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  1. Hello. Fairly simple question. I am wanting to and another monitor to my gaming setup. i currently have two 24 inch monitors in landscape that I would like to keep in landscape. I am just wanting to add a 30 inch monitor under them. (meaning the 30 inch one would be at my eye level and the smaller ones above that.) My question is what is the best stand to make this happen? Do I have to get multiple stands or do they make a combo one that would work? Attached is a photo of what I mean. So the large one under the 2 smaller ones. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This is what I was looking for. I have read some reviews stating what you have but there always seem to be more reviews saying they are great. Either cause its just bad QC or the reviewers don' really know what they are looking at. And I will definitely keep my eyes out for the Tamron lenses. Thanks
  3. I understand that obviously going with a $1500 dollar lens is going to be my best option. However I do this as more of a hobby and cant really justify spending more on a single lens then I spent on my camera, kits lenses, memory cards, bag, and tripod. Just way outside what I am wanting/able to pay right now. Thank you for the suggestion thou. edit: This is also an EF mount meaning it is meant for the their full frame cameras so not only would I be paying a bunch for a lens I would be paying that amount and losing a lot more then a 1.5 crop.
  4. Hello everyone. I purchased a Sony a6000 with 2 kits lenses about 9 months ago. I have done a lot of shooting to figure out what sort of prime focal lengths I use and what would be best for me. I have narrowed down my options to the following and am hoping to get some advise from you all. I am going to be purchasing 3 different lenses and have narrowed it down to 2 different sets. I have adjusted the focal length to match what my camera will be spitting out due to its 1.5x crop factor. They are as follows. This first set of lenses are my "cheaper" options. They are all from different brands but fall nicely into the focal lengths I am wanting along with being much faster then my kit lenses. Sony 30mm 2.8-350$ Sigma 45mm 1.4-290$ Rokinon 127mm 1.8-300$ $940 Total This second set is kind of an all in one package. They are all from Sigma, all WAY faster then my current lenses but because of these facts are more expensive if only by about $200. Sigma 24mm 1.4-Bundle Sigma 45mm 1.4-Bundle Sigma 84mm 1.4-Bundlle $1120 Total I have never used anything other then my sony kits lenses which are below. Sony 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Sony E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 Now onto the type of photography I have fallen in love with to help maybe point you all in the right direction. Primarily I am a landscape/nature photographer which is why I am looking for at least one longer reaching prime lens hence the reason for the 127mm and the 84mm. The second most common type of photography is portrait. The third and something I am only now deciding to get into is Boudoir photography, I haven't decided if I like it yet thou as I have only been practicing on my wife while I wait to get better glass and improve my overall skills.
  5. Hello everyone. I am looking for some help on 2 fronts. The first is a good monitor for photo editing. I am wanting to get something for around $500 or less. I am also wanting to keep it 27 inches or less. The second belongs here slightly less but I am hoping for help non the thus. I am wanting to get a laptop to edit photos. I know that photo editing is less hardware intensive so i am not as concerned with the raw power but rather need help picking a laptop that has decent color accuracy. My price range for this is $1500 or less (I would prefer less if possible) Any and all help would be appreciated.
  6. Budget is open. I want to get what I need and will pay what I have to to get it. Screen size I'd like to stay around 24-27. No higher than 1440 cause my photos will be 1080 so no need for 4k. It is starting as a hobby but my end goal is to make it a part time job/business in the future once I am better.
  7. Morning everyone. I am looking to get into photo and video creation/editing. I am wanting to get a monitor with a good color reproduction without absolutely destroying my bank account what are some suggestions you guys have?
  8. Anyone have any good suggestions for a computer case that will hold at least 8 HDD's for a home server/NAS I am building? I have all of the parts I need I am just missing the case (the one I have no is god awful).
  9. Alright. Thanks for the assistance!
  10. With that controller could i use any motherboard regardless of the number of SATA ports it already has?
  11. https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-PEXESAT32-Express-eSATA-Controller/dp/B00952N2DQ?th=1 Is that the same one?
  12. Any raid card rated for the number of drives i have would work correct?
  13. I have 6 of them right now. They are not the exact same but eventually as storage is needed I will expand and get the same type of drives.
  14. Yea, unfortunately, I couldn't find a motherboard that fits what I was looking for. Any suggestions? And I would be buying that part via eBay to hopefully save a bit of money.
  15. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/monster0429/saved/bGJjcf Thats the now completed list.