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  1. Do you know how to read this graph? "taken from the vid" https://imgur.com/NxBTiqC Does it only state the "difference" between the various cells of the grid compared to center? Or there is a way to understand if there are brighter spots "like the bottom part of my display"? Thanks again btw!
  2. Thanks for your answer, I'm pretty sure I will return it. I have to decide if i should replace it with the same model or wait for the Gigabyte G34WQC, but ther is no ETA here in italy :c
  3. And you you think that the scenario in the picture fall in the "too much" definition? Sorry if I'm boring, but it's my first VA and I don't have meters of comparison :c
  4. I know that this is a cheap panel with a lot of compromises, but I'm perfectly fine with it. What it's bothering me a lot is the "glow" that i tried to show in the picture, since I'm a committed dark theme user, expecially un linux, I find it very distracting. I mean, I'm more than happy to ask for a replacement for the monitor if i can i may get a better panel, I'm just not sure if this kind of "glow" in this kind of position is a characteristic of VA.
  5. Hello guys, a few days ago I've received from Amazon my Xiaomi 34p ultrawide but i have i few complains. First of all, i'm having some problems with the freesync, but given how positive are most of the feedbacks about it I will skip it and "mainly" consider it as a problem on my side. What is annoying me the most, is a "glow"on ALL the bottom side of the display, from left to right, that literally change the color of any dark content. Example is the desktop client of Telegram, or even reddit itself, dark backgrounds take on a different shade, much more faded. Kind hard to get a pick of it, much more visible in person, AE-AF locked in both pics. https://imgur.com/uwwSckE Is this normal for a VA? Do you think i can have more luck with a replacement or this is expected for this type of panel? It's not a dealbreaker but as a dark-theme abuser I find it really very annoying.
  6. I only have when a full-screen-app is running (so in my case only games), but not only during menu or loading screen but in-game too.
  7. Hello guys, i have a Vega64 and from when my old monitor broke i'm having terrible flickering with every one one i try.First i tried the C34F791, know to have some problem with flickering (shoudn't have any with vega but not 101% sure), terrible in any range.Then i tried the C34H890, same story.So i changed monitor category and bought a C27HG70, know to have NO flickering at all, same problem, terrible flickering as soon as i turn on freesync.I tried different driver, from the latest beta to the old whql 19.5.2 (that i'm currently running with no success), what can i do? I was no sure about the first two but the C27HG70 should be 99% flicker free, i even changed dp cable but nothing changed.Have you ever heard about flickering problems with this monitor?
  8. Yeah, main doubt if is it worth to wait for 2060, probably because i'll have to buy a very cheap gpu meanwhile and i won't have the games to sell ! Yeah, from vega56 and 70ti i prefere the Vega, my question is if it's worth to wait for the 2060
  9. Yes, i have no gpu atm and since i have a ryzen i can't use the pc :c I have no problem to wait a month "but i think even more for the 2060 benchmarks" but if i buy now the Vega i will receive the games bundle worth around 100€ that i can sell but if i wait the bundle will probably be over. In everything but gaming the ultrawide is a complete new experience, better in every single way, in gaming i think it depends, for singleplayer and slow-paced games it's wonderfull "but heavier to run than what you may expect", for competitive games sometimes i run at 16:9 with black bars on the sides...
  10. Already sold the 480, was a very good gpu but "my card" has some serious overheating problem and a very noisy fan, despite being one of the best after market cooler, long story. Kinda, 1080p but on 21:9 so 2560x1080, sometimes the 480 can't keep a solid 75fps. Why do you think i should wait for a month ? For the 20** cards ? For the games, dunnow, the should simply provide you a key to activate on steam, i don't see big problems here. Thanks !
  11. Hello guys, a few months ago i sold my old RX480 to buy a new one, i'm slightly and amd fan "mainly couse of freesync" but i have no problem switching to nvidia, that's why i waited till today for the 20** series but now i'm stuck with some consideration. *2070RTX Is too expensive FOR ME, from what we can see "2080ti struggle with 1080p RayTracing" i don't think the 2070 is worth the price, probably not a huge leap in normal rasterization performance and not enought power for a decent RT, plus i have to wait till september. *Next one is the 2060GTX, no RTX compatible and i will probably have to wait late november to buy it at a decent price, i assume around ~400€ with 1070 or 1070ti performance, it seems reasonable to you ? At this point i think that vega56 "SEEMS" be a decent alternative to the 2060, available now at around 450€ with around 60-70€ of free game bundles that i will sell and since the vega56 is around the 1070~1070ti i think that the 2060 will pair her. What do you think ? ps. Current price here where i live. * vega 56 for around 470 "with the 3 games i hope i can sell at ~60€"; *1070ti at around 460 *1070 at 430
  12. Yeah, i always heard this but every time i spoke with an aio/custom user they have a totally different opinion ;/ Then what aio you suggest ?
  13. Hi guys, i would like to refresh the look of my pc with an AIO "always loved the look" but i'm not sure about it and i have a few questions. Currently i have a R5 1600 3.85Ghz cooled by a MachoRevB, very quiet with good performance but pretty much as big as the entire pc. I would like to have at least the same performance and even more importante the same noise output from it. The best i can find here in italy seems to be: *ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 at 99€: that came with 4 fans, but i probably don't have enough clearance to mount it in push-pull. *ID FROSTFLOW + 280 at 69€: seems decent but i can't find any good review. *DeepCool Captain 240EX at 109€: love the desing, not sure about performance and noise. Your turn !