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    Wannabe Audiophile & crazy chemist
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    Czech Rektpublic


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    Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.9GHz 1.3625V LLC5 flatline
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    Strix X370-F
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    Corsair LPX 16gig kit, 3266MHz 16-16-16-35 1.375V
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    Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB
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    Phanteks P400S TG
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    120SSD + 1TB HDD
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    NH-U12S + be quiet case fans
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    Sennheiser x Massdrop HD58X + FiiO Q1 MK1

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  1. Very impressive, might consider Intel as my next platform. They did a good job and didn't go nuts with the pricing.
  2. I disabled the wake-on-lan in device manager, hopefully it works
  3. Yes sure OK but I can't control when the PC wakes up in the middle of the night and then refuses to turn the screen off like it's supposed to after 10 minutes.
  4. Hi, I have a problem. Some ghosts keep waking my PC up every damn night and it won't follow the 10 minutes to screen off thing. So it stays on anywhere between 0 and 10 hours displaying the lockscreen. Will it get borked? I am an OLED user (have them everywhere) so I tend to avoid any static content harder than a priest avoiding demons. The monitor seems fine so far but I'm afraid it will wear it down overtime, especially since it wasn't cheap and I'm looking to keep it for atleast 8 years. Thx Dave
  5. Hi, I woke up this morning to a woken up PC. There is no chance anyone could've woken it up, so I went to investigate and turns out my ASMedia USB 3.1 controller woke it up at 6:20 in the morning (thankfully monitor wasnt probably damaged too much by displaying static image for an hour). Only 3.1 port I use is on the back of my mobo, I have my FiiO K5 Pro connected back there. I know that vibrations or slamming doors can wake the computer up, it is also possible that happened today because at that time there is a lot of vibrations. I really don't know what settings to change. Maybe in BIOS? I use the Ryzen balanced power plan and keep all of the drivers up to date. This has happened multiple times before. Cheers Dave
  6. The Samsung is factory calibrated to 95% DCI-P3 and 125% sRGB. Atleast mine is, I have the CHG70 but they should be very similar overall. I think the Samsung CHG monitors are cheapest (330 euros for the 27) where HDR looks atleast OK, even they are not optimal since they all have like 8 dimming zones. The HDR400 ones are just a bad meme. Comparing both of my CHG70s to my OLED, it's no match. For HDR definitely an OLED TV, especially since the latest models can game just as well as an older monitor, have G-Sync and native 120Hz refresh rate. The shot where you look at the Samsung from the top is really dumb. It's VA, so from that angle it will look really bad.
  7. Yeah, i'll probably go for 2070 Super next yr. I'll buy R7 3700 when the prices fall enough (2022 probs).
  8. Yeah, I bought the Samsung C27HG70. It works great and I don't have many problems with motion blur. Have to run doom eternal in 1080p to get above 100 fps tho.
  9. i might buy the 2070 Super used next yr, Nvidia stuff just works and im not ready to put up with amd driver bullshit
  10. Yeah im gonna go the samsung VA. I did a lot of research it looks like the most decked out VA out there and it's really cheap now since it's discounted
  11. Yes, I'm planning on upgrading my GPU next year, probably 2060 super. I can get around 144 fps in some games @1440p no problem (war thunder, csgo) or they can't do more anyway (fallout 4 is locked at 60fps). Surely, some games run worse like doom which gets maybe 80 fps on a good day with my gpu overclocked to oblivion. I'm planning on keeping the monitor until it breaks, so I better invest in a decent one. I'll just upgrade my CPU/GPU in the coming years, rest of my system will stay too. I was also thinking about the Asus VG27VQ (1080p 27") but I'm afraid the pixel density will be cancer
  12. Hey there, I'm now in this similiar situation. My PC is not super powerful (1060 + R5 1600) and I'm looking for a nice 27" 1440p 144Hz FreeSync monitor that could last me for atleast 8 years. I have looked at the Asus VG27AQ (IPS 165Hz ELMB), but it's quite expensive (430ish euros) and IPS, where I'm scared of the glow, crappy contrast and in this case low brightness. From the available VAs I considered the Samsung C27GH70, MSI OPTIX MAG271CQP and MSI 272QR (although I can't find anywhere to buy it). The Samsung is factory calibrated and very color accurate from what I read, the MSI monitors are less color accurate. The 271 most likely uses a Samsung panel, the 272 is flat while the other two are curved (I dont mind either). Which one would you recommend?
  13. If it supports FreeSync 2, it will work 48Hz-max with any adaptive sync. Did you enable freesync in the monitor OSD?
  14. I have the curved 32" version of the samsung for simracing and it feels great. I used it as my monitor shortly and it was fine (but it was too big). I like how the curve wraps around with my FOV giving me (imo) better immersion and more natural image.