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  1. gazdadude

    Case fan

    On my current build I have 3x ll140 in take fans on the front 2xll20 top exhaust fans and 1xll120 rear exhaust do I need all those fans on my new ryzen 3900x build
  2. I went for the 3900x with a H100i rather than replacing my psu also the gigabyte aorus elite as my motherboard
  3. Had a hdd failure last night so upgrading some parts how's this spec Ryzen 3700x with stock cooler Msi 1080ti gaming x 32 gb ram Corsair hx1000i psu 2x seagate 6tb hdd 2x 1tb Samsung ssd Asus x570 prime pro Ram ssds and gpu are off my current system
  4. I'm looking at changing my noctua cooler to a aio as I don't feel comfortable with it I have a 8700k at stock and a mastercase pro 5 what are my options for an aio
  5. R5 2600x 16gb corsair vengeance ram msi gaming x 1080ti 2 ssds 2 hdds capture card and a 1000w evga supernova
  6. How suitable is the case for a gaming build
  7. It’s the msi gaming x
  8. I’m playing house flipper and temps have reached 70oc is that too hot
  9. Also is it safe to lower the voltage on enhanced turbo
  10. I’ve caged the voltage to 1.25 but it stays there and doesn’t go any lower even on idle