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  1. Sadly no, I'll look into getting one. @Tabs @Windows7ge Thanks guys, you were extremely helpful
  2. What would be the best way to do this? would it be better to just get another hard drive, set it up correctly, transfer the old HDD to the new one, and have my old one as an extra?
  3. I right click on the everything drive, and "extend volume" is grayed out. I don't think I set it up as a GPT
  4. Hello, When I first built my pc I only allocated 2TB out of 3TB. Now, the 2TB are almost full and I cannot figure out how to create/add the remaining storage into usable storage. Disk 1 is my SSD with mostly windows and game launchers. Disk 0 is everything else. If I do this will my data be erased? If anyone could point me to a guide or explain what to do, It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  5. no it just went to install on the hard drive
  6. No I think my SSD is the problem... right before I get the "back up your data" messages, there is a quick popup that say INTEL SSDPEKKW256G7. I had to take a video of that to read what it said.
  7. So I clicked on window boot in the boot priory and I think windows updated, but went back to the American megatrends. I unplugged my HDD and now where it says Detected ATA/ATAPI devices there is nothing
  8. Windows is on my ssd. SATA port3 is my hard drive. If I wanted to try and reset my CMOS, I take out the battery on my motherboard correct?
  9. Hi, Last night I updated windows by pressing update and shut down. now its morning and wont get past the bios. I have no clue what to do. I just read that the Motherboard or my HDD or SSD is bad. If you could help i'd really appreciate it. heres my build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pqmMQV
  10. $150 is kinda out of my budget. I'd like something $100 or less. I was also thinking about the Logitech G430
  11. Yeah I couldn't decide between corsair or Logitech mouses, but I think more people prefer Logitech
  12. Hi, Im starting to save up for a mouse, keyboard, and headset and i'd like to know if you guys recommend these - Corsair Gaming K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE Corsair Gaming Sabre or Harpoon Kingston HyperX Cloud II If you guys can give me a review of these if you own them, or give me some other options that'd be great. Thanks
  13. What sized hands, what grip style do you use? What types of games do you play? dont know pretty much all types What mechanical keyswitches do you prefer? Do you need a numpad? no idea prefered What kinds of music do you listen to? How important is a microphone? Are you okay with open-backed headphones? all id like a mic, the hyperX cloud core looks nice yea, i dont think it would matter
  14. Hello, the title says it all. i'd be using the for gaming and everyday related tasks. my budget is flexible, but around or under $100 would be great. Bonus points for rgb Thank you!