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  • Birthday 2001-03-19

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    *CARS*, Technology, Programming, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Games, talking shit.
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    I was born, I am now living.
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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Steel Legend
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengance RGB Pro 3200Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA 1050Ti 4GB
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    Antec DP501
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    500GB WD Blue M.2 SSD / 500GB WD Black M.2 / 2TB WD Green Sata
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    Be Quiet! Straight Power 11 450W
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    LG 29UM68 29" Ultrawide IPS Monitor
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    Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition
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    Logitech MX Master Amazon
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    Logitech Z506/ Sony MDR XB50AP/ RHA MA390/ Anker 5th Gen BT Earphones/ DT770 Pro (+Brainwavz XL Pads) / Fiio E10K / ModMic 4.0
  • Operating System
    Fedora / Memedows 10 Pro

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  1. Selfridges are selling the IOS variant of Momentums for £39.99 from £79.99. £20 cheaper then Amazons pre-black Friday deal. https://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/sennheiser-momentum-ios-in-ear-headphones_875-10044-SENMOMINIBLACK/?cm_mmc=PLA-_-Google-_-HOMETECH-_-SENNHEISER&POR=Y&gclid=Cj0KCQiAq97uBRCwARIsADTziya2q9G8djKvWB8ZfrpqOC8nvuZoeyBi2qLUJM_UZ-RmQiocisbjIYMaAmHFEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  2. I recently played around with some broken iPhones and started to use an iPhone X, just as I got bored of it and ready to sell, so I could return to an OnePlus 6T, a Jailbreak was released. So I guess I'll be keeping it for a little longer. 


    Damn it Linus, knew I shouldn't have bought that iFixit kit; being converted into an Apple fan.


  3. I still have my old hard-drive dualbooted windows 10 and Fedora, in my new PC, after reinstalling graphics drivers it works fine. Although in previous builds I couldn't even get windows to boot. But if you reinstall the drivers it should work afasik.
  4. The Eve V is 850Euro for i5, 8gb, 256. And 1200 for I7, 16gb ram and 512ssd. I personally bought a surface one of my mates bought the Eve and to be honest when I used it I was surprised. It has a nice screen and good keyboard however the surface keyboard has flex while typing and imho it feels like it has longer strokes which I preferred. Nonetheless it's a great device to consider. TLDR: https://euro.evedevices.com//products/eve-v/#redir Cheaper surface Alternative
  5. Has he recently refreshed or reinstalled windows? Like Samcool55 said, it looks like a broken install of windows.
  6. Well I mean I can go over just prefer not too, from the thread that minibois posted I researched Herman Miller and steelcase, I found 1 Steelcase chair for 100 and a ton of sub £150 Herman Miller chairs from offices, just a really long drive from my location. Crazy how they just sell them for 1/8th of retail.
  7. Ty, Gonna try it out this weekend, I've tried my mates DX Racer chair and imo it's just a gimmicky look, that feels like a cheap Argos chair; so I'm, staying away from "Gaming" chairs.
  8. What are some good Desk Chairs/Desk Chair brands? I'm on a budget I don't really want to spend over £200 - not sure if that's realistic or not? Any help would be appreciated
  9. So, everyone complained that our college computers are slow. 



    The college has decided to upgrade the computers (9th gen CPUs) nice workstations. But they forgot about the server, and it still takes 10 minutes to login. Great Job lads. 

  10. I've got a quick question, I routed a usb header cable from my motherboard under my gpu to my WiFi card to use it's usb port. The usb header cable is touching the motherboard underneath my gpu. Will this cause static electricity build up? Pictures attached.
  11. I just bought a Asrock Steel Legend, it works; that is all I can say as I havent had time to preform any benchmarks yet.
  12. Reason: 1. Expandable storage 2. Better Battery life 3.Prefer Android over IOS 4.Multi-tasking (Some days I don't even bother taking my laptop to college) 5. Custom ROMs 6. Small(er) Notch 7. Easier USB connection for music transfer 8.Smoothness and speed. 9. Easy repairs.
  13. LastPass; mainly for the simplicity and it was the first one I've tried.
  14. Imo he did nothing wrong. He made a fucking meme, come on you're famous in 2018 and do stupid shit like take drugs people are gonna take the piss out of you. If you can't take it off you go to your safe spot snowflake.