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  1. I am not after 4K actually I just want to fix the screen damage....then again its kind of weird its like the screen melted I think the previous owner of my TV never turned it off and that caused it to overheat and melt the screen in one spot. 4k to me is kinda pointless my eye sight cant really tell past 1080p the difference.
  2. I have this old Sony Bravia from back when 1080p flat screens were first introduced so she's a thicc boi. I was wondering I saw some videos linus did making his own monitor and I was wondering if it's possible to apply something like that to upgrade the display on this TV.
  3. https://youtu.be/3BxAaaRDEEw I found a guide for single GPU pass through guide by someone on youtube named risingprismtv I am sharing this in hopes of more people picking up his work and eventually making a more easier user friendly guide for people on other distros down the line. I have noticed with linux the more people share and communicate the better solutions become and I hope this will help people who cannot afford dual GPU setups but don't want to use windows as their primary driver and still want to be able to game without headaches in games like PSO2 which was just recently released. VM gaming to me seems like a good idea especially with my frustration with recent microsoft builds being unstable for me. TLDR: This is less of a request for help thread and more of a sharing of something neat I found apologies for the rambling.
  4. Thanks very much! Is there a way I can contact people here for help without flooding the forums with stuff like this? I can't find a reference for this motherboard but I am sure you get similar questions to this all the time.
  5. So liquid cooling wont help? Then you said something about Noctua and BeQuiet. Can you give me examples of good models to choose from for their fans.
  6. According to the spreadsheet major air flow recommended....So yeah it looks like I do need a cooler upgrade.
  7. I check for updates every month I just checked for a motherboard update last week. I have the latest biod update. Also VRMs? You mean my ram?
  8. It's already updated. I am running a 2600 on it right now. Do you suggest I upgrade to liquid cooling before I get get anything like 3800x? I currently have a gammax deep cool air cooler. I heard that zen 2 produces a ton more heat than older zen processors from a friend.
  9. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-B450M-A/HelpDesk_CPU/ This is the motherboard I have.
  10. I use PCPartpicker they claim I will have issues if I do zen2 on my motherboard even with a bios update but Asus claims on their website support section that it is completely compatible. Who should I trust more? pcpartpicker or asus?
  11. possibly around 1500$? Hopefully less if I can for Unreal Engine
  12. well I want to save up for a machine to save space currently I am having a hard time building one (AKA finding a case) that isnt too big for the limited space in my room but i dont want any OEMs from Dell or Alienware due to personal experiences with their service and products so I was hoping to find an affordable alternative but I am very hesitant on laptops because unreal engine recommends not using them...
  13. What are http://www.nocompromisegaming.com/ and http://www.xidax.com/?keyword=xidax&gclid=CjwKEAiA2OzDBRCdqIyIqYaaqQoSJABeJZdin_1mycvy983aLfltf7LfjfvJd40ZQWFCrLB5GUaGLhoC5izw_wcB ? They look like prebuilt manufacturers is there products any good? Please I need an opinion!