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  1. GPU folding is the way ... about 1M on a RX5700XT. Will propably putt another computer at contribution.
  2. The string to encode is set to uppercase to avoid the need of lowercase chars in the alphabet. The .find() function is up to linear in complexity, I don't feel it would be much faster/efficient to calculate those at the beginning, I will do the math. I'm not dealing with non-latin chars. This vigenere cypher is strictly the algorithm, the point is for it to be decodable by any other vigenere class from any language.
  3. While I do agree it can introduce user error, if the statement is single line like here, it's pretty straight forward. However, anything that is not single line should use braces. //This is fine for me if(condition) statement; //This is prone to user error if(condition) statement; This is indeed a bad habit for me, keeping declaration in scope where needed is way better for stack optimisation. I will try to force me to do it the right way.
  4. Well to me it wasn't a big deal, the function are pretty clear on their own. For unsigned/signed comparisons, indeed it throws warnings that could have been avoided with a long long unsigned int declaration. For the braces, I've heard both pros and cons... I find it more readable that way.
  5. Hello everyone, so today I was in need of a vigenere encode/decode function for a simple application. The issues is that I didn't find any with a fully customizable alphabet. So I wrote one A Vigenere coding is a very basic algorithm with consist on secret key and an list of characters to encode a piece of text. The idea is to take the first letter of your text and the first letter of your key, find their respective position in the char list, and sum the value. The result modulo the number of entry in your char list, is now the new encoded char. And you continue 'till the end of your text. Here is the GitHub link : Vigenere-CPP Let me know what you think about the class, and the Vigenere algorithm
  6. If I can give you my personal experience : I began my computer degree with a Dell latitude 7240 that I bought on ebay for 250usd. The best computer I ever used I think (except for the screen and is low resolution). Later on I bought a Surface Pro, good laptop, but expensive and battery life is lower than the Dell, but the screen is better... You need to take care of it, unlike the Dell. My thought, go second hand, Lenovo thinkPad or Dell Latitude 7000 or 5000 series. Easy to find on eBay and very very reliable.
  7. Well it is not the best product but for 25usd it does the job
  8. TP Link Nano router can do the job in client mode. Exist in both 300mbps and 750mbps
  9. luckilly I can use google translate ahah ! But what happend if you convert it to GPT ?
  10. can you make a screenshot of the context menu when you right click on disk1 ?
  11. I can see on the disk management screenshot a Disk 1 that is unallocated, you need to right click on it and format to ntfs
  12. you just need to format your disk 1 under disk management, as it is for now unallocated.
  13. This kind of request, in a home environment can even be handled by ARM cpu (raspberry, ...), or some older CPU. It all depend on the usage of the data.
  14. Well server are not used only for storage but even if they are, many request can be resource intensive And what is qualified as cold storage are on lower end hardware, because it is meant to be low cost and energy efficient.
  15. Have you tried another HDMI cable ? Maybe the PC res is limited by your cable... otherwise DP to DUAL LINK DVI it is.
  16. Create a custom resolution then. You cannot select higher than 60Hz under Ultra HD, HD, SD, only under PC.
  17. Run it on 443 port like SSL, if it's still not working look for advanced hiding technique ... tunneling trough TOR or things like that...
  18. Did you tried to update the bios from the laptop manufacturer website ?
  19. I need to read more carefully... What CPU are you using ? What MOBO ?
  20. You need to activate VT-x and VT-d in the BIOS if Intel CPU, or SVM if you have AMD
  21. Again I'm not a EvE player, but from what I saw, it's not a very demanding game. Plus if you have 3 or more client, you will be playing fullscreen windowed right ? So while using Windows 10, the only client that will be at ''full'' fps will be the one in focus. You really should be good with either a single 1080ti, or 2080ti.
  22. I still stand my point, to me SLI/NVLink won't be supported much longer. I think a 1080Ti can easily support 4 EvE client, but I never played that game, so meh.
  23. Indeed, but no NVlink with 1080Ti and no SLI support for EvE anyway
  24. You should be fine, worst case it will throttle down
  25. I really don't see why the MFT prevent you from booting into the BIOs ... But if everythings is good now we are happy