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  1. I don't need to, because those games aren't on Consoles. Next.
  2. First: Invest in punctuation. Might I suggest some periods, as they make sentences. Second: Oculus will not have anything new in that price range anytime soon, the Rift S just came out. I'd buy that. I've not used the Knuckles, but the Touch controllers are freaking awesome.
  3. You have it all backwards, in my opinion. And I never use Motion Blur under any circumstance - defeats the whole purpose. 30fps is literal torture. Doesn't matter what settings you use. Why have a PC when this is how Consoles mostly run anyways? 60fps is bare minimum. Sacrifice all else until you can keep it. 144fps+ is for being "competitive" or for visually picky people. Anything over 60 is a luxury, and that's great, but 60 really is the bare minimum for a PC in my eyes. If you're not at 60, literally - why are you on a PC?
  4. https://www.techpowerup.com/246565/latest-aida-64-beta-adds-support-for-gv104-gv104m-mentions-geforce-gtx-1180 I have never understood where the reasoning came from for the 2080 name. That makes absolutely no sense at all. I'm glad to see that some of the more official or trustworthy looking leaks are using the 1180 name.
  5. This applies to EVERYTHING today, not just PC gaming. The way the world works now, there's a deep and dedicated subculture for everything that is willing to pay top dollar. Without diving into a socio-economic diatribe, this is a natural effect of late-stage capitalism. There's WAY more rich people now than ever before, so these niche expensive markets are being supported. The difference, is that 10-15 years ago everyone expected to be able to buy the best shit within their hobby and still be able to pay bills. Not the case anymore. You are not expected to be able to buy the best shit unless you're pretty damn rich... Just the way it is. And not exclusive to PC Gaming at all.
  6. I'm talking about the robot apocalypse here, and you want to discuss current boards on the market with circuit protections?? I bet you're tons of fun at parties...
  7. I think you're just talking about a conscious reason. Sure, people do shit without a conscious reason all the time... but that's not what I'm talking about. Think about it, when a MASSIVE chunk of the population all buys the same shit from a company renowned for their marketing campaigns, and you think its not a coincidence that a ton of those people can't even tell you WHY they want it in the first place?? How's that saying go. . . "if you enter a poker game and you don’t see a sucker, get up and leave – you’re it."
  8. You do realize that Personal Preference is a cop-out answer. When people have a personal preference for something, there is a REASON for that preference. Maybe they are aesthetically driven people, so the reason for their personal preference is how pretty it looks. Or maybe they are competitive as hell, so their personal preference has to do with Status Symbols. Maybe they are a tech nerd who has a personal preference for the newest hardware. "Personal Preference" is literally a pronoun describing an actual reason. It is not in lieu of a reason. This is a very simple concept that a lot of seemingly intelligent people can't seem to grasp. I really don't care what people's reasons for liking Apple products are, that's not the point. The point is that no matter what they say - THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON.
  9. LOL. Nvidia actually makes Industry-leading hardware technology. Their yearly revenue is $4-5 Billion; Apple's is $240+ Billion... By these standards Nvidia is basically a charity. McDonald's shit is physically addictive, literally. Pretty easy to separate people from money when they get physically ill without your product. . .
  10. ? Why... will the robots of the coming apocalypse not have USB ports??? Wait a second. . . is it going to be an Apple-Exclusive Uprising??? Sure, lethal to all the people who have modded themselves with USB ports...
  11. You are not wrong. It's a pointless thing. HOWEVER... Every now and then throughout history . . . the ability to destroy specific things quickly and efficiently has actually come in handy. I, for one, will be secretly hoarding these things; so that when the computer uprising comes I will pass them out to the people for self defense.
  12. Exactly. This is the #1 sign that you've been socially manipulated and are being fleeced of your money like suckers.
  13. ?? I'm not looking for an explanation. I could care less why he bought it. You are also, missing the point. The POINT, is that regardless of what the reason is. THERE IS ONE. No matter how many you say something like "i bought it just because", or "i don't give a fuck why I bought it" . . . doesn't change the fact that there is still a reason. It is logistically impossible for there not to be one. Even if you bought something on a true whim, exclusively with the intent of buying something without a reason, then THAT becomes the reason. There is no such thing as any action, especially purchasing consumer products, without a reason. I'm not saying that reason has to be grounded in logic or anything . . .but there is one. Period. This isn't something that can be quipped out of existence.
  14. I hate to be the bearer or bad news, but even if YOU didn't realize it . . .there was a REASON that you wanted it. Maybe some subconscious level marketing hit you in the right spot, or maybe you have repressed childhood memory about screwdrivers. Who knows. . . Maybe you have massive impulse control problems that has nothing to do with the thing you bought... Could be anything. The point is, there is a reason. Even if it totally eludes you or makes no sense whatsoever, it is there. The why of something is the phrase that comes after "because". If you say " I want that because I want that", all you have done is show that you aren't very self aware.
  15. Hahaha, by using ACTUAL logic and reason? Yeah... funny how those prove points left and right.