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  1. And I mean in the literal sense of the word transgender, not what a bunch of asshats call themselves.
  2. I'm gonna disagree there. You can't be "born into the wrong body".
  3. You were born with a dick your a man, born with a vagina your a woman. Born with anything else you're an outlier. Why is that so hard to understand?
  4. I've only known one transgender person ever, and god damn if he wasn't annoying. Maybe he was trying too hard to be feminine but he ended up pissing off even my very tolerant biology teacher/
  5. AcornEyes

    pasta help

    You only need pasta and water
  6. Let me make it super simple. Minimum wage = more people than businesses as those that can't afford to pay mw have to close more people than businesses = unemployment unemployment = bad
  7. It doesn't take long to study economics to realize that minimum wage is only hurting the economy. Wages aren't poor because the minimum is too low, its because its too high. Same goes for benefits.
  8. Not to mention, how in the fuck does the singular act of not releasing taxes make someone the most opaque candidate. Something everyone knows about is emails. Is that shit not opaque? My mind is blown how they selectively think.
  9. Evil is the politicians like Obama and Hillary who are extremely opaque and very likely who deal in illegal matters.
  10. Which is what I meant by illegal peaceful protests, I don't know what else to call it.
  11. Impeding traffic is not a riot and is technically peaceful