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Status Updates posted by WMGroomAK

  1. In a case of not really going to question how it worked out so far, I've got two LaCie Big 5 NAS at the office and had been struggling with one of them where I would power it on and the Ethernet Connection light would start but nothing else would happen...  Figured we didn't have anything to lose so while it was powered on, I disconnected the power & Ethernet cable directly, then plug the power cable back in and all of a sudden the HDDs begin to actually spin up. I ended up spending a good two to three days trying to figure out what was going on previously and was beginning to plot disassembling the whole thing to see if there was a loose connection or fried board.

  2. I didn't see a post for the Video on the forum to post this under, but figured some kudos where in order for @LinusTech and the crew at LMG as the recent Browser Battery life video made an article on Bleeping Computers.