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  1. maybe it's the cost of shipping(importing/customs), or manufacturing.
  2. but remember, this is for college depending on what course they are taking 4gb may be feasible.
  3. pretty dope, now is it possible to do a water cooling system in there, cause in all honestly those coolers look like sugar-honey-iced-tea
  4. exactly they are really reliable and are made by a industry leader when it comes to productivity and business
  5. Lenovo thinkpad's have always been really good when it come's to productivity..... w/o being an apple. check out blinq.com they have low prices as most items are just refurbished things that had the tiniest of a scratch on the bezel. i got my hp pavillion 17" and it runs beautifully.
  6. My diagnostics do show that the memory is running at 1333mhz, and voltage isn't bothered... the pc understands that there are two dirrrent rams but is only giving the amount of power that the 1333mhz needs.
  7. I recently bought the wrong ram for my pc. At first I had: 2x 4gb Tactical Tracer DDR3 1866mhz- by crucial I bought : 2x 4gb HyperX blue DDR3 1333mhz I haven't noticed any difference in performance, but is it safe to do this ( run both in the same pc)?