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  1. The BBC Article on this has a link to a Nintendo of America Twitter post welcoming him where he has Mario & Luigi tied up in the background... Also didn't Nintendo recently release another Mario game involving Bowser? https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47326561
  2. While not necessary for gaming, I guess the 16 GB of HBM2 do have an impact on video editing in Adobe when dealing with long high resolution files... That might make it worth while for someone getting into performing 4K gaming and video editing as it is a cheaper solution. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/02/07/apparently-you-really-do-need-that-16gb-of-hbm2-in-amds-radeon-vii/#1b2544389da1
  3. What I found interesting about the card disassembly is that there appears to be space on the board for additional power delivery (looks like 4 rectifiers and chokes?)... Not sure if this is because they are borrowing from the Instinct board layout but would be interesting to know what the current power delivery potential is versus what it could be.
  4. Has anyone tried '12345'? Honestly though, it really would be better to ensure that any source of investment you go into (including purchasing Crypto) is something that you can retain personal access to...
  5. I switched to Android from an iPhone 3GS and one of the deciding factors was that Android appeared to work a lot better with the Windows ecosystem than iTunes. It was easier for me to transfer music, photos and videos from device to PC and vice versa than going through iTunes, where at least once a month, Apple would ask for me to re-register the same computer that was already registered and add that registration on the number of concurrent uses that iTunes allowed. Hardware wise, I never had too many issues with the Apple hardware, but having the MicroSD card slot or having the removable battery at the time was a nice feature. Still like being able to get devices with MicroSD support. I also like the ability to organize the icons on Android and navigate the system menus better than what iOS had.
  6. At least that what Intel's corporate line is... Bets on if/when they will be out there in a System Integrator build paired with a RTX Titan (or 2080Ti) as the 'Best gaming can get'?
  7. Kind of disappointing that they are not discounting the F-series by at least $10 to $20... If they are truly doing this because the iGPU has issues and it allows them to still use the silicon, I would be suspicious of other silicon defects. I'm trying to remember, but I thought there were some actual use cases where you could shuffle some of the encoding off to the iGPU for things like streaming and still keep performance up in other applications. As it is, selling for the same price seems to set up the F-series to mean Fail...
  8. In case people were curious, here is the EETimes article that HotHardware based theirs off of: https://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1334179 This article is more focused on the perceived lack of showing from Intel at CES vs a stronger showing from AMD and the idea that Intel without a strong CEO may be interested in trying to acquire AMD's CEO... A couple of key sentences in the article:
  9. Yeah, this ain't going to happen, especially with AMD beginning to show profits... The more likely scenario (still doubtful) would be the mention of Intel trying to poach Lisa Su as their new CEO. There would be no benefit to Intel as a corporation in outright purchasing AMD. Feels more like tech clickbait article.
  10. AnandTech is saying that they've seen documents that Intel may be releasing a core i9-9990XE in the future as a highly binned, auction only to System Integrator part. This will supposedly be a highly binned 9940X, with 14 cores/28 threads with a base frequency of 4.0 Ghz and Turbo of 5.0 Ghz and a 255 W TDP. https://www.anandtech.com/show/13804/intel-core-i9-9990xe-up-to-5-ghz-auction-only Considering that the 9980XE is a $2000.00 part, I can't imagine this being auctioned for any less than $2300.00 and it being a super-limited edition piece, so probably a bit higher. Of course, I also can't figure out who this part is for, except for somebody with a lot more money than I've got in reserve... If this is true, it could be interesting to see if someone gets a hold of the motherboard for this and tries a regular 9940X in it to see what that part can achieve manually...
  11. At least it's their lowest end chipset silicon that they are transitioning back with... Can see a lot of pre-built office machines using this (such as Dell's & HP's enterprise lineup).
  12. It is at least a little bit better than Google still allowing third party apps to scan Gmail... https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/20/google-lawmaker-concerns-gmail-scanning/
  13. Best way to prevent something like this is to allow the IT staff to take all drives to a local gravel pit with a sledgehammer or shotgun and let them have an Office Space moment prior to the closing.
  14. Originally found the link to this story over at HardOCP, but thought it was kind of interesting... In the updates released for iOS 12, tvOS 12 & watchOS 5, Apple has included a new provision of using an abstracted summary of phone calls & emails to prevent iTunes fraud. These scores are used to determine a device trust to verify that the owner/user of the iTunes account is legitimate. Based on the article, this could be fallout from an iTunes fraud issue in Singapore from earlier this year. https://venturebeat.com/2018/09/18/apple-creates-an-itunes-device-trust-score-based-on-your-calls-and-emails/ ... Updated September 19 at 12:48 p.m.: An Apple spokesperson reached out to confirm that the device trust score is indeed new in iOS 12, and clarified that it was designed to detect fraud in iTunes purchases, as well as to reduce false positives in fraud detection. It apparently gives Apple a better likelihood of accurately determining whether content is being bought by the actual named purchaser, an issue that notably made headlines earlier this year. Singapore iTunes fraud article: https://venturebeat.com/2018/07/23/singaporean-banks-aid-itunes-fraud-victims-as-apple-denies-responsibility/ While I approve of Apple trying to take measures to ensure that iTunes purchases are not fraudulent, the idea of having my device scan what my usage is and report it back as a part of my account information to verify who I am for purchases that I make seems kind of weird... Of course Google is probably doing the same thing... Maybe they can release how they perform the scoring in detail, make a deal with the telecoms and you would see people competing for high scores.