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  1. Hey there! I need someone experienced in C# to help me with a suggestion. I have to implement a method in a windows service, that would have to run every day, only once, at 7 a.m. (method is sending emails and notifying customers as they are expected to pick up their orders from the shop that day). What is the best approach to implementing this? Thank you in advance!
  2. That AOC looks great for its price! The ASUS is also nice, but 27inch is a bit too big for my desk and it's also a TN. Thank you both for your suggestions! By the way, what about the ASUS I linked https://www.newegg.com/asus-va24dqlb-23-8-full-hd/p/N82E16824281076 ?
  3. Hello everyone! I am struggling for a few days to pick a fit monitor for my needs and budget. I am working as a programmer, and I am ocasionally gaming. My budget goes at around 250$ at most and I am trying to find the best value on the market. Here's what I found so far: -https://www.newegg.com/asus-va24dqlb-23-8-full-hd/p/N82E16824281076 -https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-245E1S-00-Monitor/dp/B07SPCWZHP -https://www.newegg.com/lenovo-24/p/0JC-0006-00UR2?Description=L24q-30 -https://www.amazon.co.uk/AOC-I2790VQ-BT-Widescreen-Multimedia/dp/B06ZY72NK1 -https://www.newegg.com/benq-gw2480-24-full-hd/p/N82E16824014466?Description=GW2480 -https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16824025515?Description=24MP59G-P&cm_re=24MP59G-P-_-24-025-515-_-Product My search criteria contains: -IPS panel -5ms response rate -24-inch display pref -75Hz refresh rate If anyone can give a hand or a recommendation to pick any of those or if they know something better, I'd sincerely appreciate the help. Thank you for your time reading this!
  4. Good evening again! Thanks for the replies, I surely read them all and appreciate the effort. I'm prone to getting the RX 480 from AMD, seeing that they fare well with Vulkan and DX12, which results in a future proof choice. As of the PSU, I don't think I have anything to worry about, it has 75% efficiency on it, which should be enough (and nothing to prove me that it can bear the guilt alone for crashing my GPU). Also #faziten, to answer your reply, I think I will avoid the OC on my i5, seeing the age of my motherboard, it might simply crash forever, which is unaffordable for me atm. I will see how it fares with the temperature of the CPU, if the GPU will affect and increase it, I shall consider the aftermarket cooler option, no sooner. The RAM, since I didn't mention is 2x2GB and 2x4GB, so two dual channels, not one. As stated in the post, I only want a GPU atm, and I've made my choice. Cheers!
  5. Hello to all #LinusTechTips! I have a desktop PC at home, back from 2012, and my GPU card got sort of an irreversible physical damage, which I can't repair. So I gotta buy a new one! My config, however, is not one of the most actual ones, and I wanna make the right choice. Therefore, to sum it up, I want to share the components I use and the purpose of my PC and I'll ask anyone who can share an opinion to point me to the right direction. My PC has the following components: - CPU: i5-2500k @3.3GHz - RAM: 12GB DDR3 - MotherBoard: ASRock P67 Pro3 - Power Source: InterTech Energon 650W - Hard Disk: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB - an older graphics card to replace the crashed GTX 560 from NVidia (which simply stopped rendering the image properly one day, by displaying pixels and "advancing" to complete image disappearance, after 4 years and a half of usage ) The purpose of this "monster" () is gaming (World of Warcraft mainly, but also wanna try names like Watch Dogs), computer programming (such as visual studio, android studio etc.) and video rendering (rarely, but happens). My thoughts have been going around the latest affordable technologies released by NVidia and AMD, and, since the budget is tight and I wanna solve the GPU issue, I wanna know if I can do that and what choice should I make. My attention has been going around the GTX 1060 from NVidia, and the RX 480 from AMD respectively. But, if I am going to choose either of those, can I go for the 3GB, or I can aim for the 6 GB version from NVidia, or the 4GB or even the 8GB from AMD ? Also, right now I am using a SyncMaster 740N monitor from Samsung, running on VGA, but I can make an effort and change it if needed (would not rather right now tho, but can do). Thank you in advance and have fun to whatever you're doing!