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    With the recent (few weeks/months) of PIA and LTT not producing and sponsors spots for PIA dew to the purchase of PIA by another company, where does LTT stand? I purchased PIA based off an LTT recommendation because I trust LTT to vet there sponsors before representing a company. With more and more time passing it leads me to believe that PIA should not be trusted. Should I be switching VPNs? Where does LMG stand on this matter? I feel that we need an official update very soon regarding this matter. Edit: if I've missed an official update then my bad and I will edit post accordingly
  2. lynda.com has some great python content if you want to get a head start on stuff.
  3. you're in luck Kaspersky has an android and mac version.
  4. I've been seeing different reports some saying it was mobile carriers and some speculating it has to do with special events in the game. But Niantic should have been prepared for a large amount of players.
  5. It seems that during the Pokemon go fest in Chicago the servers were not working, users were not able to play the game leaving many fans out raged Niantic at first issued a refund of 100 dollars of in-game currency but later offered a full refund of 20 dollars for the wrist bands. http://fortune.com/2017/07/22/servers-failing-pokemon-go-fest/
  6. Bit confused about what you want to do, do you what all the periods to disappear or only where you type the periods are removed?
  7. Have you tried pushing insert on your keyboard?
  8. The question you need to ask is will organizing the cables increase how profitable each store is and your ability to expand in the future.
  9. I was excluding FPC from this because it will not always be hosted on the forums although I didn't exactly say that in my post. "Because I don't like to pay for single month subscription and cancel immediately" exactly why I made this post.
  10. I would like to see more than just subscription based donations. For example, some people may be able to donate say 55 USD once but not monthly. The perks that a subscription gold and a one-time-buy user would be different like not having access to FPC or different user group image. I feel that only having subscription based donation may drive some users away from donating. I imagine pricing would resemble how Microsoft prices office, office 365(more features, but sub based) 69.99 for one year or office 2016(less features not sub based) 149.99 (USD) for permanent. So Subscription donators could say get new forum features earlier than non-sub based or something along these lines. I imagine the LTT forums would see a large uptick in people donating if something along these lines was implemented.
  11. I'm not an expert by any means so I might be wrong, but If you have the tools to do it what I would do in this situations is tap the medal so you can just screw the standoffs into the tubing(easier said then done). Since I've never done anything like this before, i don't know what tap or drill bit size you would need to do this. 16 gauge is on the thin side if possible get a little thicker metal.
  12. Yes and no, if the PSU is a standard ATX/ITX then it should be pretty simple just to swap the unit, where if the Dell computer does not have a Standard PSU it won't be very easy if at all possible. Based on the Picture from what I can tell it looks like a Standard ATX PSU so you shouldn't have any problems. Keep in mind if it's not a modular (most prebuilt PC's are not) you'll have to take all the cables out again and re-cable manage the PC, and since manufacturers don't keep cable management in mind on pre-builts it won't be the easiest thing in the world.