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  1. HypeTrains

    New GPU fan makes buzzing noise

    I just ran heaven for about 5 minutes and got the card to the mid to high 60s and as soon as it hit 70% on the fan speed then it started making the noise. But it is definitely not coil whine, something is definitely rubbing. I am going to RMA it later today I guess.
  2. HypeTrains

    New GPU fan makes buzzing noise

    I just this week got a 1660ti, and the first day I had it it ran smooth with no issues. However the next morning the right fan started making a buzzing sound, like there was a piece of paper being put into the fan. Is this bad? Should I RMA the card? My temps don't exceed the mid 70s anyways.
  3. HypeTrains

    Unstable OC, pls help. 1800x

    so I just finished testing, literally everything other than stock crashes. Is this a mobo issue or could I have hurt my processor?
  4. HypeTrains

    Unstable OC, pls help. 1800x

    ASRock AB350M Pro4 (B350)
  5. HypeTrains

    Unstable OC, pls help. 1800x

    nvm it crashed on 3rd time. I'm trying 1.4v now. EDIT: crashed second time on 1.4v 3800Mhz
  6. HypeTrains

    Unstable OC, pls help. 1800x

    I boosted it to 1.3975 and so far on 3800mhz it's doing good. I'm gonna keep experimenting. Edit: I have done 2 successful benchmarks on that volt&clock! yay!
  7. I set my voltage to 1.375 and the clock to 3900. (also happens at 3800). I'll run cinebench once, then I'll run it again and my screen goes black and my peripherals disconnect. I hit the reset button when this happens. I am trying a higher voltage but it still crashes like this so far. I don't want to go to 1.4volts. I am pretty sure it's not thermal crashing because I don't get any throttling. Also, after the first crash, the crash will happen early in the benchmark every time. The reason I am writing this is because my pc crashed out of nowhere while I was chatting on discord. I have tried 1.4v on 3800Mhz and it's still crashing. UPDATE: anything other than stock is crashing in cinebench.
  8. default is 1.350 and when I set it to 1.4 after restarting it was 1.350 again, not sure why. I'll try again tomorrow afternoon
  9. Should I also leave voltage at whatever it sets by default when i select xmp?
  10. HypeTrains

    Need to move Windows from my hard drive to SSD

    Check all the documents thay came with your ssd to see if it has a product key for a drive cloning software. Windows should notice that the rest of your hardware is the same and update it's liscense.
  11. Booting also takes longer than normal Here's my build https://pcpartpicker.com/user/HypeTrains/saved/73g2RB This happened aftersetting xmp profile to 2 instead of auto so I could manually set ram to 3000mhz but after turning it off everything was fine. When I was in bios the voltage was in red text when I went into xmp profile 2. Task manager says im at 2400Mhz no matter what settings I had. Notice the red txt Ram box said it could run at 1.2~1.4 v
  12. Do you have the latest nvidia drivers? The rest of your mobo drivers? I honestly feel for you man nothing sucks more than an under-performing pc. Also check to see your nvidia control panel look for any settings that could be lagging your gpu like anti-aliasing set to default 8x or something.
  13. HypeTrains

    1050 Ti under-performs

    I don't max out on RAM I've watched it before. I get close but I never max out. Even with OBS replay buffer and MOSS running
  14. HypeTrains

    1050 Ti under-performs

    Rainbow benchmark is inaccurate. and I can't tell for other games bc I play no modern titles and I get them all to run at 60 anyways. BF4 I get 120ish with max FOV and automatic settings. Insurgency I get easily 120+ IDK how high it really is. Islands of Nyne I get 60 fps 90% of the time when in 75% resolution with 90 FOV.