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  1. pillsnottasty

    MVA vs IPS 32 inch display

    Hello! I am trying to decide between a 32 inch LG FHD IPS monitor and an 32 inch AOC QHD MVA monitor. I am in need of a large display, that i can use both as a monitor and a TV, because TVs around 200$ are absolute garbage, but a 32 inch monitor is pretty nice. What should i choose - a 1920x1080p IPS display or a 2560x1440p MVA display? And which brand has higher quality panels - LG or AOC?
  2. Hello! My friend has a problem with his GPU that i gave him. It shows a black screen on boot up. I know that he needs to instal drivers, so he took the gpu out and, using his old gpu, tried installing the drivers. However, the drivers didn't install, because "this driver could not find compatible gpu". How can he install the drivers? Btw the integrated graphics on his mobo don't work for some reason. Thank you in advance
  3. pillsnottasty

    Please help me fix my phone screen

    If I bought another moto x style, it would cost less than an iphone, but it still would be better lol. Yeah, i think, that there is some debri betweem the digitizer and the LCD panel, OR there is some debri between the LCD panel and the backlight. If only I knew how to remove the frame...
  4. pillsnottasty

    Please help me fix my phone screen

    So basically, I decided to open up the phone, just to be sure, that the screen isn't causing any problems to other internal components. It looks like, the problem is in the screen, because in phones like this, the LCD screen is attached to the frame, and it looks like the attachment isn't really strong, so i think, that there is some debri in the LCD housing, because, when I opened it up, the back of the screen assembly looked perfect. Maybe it's because the screen's speaker grills couldn't be attached because of faulty desig. Too bad I ordered it in January and decided to fix it myself and left a good review of it in January. Guess I'll have to figure something out by myself.
  5. Hello! So I broke my Motorola moto x style screen, so i ordered a replacement one. So i replaced it, and it worked perfectly(except for some light bleed). But I couldn't get the metal speaker grill in it's slot, but i didn't bother refunding it, because i tthought that it's a minor issue. But after a few months, I started experiencing issues with the screen. There appeared to be some small dots(see pictures) on the screen. I got worried, but i couldnt find any help. So i decidded it will go away. And it did(kinda), and I didn't experiencce any major issues, until, 1 week later, there was a crack under the screen(see picture). I am used to some cracks in my phone screens, so i didn't think much of it. Then the small dot issue became worse, and some parts of the screen are hard to understand. But some dots disappear after some time, and some appear again. What should I do? Please reply ASAP. Thank you!
  6. pillsnottasty

    Black Screen on boot.

    Hello! So, basically, i have an used GT640, and i am trying to put it in a PC, but it shows a black screen. I understand, that I need drivers for it, so i plugged in the old GPU and tried installing them, but it didn't work, because it "didnt detect the GT640". How can I fix it or at least install the drivers?
  7. pillsnottasty

    Where can you buy pokemon cards in Europe?

    I've been in Belgium, and visited Carrefour store, but it didn't have anything related to pokemon, althought it was a quite small store, but i couldn't find a bigger one; i was in belgium for a small time only, soo yeah... Yeah, gamestops are a rarity in Germany, only saw one once, and it was closed(Sundays are not very good days to go shopping in Germany, almost nothing is open). Since then i've been in Germany many more times, and I have never seen a gamestop since. Oh yeah, language also is important. Once i ordered a booster box for 20$ from Korea, wasn't sure anout the legitimacy, but the price was good. Good thing they werent fakes. Bad thing they were in Korean. Couldn't even read the damn things
  8. pillsnottasty

    Where can you buy pokemon cards in Europe?

    Basically, i Live in Latvia, and there aren't ANY pokemon cards(they don't sell them in any store in Latvia, and there isn't enaugh people wanting pokemon cards). But i've been to many German stores and supermarkets in Germany multiple times, like Kaufland, Lidl, Aldi, etc.. And i've looked through them, and none of them had pokemon cards. I'm sure there MUST be a store, which sells pokemon cards, but i just simply cannot find it. I had ordered some pokemon card packs from ebay, and they turned out to be fakes, only one pokemon base set reprint Pikachu booster set turned out to be legit, but it cost 20€ from England, and a single pack goes for around 6-10€ with shipping from somewhat legitimate sellers. The price from Ebay sellers just isn't worth it. It would be ok to order online, but many sellers just won't ship to Latvia. Amazon doesn't ship almost any product to Latvia, so i'm kinda f***ed Thank you all for your responses, tho. Hardly ever I can find people, who know something about pokemon cards, everybody nowadays just knows pokemon from Pokemon Go being in the news and attracting a lot of normies, that get in trouble from playing pokemon go in places they shouldn't play it.
  9. hello i play pokemon go everyday, i still wonder where to get the cards for the TCG. yes, you could order them online, but there are many fakes. where can you buy legit card packs? thnx
  10. pillsnottasty

    Help fixing an USB headset

    Hello! I have a pair of Corsair HS40 headphones, and they broke. I have figured out, that the problem is in the cable. More specifically, the part where there is the volume control buttons and the mic button. I am thinking of replacing the cable. Can I use a regular USB data cable, or do i need to keep the volume controller box? And, by the way, the warranty is voided, because i physically broke them, and i have a lot of small damages on it, and the warranty is probably expired, because I bought them 2 years ago. Thank you!
  11. pillsnottasty

    Arduino dual button configuration

  12. pillsnottasty

    Arduino dual button configuration

    Hello! I'm a beginner in Arduino programming, but I am interested in a device, that would have multiple buttons. If you press one button, it opens up a website on my computer. I've tried it with 1 button, and it worked. Now I am trying it with the second. The problem is, that it's supposed to open up google.com if the first button is pressed, and youtube.com, if the second is pressed. But, when i press the second nothing happens, and when I press the first, it opens up google.com and THEN also opens youtube.com . Can you please solve this issue? Here is my awful script: #include "Keyboard.h" const int buttonPin = 2; const int nutPin = 2; void typeKey(int key) { Keyboard.press(key); delay(50); Keyboard.release(key); } void setup() { pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(nutPin, INPUT_PULLUP); } /* Unused endless loop */ void loop() { int buttonValue = digitalRead(buttonPin); int nutValue = digitalRead(nutPin); // check if the pushbutton is pressed. If it is, the buttonState is HIGH: if (buttonValue == LOW){ Keyboard.begin(); // Wait 500ms delay(500); Keyboard.press(KEY_LEFT_GUI); Keyboard.press('d'); Keyboard.releaseAll(); typeKey(KEY_LEFT_GUI); delay(100); Keyboard.print("CMD"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); delay(500); Keyboard.print("start chrome"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); delay(1000); Keyboard.print("google.com"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); // Ending stream Keyboard.end(); } if (nutValue == LOW){ Keyboard.begin(); // Wait 500ms delay(500); Keyboard.press(KEY_LEFT_GUI); Keyboard.press('d'); Keyboard.releaseAll(); typeKey(KEY_LEFT_GUI); delay(100); Keyboard.print("CMD"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); delay(500); Keyboard.print("start chrome"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); delay(1000); Keyboard.print("youtube.com"); typeKey(KEY_RETURN); // Ending stream Keyboard.end(); } }
  13. pillsnottasty

    What just happened?

    So, I was messing around with tech demos with my new 1050ti, just wanting to see its capabilities. I downloaded the Apollo 11 tech demo from the official Nvidia website. I played around in it for a while, then i alt+tabbed out of it, and it glitched, and the screen was messed up - the image was basically a lot of misplaced vertical lines. The first thing i did, is that i restarted my pc, knowing, that sometimes issues like this may be resolved by a simple restart. But, when i restarted it, the problem was still there. Even when i was in the BIOS. Then i watched a tutorial, which told me to go in the nvidia control panel and turn off vertical sync. I did it, but nothing changed. Then i decided to restart the pc, to check if it would be solved. I have an LG widescreen monitor. When i turned the PC off, there was a box, that said:"No signal", which is normal, but, the problem was, that it also had that horrible vertical line problem. I was very scared, thinking, that i somehow broke my monitor. But, when i turned my PC back on, everything was just fine! I can't understand why it happened, and i have no ideas as what may have caused it. Does anyone know what was the problem, so other people in this situaciton would have a solution? Thank you, P1LL5N0TTA5TY
  14. pillsnottasty

    Apple tv 4 32GB or 64GB?

    buy a new smart tv or a 4k one. yes, it costs a bit more, but if you buy a new tv, then you have a new tv.
  15. pillsnottasty

    My HS40 headset got broke

    so.... the sound is messed up, but when i twist the cable around the part, where the on-cable controls are, the sound gets better. it doesn't have a warranty anymore, what should I do? maybe give me tips on opening the on-cable control box-thing...