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    The Netherlands
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    The Netherlands
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    A kid from the Netherlands with a love for technology.
    When I'm not on the forum I'm probably reading a book.
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    Amateur Graphical Designer and Student.


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    AMD FX 8320
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    AsRock 970m PRO3
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    HyperX White 8GB
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    Nvidia GTX 970
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    Bitfenix Panodra
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    WD Blue 1TB & WD Blue 128GB
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    Bitfenix Fury 550W
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    LG Flatron E2242
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    Antec Kuhler 120
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    Apple Wired Keyboard
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    CM Storm Alcor
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    Teufel Massive
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    Windows 10 LTSB & macOS Yosemite (Hackintosh) & SteamOS

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  1. So to give some context. On my school we use a program called ‘itsLearning’ that has connection to ‘somtoday’ which is where our marks are managed, and I want to stop logging in every hour to check if a teacher put in a mark. So I’m looking for a solution that automatically logs in to itsLearning, opens a url that authenticates my credentials for somtoday and checks for changes. Does someone one have any ideas how to achieve this? P.S A way to get a notification on my iPhone gets bonus points.
  2. So I want to embark on the grand quest of watching every GameGrumps episode. But since it runs into the thousands, I need a way to keep track of them all. Something like exporting them into a spreadsheet where I can mark them off or something. Any suggestions are very much appreciated. (GameGrumps is a YouTube channel by the way.)
  3. TheTelperion

    GTX 960M worth it?

    Sorry about The LMGTFY links, wasn't aware of that. Thanks for notifying me about it. @JoostinOnline @Abyss Gaming
  4. TheTelperion

    Will this fit in my case?

    You're welcome. :-)
  5. TheTelperion

    Will this fit in my case?

    https://www.nzxt.com/products/phantom-240-white GFX Card: Yes Power Supply: Yes Motherboard: Yes
  6. TheTelperion

    GTX 960M worth it?

  7. TheTelperion

    Upgrading monitors; help please.

    While I'm not a monitor expert, I do know it's really up to the user. Some people like gaming on an ultra wide, others don't. I would personally but the ultra wide, since with the higher resolution it's amazing for productivity. But if you're a more gaming centered guy/girl you'll be better off with two 1440p's with a higher refresh rate. The best piece of advice that I can give you is, look up as much as you can about how people enjoy their monitor setup.
  8. TheTelperion

    How do you make forums?

    Read this: https://codex.bbpress.org And see if you're skilled enough to configure it. There are enough cheap hosting options out there, which will automatically make a Wordpress site. (Also, other forum users. Take it easy. He's a kid with a MineCraft avatar asking for help)
  9. While playing an audio-intensive game people that I'm skyping with often won't shut up. Is there like an easy way to set an FN key or whatever to mute skype's sound?
  10. TheTelperion

    10 minutes of your time to help with my Thesis

    I'll do it as soon as possible. ;-)
  11. TheTelperion

    Which of these two builds do you prefer?

    I prefer the one on the right, you've got a bigger SSD instead of an overclockable CPU. Which I think is fair.
  12. TheTelperion

    Which Antistatic wrist strap to get?

    Doesn't matter, it's a very basic concept. I would suggest the one from iFixit. They ship to the Netherlands too.
  13. TheTelperion

    First programming language to learn?

    Welp, I got into programming because of HTML. But that's the beauty of the forum, everyone can share their experiences. Thats what makes the posts so interesting.
  14. TheTelperion

    X1 Carbon Gen 1 Touch to Non-Touch

    I would suggest getting the touchscreen option anyway. You don't know the specifics on the logic board, maybe the connector is different. Or your motherboards doesn't understand an normal display.