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  1. To be honest I couldn't tell you the DSL standard I have. I didn't know if there were any expansion cards that were capable of providing DSL to any system. Guess I got confused, the centurylink techs used the existing phone cable to run BOTH DSL lines to our modem, though we did have to upgrade the wire from the connection point in our basement to the box.
  2. TLDR: Pardon my inexperience with PFSense and it's abilities but this is a question I have to ask. Is it possible for my PFSense box I'm building to utilize a PCIe modem card (dial-up) for the incoming DSL lines? I'm basically replacing my Century-link supplied modem-wireless-switch combo unit with repurposed server hardware as it has been getting flaky and its web-UI is rendered practically useless. I'm suppose to have a 20 mbps connection but I can only ever seem to get a 1.2 mbps download speed. (My connection consists of 2, paired DSL connections. I live out in the boonies so..that is my best option with this company.) I'd prefer to just have my PFSense box just handle all incoming and out-going connections directly but if I'm misunderstanding the capabilities of the software I would like to know! I've been reading the documentation and I've found no mention for or against the use of modems card for DSL connections. If I 'can' use any old dial-up card for this, my next question is, do I need a specific card to do so? Or would I need two separate to accomplish my goals (with two DSL links)? Even if I can only squeeze a single mbps more outta my download speeds I will be happy. Even if y'all tell me to contact the PFSense Tech Support or get a modem-specific device, I appreciate it alot!
  3. So, I quite new here (Boy I'm sure you get that a lot) and I'd like to ask a few of you with more experience a few questions about my rig. First off, my PC is a Dell Precision T7400. I know it's old, I know I should get something better, but, I don't have the cash to do a full upgrade to the things I would like to have on a PC. My specs are the following: - Dual Xeon E5450s (3.0Ghz Quad Cores, Each) - 16GB of ECC Fully Buffered Memory (DDR2) - A 1TB Western Digital HHD - Two GTX 660s 2GB Graphics Cards (Not in SLI) - Windows 7 Pro (Dual Booted with Windows XP x64 Bit) So this machine is coming up on it's 10th birthday, and It's my main machine. I built it back in the 2014/2015 era, waaay before I found Linus's video about "Cheap 8-Core PCs" for those of you wondering. I use it to make digital art/animation, gaming (Mostly World of Tanks...), and It often takes the jobs of wiping other hard drives for my other computers I normally test on, via a removable HHD caddy on the front, and my main file server. This machine is very stable and very reliable and surprisingly quiet for it's size. I do not want to upgrade to a new OS from the two that I have on there. Some of my ideas (some good, some odd) are the following: - I want to get SOME kind of an SSD for the main boot drive - I would like to try a few of the new Solid State Hybrid Drives (At least two) to use as storage. - Possibly use another SSD completely as Virtual Memory (Mostly for VMs, I also want to test how well it works.) - While the Graphics Cards work great, and I love the 6xx Series, I would like to upgrade them to at least GTX 680s to GTX 980s. (Although AMD Cards are not outta the question) - Maybe push to get the Top Quad Core processors available for the LGA 771 socket? - This machine can (in theory) make use of 128GB of RAM, although from what I've been able to find, I could only reasonably push to 64GB at 800Mhz. Keep in mind, I gotta push this machine's life at least 4 more years...at least as my main machine. After that, it will be a dedicated NAS Server. If you can think of anything I might need or want to change, let me know! Any feedback is welcome!