_ryzen_cpu/1 Doubt this is actually true, but you know how rumors work.
  2. All new platforms have issues and growing pains... In AMDs case you are seeing not just a new chipset but also a new micro-architecture, new for AMD 14nm process, and new design/layout. These things always have issues which is why it is usually good to wait at least 6 months from launch prior to looking into benchmarks and purchasing of a new processor. As for the CCX, I'm not too sure it is an issue with the actual design of the Core Complexes so much as an issue with the cross communication between these complexes on the Infinity Fabric. My personal opinion is that the Infinity Fabric is a big plus for AMD but also has a downside. It allows AMD to scale their processors a lot easier and will probably make their APU design and implementation a lot easier, however, they are definitely running into an issue in the Multi-CCX situation, where there is a degradation on performance on threads handed off between CCXes and one where threads are having to access L3 cache across CCX complexes. Some of this may be improved via software and firmware updates some may see improvement in the Zen2 and future Zen revisions.
  3. A simple answer is that all processors should be compared to as many as possible in all different scenarios. The consumer needs to educate themselves on what their need is and select a processor that then suits that need, whether it is just gaming, productivity or a mixed workload.
  4. I had been thinking for a little while now that AMDs Infinity Fabric may be both their strength and weakness with the new platform... It's giving them flexibility in the way they can layout and design their chips and I can see this benefit coming into play when they begin releasing the Zen based APUs, however, the cross CCX L3 cache and thread handoff is definitely an issue... Hopefully there can be some software and firmware updates that help to mitigate some of this in the current Zen generation as well as adding in support for faster RAM clocks. I'm also hopeful that as they further implement the Infinity Fabric, they can increase the transfer speeds in the Zen2 or Zen3 processors.
  5. From some of what I've seen of human intelligence, a current potato computer is already more intelligent. Of course a really intelligent AI will probably look at us humans and either pity us for our stupidity or decide to do away with us after watching some of our movies... Either way, I think the most likely scenario is probably somebody at Google screwing up with one of their AI because if I can think of any company that would inadvertently cause the destruction of mankind through technology nowadays, it's Google.
  6. Now we can easily send more cat photos online and take up less space. Google has developed and released a new open sourced JPEG algorithm that reduces file sizes by about 35% called Guetzli. From Ars Technica (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/03/google-jpeg-guetzli-encoder-file-size/), it accomplishes this by: Here are some samples of this compression with the original on the left, the libjpeg in the middle and the Guetzli on the right Best thing I can think of this is that it can help to conserve data on upload and download of files and optimize load times on websites.
  7. This is definitely a personal preference on cable management, but I tend to go fully modular so I can ensure I only have cables that I'm using in the case... Also, if you decide to get custom sleeved cables, it's easier than mixing some full custom cables and others that are extensions.
  8. I guess one solution would be to get a new Kaby Lake or Ryzen processor and go back to Windows 7...
  9. 1080p/60, but it's an ultrawide 1080p...
  10. With the new Chemtrails the government is using, I think it only works on the people wearing aluminum foil in their hats. (Hence NASA involvement.)
  11. You might look at some of Thermaltake's Core series of cases or a cube mATX case... One of the issues I can see with this Mobo and a standard mATX tower case is that the second full length PCIe slot is at the bottom of the Mobo so a double slot card may overrun the headers on the bottom of the board or hit a PSU compartment.
  12. I agree that the carbon footprint issue with biofuels is not optimized and is definitely something that needs to be studied in greater detail. I think the more interesting point on this article front, which they may be able to apply to conventional jet fuel, is that they are observing the 50-70% decrease in the amount of soot particulates which form the contrails.
  13. Orange Creamsicle or the Ice cream truck. Would need custom plates just for that.
  14. Saw this 1947 Crosley on the local Craigslist for $5000.00 and couldn't help posting it here... If I didn't already have the truck to work on (and if it was a bit of a bigger car). I would definitely be tempted.
  15. According to AMDs slide at CES 2017, the B350 Chipset doesn't support SLI or Crossfire... Later they revised that it does support Crossfire, but not SLI. https://www.pcper.com/news/Motherboards/AMD-Supports-CrossFire-B350-and-X370-Chipsets-However-SLI-Limited-X370
  16. I keep thinking a combination of 'The Matrix', 'Wargames', 'Terminator' and 'Dr. Strangelove'.
  17. For gaming purposes, 6700k or 7700k. For throwing away money needlessly 6950X.
  18. You don't need to change the oil by the date the sticker shows... It's typically on a schedule of every 6 months or 6000 miles though. Waiting a day or so to do maintenance doesn't damage anything. Just at the next convenient time.
  19. Interesting concept, but I would worry about future upgradability with the hardware... Sure, it'll have up to date hardware as of this year, but are you going to have to get a completely new case in 5 to 10 years or will you be able to change out some of the internals?
  20. I'm going to have to go with Front Panel connectors, especially Power, LED & HDD Front connectors... Seriously how has this not become a standardized layout single plug yet...
  21. In the latest iteration of the US Navy's Office of Naval Research's Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI), the US Navy is going to fairly much crowd source gamer's ideas on how to combat a greater than human intelligence (singularity) event. The MMOWGLI first launcher in 2011 to look at ideas ranging from combating piracy to reducing the reliance of the Navy on fossil fuels. According to Dr. Eric Gulovsen: http://seapowermagazine.org/stories/20170315-game.html This year's MMOWGLI project is scheduled to launch on March 27th and go for a week, so how many gamers out there are interested? Is this a good topic for the Navy to be studying?
  22. While we are always looking for better, greener tech to help reduce our environmental footprint, a new study jointly conducted by NASA shows that Biofuel blends used by jet airplanes may have more benefits outside of a reduced carbon footprint. According to the NASA study, biofuel blends used in jet engines can reduce particle emissions in the exhaust by as much as 50 to 70 percent. The article mentions the importance of this as in reducing the production of contrails and that: https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-study-confirms-biofuels-reduce-jet-engine-pollution Now the main question on how this is implemented is probably going to be the economics of creating these 50-50 blend biofuel - Jet Fuel. With any luck, the biofuel portion will prove to be inexpensive enough to implement at least on a scale that large carriers with long routes can easily access it...
  23. Have to admit on my Samsung phone, I download the Google Now Launcher...
  24. If I were to posit a guess, it would deal with miniaturization of the batteries, higher energy density and poor quality control from the factories making it easier for the batteries to short out and cause a sudden discharge.