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  1. Tell them to stop and work with your ISP to block any packets being sent from that site? Maybe also look into legal action considering they are impacting your Internet access and are probably also increasing your data usage. Can you honestly say that someone who is doing this is a friend, especially if you ask them to stop?
  2. An article published on Bleeping Computers outlines that some of the upcoming Google Home Mini (to be released on October 18th) had a hardware bug that caused them to be constantly recording and transmitting back to Google. The bug is associated with the Long Press activation feature and would basically make the device think that that long presses were being conducted and trigger the recording of sound. In order to mitigate this, Google has rolled out a firmware that basically disables Long Press activation. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/google/google-home-mini-caught-recording-audio-due-to-hardware-issue/ While the Home Mini is typically activated by a user saying "OK, Google" or "Hey, Google", you can also activate the Mini press performing a long press on the device's panel. It appears that there was a bug in some of the Minis that caused it to think that long presses were being conducted and thus triggering the recording of sound. According to Google, a new firmware with version number 1.28.100122 has already been rolled out to all Google Minis that disables this long press feature in order to prevent it from triggering unwanted recordings. My sarcastic side would think that the government intelligence community is probably having a sad day as another new listening device is pre-emptively disabled... At the same time, this is yet another good reminder to anyone that has one of these home digital assistance that you may want to watch what you say in front of them.
  3. This is my personal opinion, but it seems like Intel moved up their planned release of Coffee Lake in order to get reviews out and hit the holiday seasons as well as to counter the AMD releases this year and in doing so, they did not have the chance to produce and stockpile the number of chips to support their sales.
  4. Honestly, within a short amount of time from purchasing my phones, I tend to put them into an Otterbox or Pelican Case so I don't have to worry as much about any kind of damage...
  5. Gonna have to agree that this is the way of business... You don't stay in business long by paying more than you have to. Unfortunately, to change this requires electing politicians that will be accountable to reverse tax loopholes and anger corporate lobbyists which runs it's own risk. As soon as corporations end up paying more taxes in one area, they are more likely to move their headquarters to a more tax-friendly environment.
  6. Send out community requests to local businesses, schools and local government with details about your project and requesting them to donate any surplus machines or machines that will soon go into surplus.
  7. Thanks! I just had this horrible flashback to picking up the phone to hear one of these blasted things! I wonder if there is any chance someone could record that tone and just set up a bot to auto-dial the FCC and play it... On Topic: I'm really not liking any of the current direction the FCC is going and hope (although it's fleeting) that someone sues the FCC for corruption of the public process or at least finds evidence of what appears to be bribery (although they'll probably just get away with calling it Lobbying). As it stands, where I'm at, I only have a single option for hardline internet and cellular service is spotty and can not get anywhere near the hardline speeds or data usage...
  8. One thing that I would note is that I would probably never consider the 1800X since the 1700 can get fairly close to the same performance with an easy OC... So I would actually have a harder decision between a 1700 and 8700k, but would probably go with the 1700 myself...
  9. Done, Thanks for catching that... Sometimes feels like have dyslexic fingers.
  10. So if anyone was following the stock market, especially Apple or Google Stocks today, they may have noticed a brief bit of interest between 9:30 and 9:40 (at least on the Apple stock). Apparently someone at Dow Jones Newswire may have accidentally hit the publish button on an article that was a test bit for their internal system. This test article was that Google was going to buy Apple for $9 billion as a part of Steve Jobs will. The interesting question that comes out from this is whether the brief jump and subsequent drop of Apple stock by (admittedly fraction of a percent) between 9:30 and 10:20 before it normalized is in relation to this and computer stock trading. CNBC Article: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/10/dow-jones-posts-fake-headlines-claiming-google-to-buy-apple.html Ars Tech Article: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/10/dow-jones-posts-fake-story-claiming-google-was-buying-apple/ This makes for a really fun read, however it does bring up whether computer stock traders can be sophisticated enough to tell a fake news article from a real one as well as what the economic implications of these kind of issues... Apple's stock appears to have normalized within a half hour yet that may not always be the case. Any economists in the crowd want to take a stab? Note: If mods don't feel this is news-worthy, they can move it. Just thought it was an interesting bit of Tech SNAFU with potential implications...
  11. Was thinking the same thing first reading the article... While the technology by itself would not appear to be able to tell who is in a building (unless they can create a breathing biometric fingerprint), when combined with other existing devices, it could be fairly invasive. Would be interesting (if not additionally NSA/CIA worthy) if they could not only measure breathing, but use that to calculate what a person is saying.
  12. So, you're telling me that Intel is now performing some kind of dark ritual to trap their best performing employees into their CPUs?
  13. You could try to look for a 5.2 surround system, with 2 subwoofers... As it is, I have a Yamaha 5.1 channel speaker system being fed from a Sony Receiver and can usually get a decent amount of bass in my listening area.
  14. Origin Wireless has created a series of new algorithms that can be applied to their existing Mesh Networks which would allow for them to supposedly detect someone breathing in a room. Essentially, they are using the resistance to propagation of your wireless signal to map out the room and scanning at 50 times per a second they were able to detect any motion to within 2 cm. https://www.techspot.com/news/71318-origin-wireless-can-detect-small-movements-wi-fi.html Engadget Article: https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/09/origin-wireless-motion-detection-breathing-rate-sensor/ This seems like a really neat use of mapping out the rooms using existing technology, however I would still be leery of the security aspect of the Mesh Network and how it could potentially be accessed/logged... On a business side, it would be useful in places like a big box store to keep track of motion throughout the whole store and potentially to better improve the flow of traffic inside of buildings.
  15. So just as an update to this... Project Loon has apparently gotten the okay from the FCC and is beginning to deploy balloons to Puerto Rico. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/alphabets-internet-balloons-will-try-to-restore-cell-service-in-puerto-rico/ Not sure how fast they will be able to integrate into the network, but they appear to have at two balloons floating into station on the island (HBAL 017 & 194) with another three on route (HBAL 031, 029 & 192), at least if I'm reading the Flight Radar 24 site correctly... https://www.flightradar24.com/18.57,-65.05/7
  16. Just for fun, I did do a bit of digging and at least in US law there is a definition in 47 USC 230 (f)(1) of and 21 USC 802 (50) of Funny deal is 21 USC is Food and Drugs and 47 USC is Communications. I'm sure there are probably other legal definitions out there as well in other US Codes and in the laws of other countries... Would be interesting to compile them all and see what the differences and similarities are between them.
  17. Yay for subjective answers! I would rather know what the common, agreed upon definition for 'internet' is before coming up with an answer of when was it created. Can probably be divided up based on hardware, software and protocols used... Personally, I would probably go with the first fully released version of the Internet Protocol, so probably in the early or mid-80's.
  18. It should at lease be Thunderbolt on the Type-C or it's fairly much useless IMO... Also wish the articles had a bit more specs about the hardware driving it as opposed to just focusing on the lack of USB-A and the narrow bezel. Based on this image at least two Type-C ports appear to be Thunderbolt...
  19. In before thread locked? Not sure why Ryzen users should feel bad... From what I've seen, Intel has not really improved the IPC of the cores, just tacked on two more cores. I might feel a bit salty if I was a 7700k owner since that launched only 10-months ago and would feel worse if I was stupid enough to purchase a 7740k.
  20. Yahoo email does have one good use, as a throw-away email account when you're required to sign up for a service that you'll only use once...
  21. Well, I guess I'll keep using my S6 Edge for another couple of months... Would have been interested in the Pixel if it still had a headphone jack at least, but not having that is kind of a non-starter for me. I'm really disappointed in the removal considering I don't think there has been a big upsurge in people saying 'Please take away my headphone jack to justify buying brand new wireless headsets'. Just seems like they are using it as a gimmick to say their product is as good as an iPhone.
  22. I'm going with coffee in this debate... A nicely brewed cup of coffee will have less sugars and is not filled with artificial flavors, colors or preservatives as well as having less calories and the added benefit of the glorious smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.
  23. I'm glad someone else noticed that... As for the silicon lottery, I would think that getting an 8 core processor running stable at 5.0 GHz and 1.36 volts would be fairly good, so you probably did not lose the silicon lottery. If anything, I might be concerned about the parts degrading from excessive heat and voltage, especially around the VRM with Sky Lake-X.
  24. This is a horrible idea for a lot of business/organizations as there is a lot of custom software that is not a part of the UWP/Windows Store, especially with accounting or legacy software. As it is, there are a couple of applications that I run on a Windows 7 machine at work that were originally coded for Win95 and would suddenly become unusable as I have to make Registry Edits to keep them working.
  25. It would be a good use case for deployment, however, I don't yet see any of the Project Loon balloons being shown in the airspace around Puerto Rico. The closest one that shows up on Flight Radar 24 is located about 300 km to the east over the Atlantic Ocean as HBAL 194. https://www.flightradar24.com/HBAL194/f0ced02