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    i7 4790 @3800 MHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI H87-G41
  • RAM
    2x 8GB DDR3 (1600)
  • GPU
    GTX 1080TI
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    Samsung SSD 850 Evo

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  1. I asked how I can make my own skin, not download some I will search for it, thanks
  2. Where can I make custome ones?
  3. Hi all, since I didn't get any reply on this topic I will reroll this question, hopefully someone could help me strange that I cant find anything in google about it... but how do I change the graph color in the msi afterburner? default is this neon green and I want certain graphs in red. I changed it in the settings "color of the graph" to red but it is still green Anyone got the same problem? I already reinstalled the software. Also when I change the skin, it also changes the colors of the graph... but I can't change it manually . Thanks!
  4. Hi all, strange that I cant find anything in google about it... but how do I change the graph color in the msi afterburner? default is this neon green and I want certain graphs in red. I changed it in the settings "color of the graph" to read but it is still green .
  5. My system is cleaned up regarding the auto starts. Only the AV and msi afterburner are activated. No its not like the cpu at the startup, nothing is accessing my gpu on startup. Looking at the msi afterburner, my gpu usage is from 0-4%... basically nothing. It's just strange that my GPU clock speed is at ~1600 all the time, doing nothing. Seems to be a bug with using multi monitors (I have 2)
  6. I was talking about idle temp, just looking at my desktop, nothing open . Of course while on load it reaches up to about 75C
  7. I already optimized my fan flow and all that. my cpu is on idle at 35C so it can't be the air flow. I also set the gpu fan to 30% but with that I still don't manage to get below 55C as soon as I activated the power save mode, my temp instantly dropped to about 30C maybe there is still a hidden power management setting I didn't find
  8. Hi all, I was wondering why my GPU has on idle 60-65C. I know that the fans start at 61C but still its way to high for having nothing open.. So I researched and found this solution, which actually worked!: #1 Download NVIDIA Inspector and run it. #2 Right click on the button that says "Show overclocking" and select "Multi Display Power Saver" #3 Under the Target GPUs section check mark both GPUs. #4 Check mark run multi display power saver at startup. #5 Check mark activate full 3d by gpu usage and adjust the threshold to 30%. #6 Close NVIDIA Inspector. #7 Reboot PC. my temp went down to 30C and my GPU clock speed went from about 1300mhz to 600mhz! My question is, why is the GPU "overclocked" at default and do I get any performance loose while gaming?? I didn't turn any power settings to performance, at least I don't know of it. The answer to that is: It will still boost normally with the settings. You won't have to keep toggling it on & off as it will do it automatically for you. So can I keep this setting or should I redo it? Thanks!
  9. Mike87

    "Microphone hub" for conferencing room

    I forgot to mention that it should be wireless, so it needs to be USB? I've never tried it but is it possible to have more than one usb mic connected and they all work parallel?
  10. Hi all, we have a conference room where we have weekly meetings, a few people are in the conference room and the rest join via Skype. We now need something like a microphone hub. Let me explain: We always have from 1 to 3 speakers in the meeting. We don't want a microphone to hold, but one to either clip on or wear like a headset. Those 3 microphones must all be connected to one Client (Win10 Laptop) because it will be hosting the Skype meeting. Does someone have any experience with such an environment? We need something reliable and at least 2h speaking time. Thanks!
  11. Mike87

    Fan control

    glad to hear that, thank you again
  12. Mike87

    Fan control

    wow thx So this is my case: Like I mentioned I have 5 Fans (all 120mm): 2 at the top, 1 on front, 1 on the side and 1 on the back. Right now the Airflow is: Front - Intake 2 at Top - Outtakes Side - Intake Back - Outtake I am unsure if this is a balanced airflow or if the outtake is too much. I have a feeling that the fan at the front doesn't provide enough intake for the CPU since it is blowing trough the HDD Case which only has some slim slots for airflow . Also the Fan at the side blows directly onto the GPU which I dont think is too good... I am thinking of turning the back fan around or maybe add an intake to the bottom of the case?? any ideas? many thanks!
  13. Mike87

    Fan control

    @WoodenMarker may I ask you a question about my airflow optimization or should I open a new topic?
  14. write it in a txt file and zip it with a password that only he could know. or send the zipped textfile with one medium, like email and the password in another medium like sms, skype
  15. Mike87

    Fan control

    Oh your right, sorry! Thanks alot again. I will buy those splitters and see how it goes.