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  1. Kinda... For me, it's more along the lines of the syllables being really close together and sounding really similar making it so that when speaking it aloud, it ends up running together poorly and sounding a bit too similar. This can end up tricking the tongue in some conversation, similar to a lot of tongue twisters.
  2. I've always wondered how secure these facial recognition cameras on phones could really be since you typically only have a single camera and no way for it to measure specific 3-d features for any kind of detailed biometric. Guess I'll keep relying on the fingerprint scanner.
  3. Probably not as bad as you would think... It doesn't look like there is any fur placed over the front or rear air intakes so it shouldn't restrict airflow and the 'review package' had some combs to help with the grooming.
  4. Overall, I would suggest standing in front of a mirror and saying the name fast a couple of 10 times... To me, it doesn't seem to flow well off the tongue and may trip up some people with the matching syllables in the first and last name. If you do like it, maybe a middle name or nickname? Otherwise, it is your family.
  5. So the guys over at Tech Report appear to be getting on the early April 1st train and have released their review for the Fractal Design Fur-E. With everything being RGB now, why not go with a different accessory to hype up your PC? Now you can pet your PC menacingly while plotting world domination and viewing the latest cat video on YouTube. http://techreport.com/review/31384/fractal-design-fur-e-case-reviewed
  6. On Intel's current platforms, you need a Z-Series board and a K-Sku CPU in order to OC.
  7. I don't think the mods necessarily need to close this thread as that thread was started about 4 to 5 months ago...
  8. Was this the thread you were looking for?
  9. If only I had $600.00 US to spare for a case at the moment... At least it's near the Kickstarter Goal. Only $3000.00 left to meet that.
  10. Used to have a couple of external USB HDDs, but was tired of them filling up my USB ports, having to sort through multiple drives for my shows and wasn't wanting to risk on reliability so I built a 12TB UnRaid box with an old computer and migrated them all to that... Also helps to service my internal network as a Plex Server so I can watch my content anywhere at home or with an internet connection and download my shows to my portable devices.
  11. Just as a basic, it requires three components to start a fire, oxygen, fuel and heat, best represented by the Fire Triangle (or tetrahedron now). Once the fire is started, you must remove one of the three elements in the reaction to kill the fire. In the case of heat (as is this question), you would need to actively remove enough heat from the fuel to lower it below the ignition point of the fuel. If you are just splashing the water on the underside of the vehicle, then you are not transferring near enough heat to stop the reaction and you are not removing the oxygen from the fire.
  12. My best guess is that this isn't a single LED panel screen but a series of panels that chain together to form a seamless screen (at least based on the news announcement cover photo)... Might also help with burnt out LEDs to just replace the bad panel. https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-electronics-premieres-the-theater-of-the-future-with-new-cinema-screen-technology
  13. Maybe it's cause I'm listening through my Pink Floyd library right now, but do enjoy Roger Waters, Syd Barret and the rest... Also enjoy Johnny Cash (especially his rendition of Hurt) and George Harrison.
  14. I was wondering if Samsung was going to get into the Fire Exit sign business next... Just think of that movie experience with you're refurbed Note 7 in the theater.
  15. A bit smaller (at least according to the Verge Article). http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/3/28/15091668/samsung-cinema-screen-led-4k-theater But with the medium scale theaters and the brightness level, it may not make a difference... Especially if they can keep this cheaper than the 4K digital projectors. It would also be interesting to know the power consumption difference since most projectors require a fair bit more power than an LED display and usually heat up a bit more.
  16. The article is from Hot Hardware and basically Samsung is in the process of getting DCI certification for a 34-foot 4K HDR LED screen for use in Theaters. According to the article: http://hothardware.com/news/samsung-34-foot-4k-hdr-led-display-movie-theaters I'm really looking forward to a better picture quality at the theaters, especially with some of the issues that our local theater has had with their projectors, but I'm thinking that the peak brightness on this might blind you as well in some movie scenes. Either way, hopefully this will either drive down the cost of either good home projectors or home screens and allow for better movie experiences.
  17. As long as you get an i7 sku that has a stock cooler and have adequate case airflow, the stock cooler should keep it cool. May be a little bit louder than an aftermarket cooler, but I hear that has gotten better recently.
  18. I first found this article on Hexus, but in an article published by MIT and the University of Chicago, researchers are publishing their findings on how to use a modified version of existing lithography microchip circuitry production to create self assembling circuitry smaller than the lithography technique. From the Hexus Article, the process appears to be: MIT Article: https://news.mit.edu/2017/self-assembly-smaller-microchip-patterns-0327 Hexus Article: http://hexus.net/tech/news/industry/104020-researchers-progress-chip-self-assembly-technique/ The above image is from the Hexus Article with the following quote: Combining this information with the news that Intel is preparing for their 10nm & 10nm+ processes to move forward and in may appear that we can see sub 7nm processes in the near future.
  19. I honestly think the most interesting portion of this is one of the reasons they have not switched to the 10nm process was that their 3rd gen 14nm process was seeing very similar performance to the 1st gen 10nm. It kind of makes me wonder if the 10nm process will be a long lived one with multiple refinements matching what the future 7nm will perform or will 7nm make the 10nm process short lived. Also, what kind of unexpected hurdles will the 7nm process give beyond going to 10nm. Off-Topic (slightly): Please no fanboyism on why Intel or AMD is the better company...
  20. In an article from OC3D, Intel has officially announced their 10nm manufacturing technology which will supposedly pack in 2x as many transistors as competing '10nm' nodes. https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/intel_officially_announces_their_10nm_manufacturing_technology/1 According to the article: As for when we may see these fully implemented in chips, the article points out: Hopefully this means that we will see Intel formally moving beyond 14nm by the end of 2018 with a 10nm+ chip. EDIT: Additional detail from Hot Hardware: http://hothardware.com/news/intel-details-advanced-10nm-node It will be interesting to see if they can meet these targets with the 10nm++. EDIT 2: In an additional article from Hexus (http://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/104080-intel-claims-10nm-process-full-generation-ahead-rivals/) Intel presented some additional information on how they are claiming their 10nm process is a "full generation ahead" of their closest competitors. From the article: According to the timeline plans published with this, Intel is looking at being on the 10nm process for about 3-years before transitioning to 7nm. As a part of this, Honestly though, I'm thinking that there will be some major physics hurdles that they are going to have to overcome in the near future for transitioning beyond 7nm processes. Maybe some new materials will have to be used in the construction of these processors.
  21. I don't see why not... I have a 25 foot Cat 5e running from my wireless router in the living room to a switch in a separate room that then connects to my main PC and NAS. About the only difficulty that I had was I had to setup a unique IP address for the switch so it wasn't trying to run the same IP as my wireless router.
  22. Probably the easiest solution would be to buy a Network Switch and install that between your router and the PCs you want to connect to internet.
  23. BIOS Version 0511 released 3/23/17? I know that some of the Mobo manufacturers are slowly releasing BIOS revisions that are supposed to be improving memory speeds and compatibility. As for whether to go with the OC or RAM speed boost at the moment, I think that would depend on what task you're working on. If it's just gaming, I would go with the RAM speed, but if content creation, I would probably go for the CPU OC. https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/amd_has_reportedly_released_new_agesa_microcode_for_ryzen/1
  24. I'm sorry as I know this is a typo, but I saw it and immediately thought Gateway...