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    i5 4690K
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600
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    MSI 1070 gaming x
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    NZXT s340 elite Black/red
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    Seagate SSHD 1TB, PNY cs1311 240gb ssd
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    Benq RL2755HM
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    H100i v2
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    Corsair k70 lux RGB
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    m65 pro RGB gaming mouse
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    Logitech G230's, sick dell speakers with sub
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    Windows 10 home
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    Just recently built my first computer and my OCD triggers me when i seed the rainbow of colors on USB and audio i/o
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  1. Xeon E3 or i7?

    ya if price is not a issue!!! ha thats a big upgrade which (i) should probably do but RAM prices for ddr4 are insane right now
  2. Xeon E3 or i7?

    considering the fact that the 4690k is better in all regards to the e3 i would say that if price isn't a issue just go with a 4790k i might do the same with my current setup.
  3. What brand is overall best for gaming peripherals?

    i am currently using corsair keyboard and mouse i love mine they seem to be good quality but i'm not informed on their headset line up. i also currently have a pair of logitech g230s (the old version) and they seem to hold up great for a cheap headset although they hurt the top of my head after a while. And i have a lot of hair! i don't know about these other brands maybe someone else knows.
  4. when you give a battery the potential to take on higher amperage and or wattage, it will, that is seen when you plug your iphone into a ipad charger it heats up significantly more for it is rated to allow 2.1 amps instead of the 1 that the smaller brick uses at the same time all iphones charge at 5 volts so with increased wattage output there is higher amperage available to be pulled.
  5. Net neutrality effect on datacenters?

    my point is that even a left leaning organization is speaking the truth
  6. need help putting a part list together

    ya wifi cards are fairly cheap anyways
  7. need help putting a part list together

    highly doubt it
  8. GTX 1080ti problem

    ya testing is the only way to try except for driver updates...... i would just think if that's not the case there is probably no fix for the HDMI without costly repair
  9. need help putting a part list together

    definitely i've been there and it seems like a nice place i live out in ballwin so getting their is kind of a stretch but, in the case of mid range gpu pricing i had to pay around 500 for my 1070 gaming x a month after my birthday (july) and the pricing was still absurd but i didn't want to wait.
  10. GTX 1080ti problem

    if you're removing the cooler anyway ever thing seems fine but that messed up HDMI likely has no fix but component level repair by a expert or someone who is skilled at that. or just steady hands....
  11. need help putting a part list together

    na its all about the experience. us STL brothers....
  12. cool thanks, if affordable it would definitely be a option for higher tier vehicles who don't want regular sway bars but a better option all together
  13. need help putting a part list together

    looks great other than waiting for RAM to drop $$ FOR intel atleast This would be a little worse due to weaker gpu and poorer processor... 1060 would probably be much better deal including maybe springing for a newer cpu / mobo
  14. i have a question what is the effectiveness of this compared to independent suspension or is it in a totally different class.... also if this is for rock crawling wouldn't the risks of pivoting the wheels put unwanted stress on the tire and most likely cause them to wear quicker? seems to be a good idea keep up the work
  15. Net neutrality effect on datacenters?

    The fix to these fees is competition i myself have switched between charter and AT&T by whoever has the best prices. i agree with you on fees there a load of crap but if anyone is bad at it that would be cell providers and phone providers. on the AT&T bill large sections have to deal with the phone Landline. including many federal taxes that shouldn't exist in the first place and stupid fees and surcharges but for tv That is expensive and it's going to stay that way the best experience is still through cable our current provider charter never taxed or "fee'd" us but yet just ended up to be expensive the cable boxes where the only other charges except for taxes we have recently cut the cord so we do not pay any fees and use internet from them for a great price (that will go up) yet our savings from cable tv is in the 1,000s a year. we use sling netflix amazon prime and a OTA antenna to get more channels than we could possibly want for pretty cheap. our provider provides our modem so we don't have to pay that like we did AT&T. The major problem is that unlike many european dense cities we have often only 1 or 2 internet providers little competition leads to a bad result for the customer yet we can still choose the better of two evils and end up for a good product albeit expensive.