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  1. 144hz is not required I'm gpod with 60 to 75Hz
  2. 144hz is not needed i'm good with 60 to 75hz
  3. So yeah the title basically says it I am looking for a 1440p ips monitor with prefersbly built in speakers and freesymc for around 250 euros
  4. I've checked caseking out and they have some pretty good deals but I'm unable to find a rx 580 8gb under 200 on any other site than mindfactory.de
  5. I wanted to ask the community if they know any online retailers with about the same prices as mindfactory.de for pc componets but one that delivers to belgium because mindfactory has amazing pricing but doesn't deliver outside of germany any more
  6. Ya i know I saw the warning message and ignored it because I know that a wriath spire cooler is a pretty good cooler even for some light to mid overclocken
  7. Ya its a single stick i justed switched it to 2 sticks
  8. Hey guys i was wondering if this rig would be pretty balanced and if there were somethings i should change. My budget is about €1300 but I'm willing to go to €1500 I'm in Belgium btw