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    Miskolc Hungary


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    Intel Core i7-6700HQ
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    2 x 8GB Kingston 2400MHz
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    Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070
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    MSI GT62VR
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    256GB M.2 Toshiba SSD & 1TB WD HDD 7200rpm
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    1080@60 Laptop screen
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    Win 10

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  1. PeterT

    Experiences with non-techies

    Back in 2015 era, when I was in highschool we were given the task to edit photos with gimp, at the begging of the year. And I'm like uh, I literally have no experience in it, soo what about Adobe Ps(which i already was very used to). To the next lesson i went with a bootable win10 and a portable version of PS CS6 on it. It worked really well, i also remapped all the school network folders so nobody noticed anything. I did all the tasks and saved everything to the network drive. Everything was fine until the end of the year, when i booted into my portable os and all of a sudden all the network drives was unreachable. Ok, I turn on the computer next to mine, to see what's the changes. And of course my teacher noticed that I'm not working on the given task and asked what am i doing. I told him that on my computer that specific drive haven't been mapped. He tried refrieshing the explorer window, and other useless things. After a minute or so, one of the "console tech guys" said how about a reboot. And woala, it solved it, cause the boot order. And the teacher said, thanks *guy's name*. And i was facepalming so hard in myself that the teacher noticed and asked, if i did something bad that "disconnected the pc from the network". And I didn't want to tell him the truth, so just sit back silently to the computer.
  2. PeterT

    Experiences with non-techies

    Another one that I came across quite often: When i'm working on a gig / concert / festival, and people see that next to my laptop there's a router. And the first thing they ask, what's the wifi password, and I'm like, first, I use it to connect to other laptops, audio amplifiers, it's not connected to the internet. Second, if i would have mobile internet connection that's shared via wifi, why the hell would i give the password to any person. People assume that wifi = internet
  3. PeterT

    Experiences with non-techies

    When i help someone non techie, and just want to tell them what was the problem, and what's the solution, and they like: "I don't understand tech." "I don't care just make it work." "Oh, it's loading slowly, nevermind i'm patient." Or just looking at me in the eye, and i already know they will forget it in the next minute or so. Yeah, i get it, you're not a tech person but please, I will explain to you slowly and understably. Just please listen to that 2 sentence that i say, so I can sleep peacefully that i told you it .
  4. Original Article: Researchers 3D Print First Objects that Connect to Wi-Fi without Electronics
  5. PeterT

    Cheapo 5.1 DACs - Are they good enough?

    Yes i can, but that's still stereo, and not 5.1.
  6. PeterT

    Cheapo 5.1 DACs - Are they good enough?

    I mean one audio output port. The old Samsung smart tv had analog rca output.
  7. PeterT

    Cheapo 5.1 DACs - Are they good enough?

    The Tv is a Samsung 50'' MU6122 and the connector is optical.
  8. Hi We just bought a new 4K tv which has a digital audio out port. And our analog Sony receiver has only analog rca inputs. I searched online for digital to analog converters, and there are a ton of cheapo ones, but i don't really trust them. They look cheap, all that i found look the same, just the brand logo what differs. Has anyone got experience with one of these devices? And the one, that i found ok, is it looks ok to you as well? And of course the point is to find a good 5.1, not a stereo one. Thanks guys Here are the ones that I mentioned: Ebay cheapo 1 , Ebay cheapo 2 and almost the same on Amazon Ebay one, that looks ok to me
  9. Ok, it worked, thanks a lot. I just changed in the boot settings sda1 to sdb1.
  10. Thanks for the answer, when i boot, there's an option to edit the booting "command", and there, i can change it to /dev/sdb/, i trying it now.
  11. So what should i do? I tried formatting the hdd again, so there isn't "mdadm" on both drives, as you mentioned. But having the same screen stuck.
  12. Hi, I have a NAS, (specs below), and i installed OpenMediaVault 4 to it. Without the HDD plugged in (just the usb drive), everything working fine. But when i switch it off and plug in the hdd which i wanna use for storage, the boot stops at a certain point. If i boot without the hdd plugged in, and plug it after it loaded, the system works fine. The hdd had been formatted, and there are personal files on it, nothing "bootable". Tried changing the boot order in bios, but nothing. I think maybe the grub loader trying to search for boot files on the hdd, and not the usb pendrive, which is where the openmediavault had been installed. But that`s just my thoughts. I`m not really familiar with linux systems. I linked a video in which i boot with the drive, and it stucks. Thanks for the answers, guys. Specs: ASUS J3455M-E with Intel® Celeron® Quad-Core J3455 SoC onboard Processor 1 WD 500GB HDD (i will by 2 WD 2TB NAS drive in the future) 4 GB DDR3
  13. PeterT

    Home Nas parts list, is it enough juice?

    Thanks, for now, i don`t need 4K so thanks for your answer.
  14. Hi everyone, I want to build a nas with the following parts. My question is, is it powerful enough, if i will only use for storage for 2 computer, and a media player(stream 3D/1080). ASUS J3455M-E which has an Intel Celeron J3455 QuadCore 1.5-2.30GHz Intel cpu page Asus Mb page 2 WD Red 3,5" 3TB 8 GB DDR3 ram DeepCool DA500 500W 80+ Bronze Or should I buy: Intel Pentium G4400 3,3GHz with a cheap LGA1151 motherboard. Thanks guys for the answers. PeterT
  15. PeterT

    Experiences with non-techies

    My mum doesn't know how to print pictures from Facebook or any other site. She always bookmark every picture and after a week or so, ask me to print it for her. She has a penrium laptop with 2gb ram, i hate opening a lot of bookmark and saving every one. So I teach her at least how to save pictures, so i just need to paste it to a word doc. The next week i saw her downloads folder full of .html files. When i asked her why she won't right click on the picture and not on the site's other stuff,she said oh, i taught it will know what i want save. Facepalm.