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  1. Is It Even Possible to Build Cheap Anymore?

    Building can be fairly cheap if you avoid DDR4 memory and newer graphics cards.
  2. USPS being weird...

    USPS is not very accurate. I had stuff say it was delivered and it never showed up.
  3. Only one more senator is needed but that is unlikely to happen. Hopefully it won't happen.
  4. Ho ho ho! Net neutrality must and will go! These people are a bunch of drama queens wasting their time!
  5. GPU Price Skyrocket

    What do we have here? A pissed off gamer!
  6. The E3 equivalent of Coffee Lake will be called "Xeon Entry". More information can be found at this post:
  7. Yet Another Big Economy Bans BitCoin

    The people that want to ban cryptocurrency are either jealous of people getting free money of they are globalists! The globalists want everybody to buy and sell using The Mark of the Beast, not cryptocurrency.
  8. Dolphin Internal Resolution 4k on a 1080P monitor?

    Go for it. It should work fine.
  9. Is it safe to create new account delete old to sell laptop?

    Reinstall Windows and overwrite the drive entirely to be safe.
  10. Update Windows 7 to 10 without losing Windows 7 from drive

    No, you cannot perform an upgrade installation if you want to keep Windows 7.
  11. Update Windows 7 to 10 without losing Windows 7 from drive

    That would be a fresh install alongside Windows 7, not an upgrade.
  12. Why are we still using MOLEX ???

    Some people prefer the Molex connectors. They are not as common today but they will be around for a very long time.
  13. I haven't noticed any performance reductions from my storage. My storage runs of PCI express.
  14. 4TB of RAM?

    There should be a case as tall as a typical refrigerator that has many PCIe slots. It should be called "All Aboard the PCI Express"!
  15. Windows 8.1 is still supported with security updates. If you have AMD Ryzen or Intel Kaby Lake or later you will need to complete some registry tweaks in Windows 7 or 8.1 to get security updates. Don't feel obligated to jump on the Windows 10 bandwagon, do whatever makes you happy.