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  1. Will this pc have bottleneck issues?

    I dont need higher quality parts, i dont play games for graphics i just want good performance.
  2. Will this pc have bottleneck issues?

    Yeah my budget is £500 maximum
  3. Will this pc have bottleneck issues?

    What do you mean by stirs the market up?
  4. Will this pc have bottleneck issues?

    I dont really have much money to spend more on the cpu
  5. I only want to play games like csgo, overwatch, h1z1 and rust. Will this habe any performance/bottleneck issues? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/vskjsJ
  6. I have £500

    So i definitely should wait a couple extra weeks for ryzen to drop?
  7. I have £500

    So ryzen definitely wouldnt be worth waiting for then?
  8. I have £500

    Will the g4560 be good for a game like rust? And will this also be capable of streaming WoW and CSGO?
  9. I have £500

    Is there a confirmed date for when ryzen is dropping?
  10. I have £500

    So at the minute i have exactly £500 that im willing to spend on a gaming pc, no more than £500. I want to play games like CSGO, H1Z1, Rust and other games of that sort. I dont want to get used parts just so i know there is less of a chance of the pc breaking. I also would maybe like it to be able to be good enough to stream games like World of Warcraft and CSGO on occasion. Keep in mind im not looking to play these games on max settings, i would much rather have solid fps. I already have OS and peripherals sorted so theres no need tonworry about them.
  11. PC Buid Help

    Will that gpu bottleneck? That is only a £60 cpu after all
  12. PC Buid Help

    Ive heard bad things about Zotac, will that gpu have any issues?
  13. PC Buid Help

    Thats good enough for me ahah
  14. PC Buid Help

    Is that site trustworthy?
  15. PC Buid Help

    Would it be worth getting a newer gen i3 to keep it under budget?