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  1. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a good value (/or even cheap) GPU that supports NVENC or VCE for 4K60. For NVENC I found that you need at least a GM20x chip, but I couldn't find any information on the AMD side. (Btw it's not necessary that this card is a gaming-"beast", I really need that cheap 4K60 streaming-support.) So I hope you can help me with my questiion regarding the needed chip for AMD and which card to choose overall with the best value or at the cheapest price point. Cheers!
  2. Yeah, I already thought about that.. Well, if I won't find anything i will tackle this problem DIY thanks!
  3. This motherboard was used in different servers (e.g. Fujitsu Celsius R670-2) and it's really expensive, like 3 to 4x the cost of the motherboard, so I was wondering whether I could save some money and get a less expensive power supply. But this 10 pin really confuses me..
  4. Hey Guys, do you have any idea where to get a power supply that supports these two weird pin configurations (at least I have never seen e.g. a 10 pin)? It's for an Fujitsu server motherboard. Thanks!
  5. Are you sure they're compatible with that particular motherboard? I know how to find an LGA1366 cooler, but I'm just not sure whether a "normal one" will work with this board..
  6. I'm currently thinking about buying a particular server motherboard (Fujitsu Celsius R670-2 D2618-C14 GS2 Dual Sockel LGA) but since I'm pretty new to the whole "server business" I'm wondering whether this motherboard is compatible with "normal" LGA 1366 (PC) heat sink? I know that some board manufactures put have some weird proprietary mounting solution. I can't really find any information on the web about that board (I think it might have never been sold seperatly from a pre-build system), only a user manual, which doesn't include any further information or technical drawing of the board to estimate whether a PC LGA 1366 heat sink would work. In the pictures it kinda looks like it does but I'm not sure, so maybe someone can help me. Thanks!