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  1. hey forgot i had this up. seemed like i had fixed it for a while after doing a windows repair or something(kinda like an install but didn't delete anything) but got 1 yesterday and 1 today with the error "video_scheduler_internal_error"
  2. Always come full circle back to air coolers. I want liquid for the looks but leaking scares the shit out of me and the DPR4 and DP4 seem like they are about as quiet with similar temps(compared to the 240ex), obviously this depends on the system. Clearance gets pretty close with them both. Only thing I don't like about tower coolers is covering my ram. Why can't life be easy. FWP
  3. I saw them but thought the flow indicator looked weird, guess it's not as bad as I thought. how are they for sound to cooling ratio? ill prob watch some reviews.
  4. I do, was looking at the h100i v2. but not sure if its worth with all the cons. and it gets pretty close to the price of the a240(a240 would take more work to fit in, dont have a ton of extra space). I always conflict myself .I wanna one and done something nice, but I don't wanna empty my wallet.
  5. pretty sure default config is dual exhaust which is good for gpu but not cpu. I wanted AIO for looks but they arent worth it for performance, sound, etc. might try ek's a240 custom loop kit, but its a bit expensive. Then theres the dark rock pro 4 which is easy and good but takes away from the look and covers my ram.
  6. stock, ~22c prob, nxzt h50 stock fan setup, might try moving them both to intakes, cant remember what the best setup was for cpu Disabled auto RS and updated bios, we'll see what happens, hopefully it was something simple and stupid.
  7. usually it auto RS's pretty fast but I'll try
  8. the update was so long ago and i didn't have issues, or at least any consistent ones for a long time, I don't recall if the install was fresh or not. When it happens again I'll try to get the error code before it auto restarts. Also for got to add after the BS a percent rolls through, like an update or repair, then after restart brings me a "Select boot device, press any key" screen. And even 50C avg at almost idle is fine? Not sure how hot ryzen is but that seems a little high, even for stock cooler.
  9. Started having very frequent BSOD's ~2/day the past 2 or 3 days and a few spread across the previous week also just had two non BSOD crashes just to black screen with power and no response from any input. Most recently Hardware change was a case upgrade so if lose cables can cause BSOD it may be that, i checked a few with no sign of it being the issue. My ryzen also runs quite hot, I'm not sure what idle temps should be but they sit around 40-50 and take a long time to drop after hard use. Planning on upgrading cooler just not sure to what yet. W10 64bit win7 1year or longer ago but has had numerous hardware upgrade since then Not retail or OEM? Been planning on doing fresh install HDD from as far back as 2013 to hardware bought 2 months ago Cant recall ryzen 5 2600x asus 1080ti strix oc asus b450-f seasonic focus plus 800w Me N/a Desktop perfmon.html SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
  10. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    I should've done some more looking before making a list but the swans and jbls come out to be very expensive. The swans from the site directly came out to $371 before tax and I didn't see them on any CA retailers. The jbls on amazon were ~$230 and I would need a receiver or something to go with them. The polk's seem ok to get in CA but I think they may also need a receiver or interface of some kind. If the ai40w wasnt so expensive in Canada I would have such a hard time.
  11. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    I thought I said it somewhere, guess not. But shopping for anything really does sucks. a $1000 pc is $200 cheaper across the border. The ai40w was at $214 for 2 weeks and I just happened to find them the last day of the sale, and it's the only time they've ever dropped on amazon Mass drop didn't seem to have any speakers and usually isn't very budget oriented, and after shipping and other stuff you don't end up saving much because it's all from the states. I live in shit part of BC so the second hand tech market doesn't exist near me so finding second hand speakers would take forever. It is indeed a crappy situation. High prices, no second hand, high shipping and import cost on anything from the states. It's just a real fun time. Shit laws, shit currency, shit time
  12. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    could've sworn something I was looking at said $160 for the pair that's why I added them, guess not. I also hadn't considered they had nothing, I knew they'd need ext. power but hand't thought of volume and other control. I think the ivb's and mk11's superseeded the 1080-iv's, theres also the 1080 ivb and mk11 which are slightly more expensive. Edifier seems like a "Great" option, they look decent, has decent features, and good price. But then I go back to. I could lose a little, like BT, or spend a tiny bit more and get better. If they miccas had a little more going for them, like tone control, more inputs, something then they'd be great. but they are missing a lot, with a lot of speakers priced similarly. I try to go by the "stretch yourself" philosophy, which is why I considered the ai40w. Like you said they on paper and even through video seem great. But the amount of stretch is quite a bit. the r1700bt on sale for $151CAD after tax and the ai40w $265 on amazon before tax. so over $100 of difference. which is what's really holding me back. The ai40w were $214 on amazon for like a day when I first looked and I wish I had just bought them then. Hindsight is 20/20 I've been doing some research, looking for things commonly recommended and highly reviews but there's still so many a lot of the time it just widens my search instead of pointing me to an answer and not a lot of speakers have "vs" for me to go through and say "x vs y, y sounds better. y vs z, y sounds betters" etc. So most of what I have to go off is written reviews or possibly bias recommendations. Like with the miccas, they may be good, but they also seem lacking but still get so frequently recommended and I just can't help but feel there are better options. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and spend the large chunk extra, but with so many options it's hard to do that. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    Do you have any experience with it in person or with its sound? or are you just assuming based off price and listed specs and features?
  14. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    no, I'm not interested in mounting speakers around my room. It's also not a large room so it probably wouldn't be worth it.
  15. Nik_

    Bookshelf speaker help

    I'm going to try to keep this short. Looking for speakers for my desktop(maybe also use with tv in bedroom). Price ~$175, less is better, but I'm not set on that amount. Looked at Edifier r1700bt (good price, not sure about sound) Fluance ai40w (quite expensive) Been suggested MB/PB42x(not sure the difference, ok price) Seen suggested JBL LSR305 D1010-IV and MKII Few others but I'm blanking Edit1: mackie cr4 is another pair Ive been looking at. I think they look nice and they seem pretty good. No clue what to go with. I'd like for them to look "ok", I don't really like the rounded face of the d1010, at least in pictures. Would be nice to have or be able to add bluetooth. If I can hook up to two sources without two inputs then number of inputs doesn't matter. Think that's it. Thanks for the help.