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    i5 4690K
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    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
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    Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600
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    soon to be MSI 1070 gaming x
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    NZXT s340 elite Black/red
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    Seagate SSHD 1TB, PNY cs1311 240gb ssd
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    Evga supernova 650 G1
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    Benq RL2755HM
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    H100i v2
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    Sadly CMstorm devastator II, possibly future Corsair k70 lux RGB
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    Redragon Centrophorus?
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    Logitech G230's
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    currently Linux Mint 18.1 soon Windows 10 pro/home
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    DownTown TrumpVille
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    Just about anything Tech Related
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    Just recently built my first computer and my OCD triggers me when i seed the rainbow of colors on USB and audio i/o
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    Professional High Schooler

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  1. Are these any good?

    i plan on buying one of these in LED for my XBOX one
  2. AutoDesk inventor

    i enjoy using Inventor 3d modeling software for fun and for school yet i am confused as if i am forced like adobe software to buy a subscription and not true owner ship. the cost is to outrageous for any normal person. i wanted to know if their was a way to buy a permanent license or do i just need to give up?
  3. PSU PCIe wiring question

    yes i have poor grammar skills...... i just want to know if i can plug the 6 pin into my psu the picture is above.
  4. PSU PCIe wiring question

    hi I plan on purchasing a RM750x power supply i am also planning ion getting a msi 1070x which has a 8 pin and 6 pin power connector it appears as though the psu only has 2 8 pin connectors for the GPU but i plan on buying custom cables and i plan on purchasing a 6pin power cable so that it will look more sleek instead of a 6+2 pin cable my question is can i plug that 6 pin into the psu via the 8 pin gpu female or the 6pin peripheral female connector or do i need to buy a adapter or a 6+2 cable? i plan on buying my cables from cable mod. or will cable mod handle this during my purchase of the cables?? Thanks! .
  5. Could a School Body Track a Facebook Page to Creator?

    Basically if they dont like it they will report it and facebook will take it down because they cant handle free speech.
  6. Drugs Kill

    most people start with legal drugs which are often worse then get addicted to what their dealer gives them which may be heroin but not pure often with other drugs added in that are more potent.
  7. So I got a call from my ISP a few days ago...

    Google fiber????
  8. So I got a call from my ISP a few days ago...

    ISPs are a massive problem in the US we pioneered the internet and phone yet we somehow can mange over 20Mbps in a high population prosperous area. accept for charters which is like 50+ usually but still thats about 50-60$$$ for garbage
  9. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    i have a smith and Wesson 22LR 6 shot revolver its accurate and combined with the extremely light trigger pull its safe to say a feather could set it off it especially helps to avoid accidentally pulling the gun upward when pulling the trigger.
  10. The i-85 Bridge Collapse

    that bridge has pillars made of reinforced concrete that seem to be supporting the steel above. this probably helped find a engineering issue though to i would think the original pillars would still be standing after the fire odd.
  11. Cat caught a mouse and I don't know what to do with it

    we should not interfere with nature if your cat didnt kill it just remove it from the area like miles from your home because these animals can find their way back if you find a suitable place just drop im off there. if you release it outside it will just come back inside or become a pest. and killing it is illegal soooo.
  12. so me and my father are starting a podcast...

    broadcast local over AM radio???
  13. Gif pronunciation?

    realistically the creator cannot be wrong because the g or j is just how one interprets it there cannot be a true choice. plus it doesn't matter anyway everyone knows what they mean. plus jif is peanut butter maybe that's the true reason for the spelling being giff
  14. In ur opinion, are rgb strips for the desk worth it?

    my friend has a glass desk i set him up with rgb strips and they look a lot cooler than expected even though he may have done a poor job on installation. you could make your own headphone stand.
  15. Keep getting these scam calls on my phone

    maybe you could pick up and troll him a little or if they call as a police officer ask for badge # department etc....