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  1. Pull out your bios battery en pull your power cord. Olso check if there any bios FW upgrades are available and flash if there's a newer version.
  2. Download https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 install and reboor then the open CL missing error is gone
  3. It's definitly the hardware watchdog bsod's i get when my oc are not stable maybe its ram maybe the CPU. I think the games will not run great on a 8800gt though. Consider to save up for a new system
  4. Hi, A video how to benchmark and what to keep in mind when benchmarking. Just a quick how to and tips and tricks video would be nice
  5. Very very nice man! Quick question? How long did this project take ?
  6. i use a 25 inch lg 21:9 screen with 2560x1080 i really love the extra room left and right. every 16:10 or 16:9 is to small now. Once you go UW you never go back
  7. You can use this tool : http://www.coolermaster.com/power-supply-calculator/ you can roughly estimate your power need.
  8. I got it to with my msi 1060 3gb in holland where i live there no retailers that got brackets or something. I saw guys use fishing line. you got a solution ?
  9. Sorry no artifacts or chrashes. Check the pics tonight when i post them
  10. Msi gtx 1060 on 2075MHZ and 4300MHz mem on stock cooler is not really a achievement. Runs furmark for hours and vallley bench without hitting the 80c mark. check al the youtube videos those guys go to 2100 and 4500 stable. im even a bit on the safe side
  11. I will sceencapture some shots of valleybenchmark and add some pictures tonight need 2 work for 4 more hours
  12. · CPU AMD FX-8350 Black Edition @ 4,3Ghz · Motherboard Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura · RAM 1x Corsair vengeance 8gb Kit Red (2x4gb) · GPU MSI GeForce GTX 1060 (core boost up to 2075Mhz) (Mem @ 4300Mhz) · Case Corsair Carbide Spec - 03 · Storage 1x Kingston 120 gb SSD 2x Maxtor 320Gb · PSU Corsair 500W 80 plus bronse · Display Lg25 Inch ultra wide 60hz · Cooling Corsair H60 AIO cooling + 2 front 120mm corsair fans · Keyboard Coolermaster keymaster lite memchanical keyboard mouse combo · Mouse Coolermaster keymaster lite memchanical keyboard mouse combo · Sound Onboard · Operating System Windows 10 Home Edition Pics will be added later im @ work rightnow