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  1. Oh that's right I remember reading that you cannot run dual Channel with 1 or 3 sticks
  2. Edited Yeah I think you're right. I don't think in my usage case I would benefit a whole lot from Dual Channel. I think I'm leaning towards having more memory total would be more beneficial. And I was thinking since I'll have so much more memory than I'm used to.... no I'm not exactly sure if I'm correct with what I'm thinking but couldn't I use a bunch of my new memory as a ramdisk somehow for Adobe caching or something like that so while using After Effects it'll be a little faster?
  3. Hey fellaz, Was wondering if i would be better off running less memory in dual channel or more in single channel? I have a Ryzen 3 2200g, Asrock ab350 pro4, GTX 650Ti. I don't play any games. Mainly use it for internet with lots of chrome tabs open, Photoshop, After Effects, and creating animations. I currently have 8gb Installed but just picked up 2 identical sticks of Samsung 8gb... I was just looking at ASRock website for memory slot installation but not exactly sure what I'm looking at. I know all three sticks that I have now are single rank 1Rx8. I also know that the two sticks I just bought are not a set and are not guaranteed to work in dual-channel but since they are identical sticks bought at the same time i think the chances of them working in dual-channel are probably good. I'm kind of an old school PC guy never actually ran memory in dual Channel and not sure in my day-to-day usage if I would be better off with less memory running faster or in dual-channel then more memory in single Channel... Thx guy's
  4. Hey fellaz I'm trying to figure out a way to keep my main system free of any malicious software or viruses. I play a lot of downloaded games and watch a lot of downloaded movies. Am I better off using a virtual machine for my gaming and my movies or installing another operating system on a different hard drive and booting to that drive when I want to watch movies or play games. I don't know if I will have good gaming performance from my graphics card Etc through a virtual machine. And I have also read as so malicious software can tell that it's in a virtual machine and get out of it into the main system. You guys have any ideas on the best solution for my problem? Besides not playing downloaded games and movies
  5. Wow this really started a topic... Lol I have a Asus A68HM-K mobo. Doesn't come with a rear IO cover. I was hoping maybe they made after market ones for atx, matx, itx boards......
  6. He fellas I'm looking to buy a rear IO Shield or cover I just a new pc in a thermaltake P1 case and my motherboard does not have a decorative cover over the rear IO and I'm assuming that they would sell them aftermarket but I could not seem to find any. Any suggestions?
  7. Well just to let you guys know I ended up going with an RX 460. Ended up paying $90 total. It's paired with an AMD 860k with 8 gigabytes of DDR3. I have been able to play all modern games Doom Battlefield 1 Assassin's Creed Call of Duty Crysis 3... all on ultra-high settings and with completely playable frame rates usually in the 60's to 70's. Some games like Need for Speed multiple different titles the frame rates are in the high 100 to 200's. I'm so happy I chose a gigabyte Rx 460 w/ 2gb ram. I am using Sapphire trixx to overclock it to 1300 megahertz and the card never goes above 60 degrees Celsius with stock cooler
  8. Just wanted to give an update on the situation. Find out it was Windows update problem. After a clean install of Windows everything works fine. After each install of Windows I did that day or the next day it didn't automatic update and I've noticed that's as soon as the problems start so I spoke to Microsoft tech support they had took over my computer 4 different times. keep in mind I did this with 4 different guys and everything they did, did not work so finally the last guy I spoke to told me unofficially go in to services and disable Windows updates.. That did the trick. But now my question is do I disable Windows updates forever or do I turn them back on at some point what's your guy's opinion? If I wait a month or two and turn it back on I should be able to install the update without a problem I'm assuming because it will be a different set of updates if that makes sense or a different Windows built #
  9. By the way my operating system is installed on a SSD in case that's important You know I have a spare same brand same size SSD installed in the system maybe I will try to install Windows on that drive and see if the problem persists what do you guys think See the lines of the windows as I try to move it
  10. I just undid overclock and make sure Sapphire trixx does not run startup. I restarted my computer same problem
  11. I will do that now. Thx Any other ideas? Should I be scanning every Drive thoroughly with malwarebytes or with some type of anti virus scan
  12. Hey fellaz, I just upgraded my build into a new case and added a new graphics card and aio cooler. A couple days ago I noticed my PC being very sluggish and also another thing that I've noticed is on the start bar when I click on the show hidden icons button it pops up blank with no icons in it and if I do this 5 or 10 times maybe eventually it'll work like it should. Now by sluggish I mean for instance I go to format a drive when I try to write in the name of the volume, 1 letter will pop up every 10 seconds that I typed. As well as if I try to drag that window around it's just a blurry mess of lines. So yesterday I formatted the hard drive and reinstall Windows 10 I also installed the drivers for my new rx460, also installed Avast and I took some of my games from my other hard drives and put there icons onto desktop. The next day now the PC is still experiencing the same issues as it was before I reinstalled windows! , and if I check CPU usage it's always low. Maybe 10% Any ideas guys it's such a pain in the ass to keep reinstalling Windows to hope that that will fix it Any type of Diagnostics tools or processes I could do to try to narrow it down By the way I used Sapphire trixx to overclock my new rx460 which seems to be running perfectly stable in games and temperature... could this maybe be the problem? AMD 860k Asus mobo 8gb ddr3 Gigabyte rx460 2gb Windows 10 x64
  13. That's exactly what I did. And it works. There is tons of information online about the occluded PCI Riser cables being bad and having to get replacements you would think after a couple years and thermaltake would fix it I mean that's really the whole point behind this case is to Showcase your graphics card it's just odd how the older HD 5850 works with the Riser cable but not the rx460 already got in touch with thermaltake and filled out their application to receive a new one can anyone suggest a decent priced one online
  14. Hey Just built a new system inside of a thermaltake core P3 I am using the pci Riser cable so I can mount my video card vertically I have the new rx460 installed and when I turn on the system my TV says no signal so I swapped it out for my old video card and it works fine I'm thinking it's the video card not to PCi extension cable what do you think it is very difficult to install the graphics card into the motherboard without the Riser cable because of the way this case is built I would have to disassemble a whole bunch of it to get the graphics card into the PCI slot on the motherboard so I was hoping we couldn't narrow it down without doing that By the way the fans spin up on the Rx 460 just my TV says no signal like I like I said it works fine with my old video card but not with the new rx460 I am using HDMI out to my television
  15. My max budget is the cheapest option available. I mean I now I can spend a $100 and get a 460 but I know I do t need that much power.. I just want to be able to run games a medium to low settings