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  1. in direct response to the thread title. When will your computer be considered outdated? Yesterday This is the world of tech, something new is always around the corner. However your build is great and will likely run fine for the next 5 years, barring some unforseen technological advancement.
  2. yay, someone else in their 30's!
  3. Sprawlie

    Intel core 2 Quad or Quad-core Xeon?

    That's horrible boot time RAM usage and indicates that you are likely running numerous background tasks and services at boot time. Normal windows 10 will only use 1.2-1.6gb of RAM on boot (fresh updated install). so if you'rehitting almost 5 at boot, this is likely due to your install. if OP really watches his programs, 4gb is "enough" for at least windows and your day to day tasks like web browsing. I would still recommend minimum of 8 for comfort, especially if gaming, but Windows 10 absolutely will run on 4gb of RAM. in fact, it will run on 2gb (though as you'd expect, lots of swapping).
  4. Decided to see if i could push the mhz a bit more than previously. learn to work with memory timings next I think.
  5. Sprawlie

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    Too many... I have personal: Desktop, laptop, Laptop, Laptop, "server". I have 2 spare computers that are being repurposed now as well. this doesn't include the 3 my brother has. my work laptop, or tablets/phones. I have a problem...
  6. Sprawlie

    Canada 10gb wire and jacks

    MonoPrice? or me I've got an unopened box of 200meters of CAT6 sitting in the basement. (I want to wire my house, but have ran into building issues)
  7. Sprawlie

    No internet. Send help.

    How are you testing the internet? are you plugged directly to the device? what are your computers local network settings? Are they set to DHCP or are you manually assigning network configurations?
  8. Ah, I see what you're refering to now. Yeah, Cannabis can stay in the blood system for up to 45 days (Depending on personal factors). if your employment can do random spot checks, that would be a concern. I often forget how backwards some of those regulations are down south. Random drug tests just aren't a thing up here and can't be used as barrier fo employment.
  9. Right, but the way you stated it makes it sound like if you do something in Canada, that is illegal in Florida, that Florida will bust you for it. That's typically not the case, and depending on scale of the crime involved. For example, while it might be illegal in Florida to consume Cannabis in Florida, florida cannot criminally prosecute you for smoking Cannabis while in Canada, since you performed an act that was legal in the location. obviously there are other factors, depending on extradition treaties and scale of the criminal act. But it's generally not a concern. Though, just want to caveat, the TSA/FEds can be dicks about it.
  10. As I said, sinc LTT 2019 is in Canada, while you are vacationing here, you would be legally allowed to consume. now, if your home location has it's own laws that state "if you consume while abroad you still violate the law" thats one thing. And I can't speak for many states. But the legalization of Cannabis is Canada wide.
  11. I have a feeling if I do make it, i'll be the old gramps of the group at 38.... good thing I have the maturity of a 16 year old then.
  12. Since this is in Vancouver Canada, and pot IS legal in Canada. If I make it, i'm well up for a stoner meetup as well.
  13. Sprawlie

    Worst Tech mistake you have ever made?

    Told a few stories here already: horrible burns on the fingers. fried dual 8800gts by accidentally shorting them with a PCI slot cover. dropped CPU. I've made mistakes... and quite a few.
  14. Sprawlie

    Weirdish Windows Effects

    Check if cleartype fonts are enabled in the graphics settings
  15. Sprawlie

    should I use NVME raid

    You should be fine. however I highly recommend checking the product features listing of your version of win 10 to double check. Win10 home doesn’t necessarily support All the featureset of Pro