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    Star Trek/Wars, band (trumpet), and other stuff
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    Home Depot


  • CPU
    Ryzen 9 3900x
  • Motherboard
    ASUS B450-Plus
  • RAM
    32GB 3200 MHz
  • GPU
    GeForce Gtx 1080 FE
  • Case
    BeQuiet 500DX
  • Storage
    240GB SSD, 4x1 TB HDD (RAID 5)
  • PSU
    Corsair cx650m
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    Acer Nitro XV272U | Sceptre E205W-16003R (x2)
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    BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G815
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    Logitech G305
  • Sound
    Mackie cr3
  • Operating System
    Windows 10
  • Laptop
    Dell Latitude 5490 (+upgrades)
  1. I've got a GTX 1080 FE that I modded with an Arctic Accelero Xtreme III. I have now decided to go back to the founder edition cooler and I need to remove the heatsinks that I added to the card (see attached file). How do I remove the thermal adhesive? Ideally I would like the card to work after taking them off. I've looked at other online posts but there is a lot of conflicting information and some posts are more than 10 years old. Thanks in advance!
  2. So I've been trying to get a 2008 Dell PowerVault NX3000 to recognize the drives in it's backplane, and make a single virtual drive. The RAID card has a green blinking light on it with the nearby text "Heartbeat_Error", I haven't been able to find any information on the light. The system works fine, post's and boots. I've tried every single drive in every single slot, one at a time. Then after I tested all of the drives, 4/6 showed as working and 2 detected as failed. I then tried to make a virtual drive with the working 4 through the RAID controller configuration, the system auto made 2 virtual drives. After trying to install windows (which I won't do again, I'll use Linux) the system restarted and reported the Virtual Drive as "degrading". Of course Dell won't help because it's out of warranty. Any thoughts, questions or comments would really help. The Dell service tag is 8TP85L1, the RAID controller is a PERC 6/I.
  3. Alright... here's the thing... I hit the power button on my computer and I hear it turn on, the fans and hard drive spin up (all the lights illuminate as well). The computer seems to be on, except the display has no input, the computer gives no postcode (including speaker beeps) and there is no hard drive activity on the light. This happens about 1/2 the time I hit the power button. I turn off the computer and turn it on and the system can do the same thing. Even after turning the PSU off and holding the power button, then turning it back on, it can still occur (still about 1/2 the time). This also occurred on the first PC that I built (the only similarities with that was the same kind of RAM and PSU other than that totally different). No overclocks and no boot devices still happens. It has gotten to the point where windows cant install b/c the system tries to reboot but doesn't get to the bios so it fails. My current config: Ryzen 5 1600X ASRock AB350M Pro 4 mobo corsair CX 650 PSU 8GB (2x4gb) 2400 Crucial Ballistix Ram Gtx 1080 FE (I'm not including drives w/ this because this happens with all drives I've tried) (if it matters) 1500 VA UPS 4K LG monitor Please let me know if you have any questions, ideas or fixes. Thanks in advance, FG
  4. I don’t have much experience with streaming but from what I have learned you should aim for high core count like a R7 (ryzen 7) or i7. Luke on LTT made a personal rig and talked a little about streaming and with some benchmarks, Look into it.
  5. got it, thanks, im new here. Is there another way? that is not time-consuming? Like a BIOS fix?
  6. It's the 2nd Latest, I have updated in the past and it did not solve the problem, BTW I dont know how to "Quote" you @Jamiec1130
  7. So when I try to turn off my computer I do it through windows (Win key, Power, Shut Down) but after the OS turns off why does my machine keep running? Windows 10 has no option to change this that I know of. Please help me my dudes.