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  1. Guide will be update once RTX arrives.
  2. It's more important to check throttling than temps. While those temps are bad some laptops still hold clocks. I'd run a benchmark that measures throttling like AIDA64 dual cpu and gpu benchmark and see what happens. If you're throttling that's a problem. My P650RS with liquid metal had temps like 20C lower than that. A normal well pasted unit I'd expect in the 80s.
  3. The thin and lights are all pretty bad. A liquid metaled GM501 is pretty decent.
  4. They have plenty of cons vs other brands like build quality concerns and firmware issues.
  5. Yeah the sidebar has a discord link. It's been pretty helpful for people with a lot of questions. And thanks about the guide. It was hard to put together, not sure I'll do the same for the next gpu gen.
  6. It's pretty good it seems. The suggestalaptop discord has owners if you wanna talk with some.
  7. In general buying the highest tier of laptops is never economical. The performance sweet spot right now is technically probably in the 7th gen 1070 laptops that are like 1500 and less right now. Eluktronics Mech 15 comes to mind. Then you can upgrade sooner in the future when newer gpus arrive. Note though that this gpu gen was extremely long and should finally get replaced later this year by Volta/Ampere/whatever.
  8. I get it but that'll get confusing two if more brands start picking them up and renaming the chassis. It's the same reason I only use Clevo models not Sager even though I know the Sager names.
  9. Gotta be honest I'm still working on all the chassis models. I'm trying to learn them as the actual TongFang models instead of the Mechrevo ones since TongFang is the ODM. But the names are just mouthfuls of alphanumerics. Eluktronics has the Z2 now.
  10. That sounds like you have a Mechrevo X2 or Z2? In the U.S. they're like on sale right now for only 1500ish from Eluktronics. That's not normal though. And idk about a 4k screen but they'll have a 1070.
  11. They're here lol. 8th gen intel mobile H series cpus are out. However, no one really has their hands on them yet so we don't know how well cooled the new machines are. If you meant gpus, those are still a ways out. When new gpus arrive the guide will get a major revamp.
  12. Word of advice to any buyers right now is if possible wait about a month so we can see how the first wave of owners handle temps.
  13. That kind of rumor is hard to confirm... It's easily possible it's worse on some of the newer models but I'm not sure.
  14. The Razer Blade Pro RMA rate was really high. If you can handle an AW size you should be looking at high performing laptops like the AW 17, MSI GT75, and Clevo P775. Not the Blade Pro.
  15. While it's a weaker 1060 it's a nicer chassis.