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  1. New headphone suggestions

    What do you guys think about Sennheiser HD 4.30G it's like 20-30euros cheaper thans m40x, it has a bit "worse frequency, but it has better impedance" Naa, fuck it d00d ill buy m40x again
  2. New headphone suggestions

    I have good mic already, i got the t.bone SC 440
  3. New headphone suggestions

    Yeah, i will buy m40x again if there's nothing "better"
  4. New headphone suggestions

    Yes i did, thank's for mentioning that typing mistake
  5. New headphone suggestions

    Oh sorry, i totally forgot to tell that, i am gamer, BUT i listen a lot of music so i dont really need "gaming headsets or any sort of that stuff"
  6. New headphone suggestions

    Hi! So today sadly my Audio technica ath-m40x headphones broke, i really liked them, but as they broke i need new ones. Im seeking for good under 105 US Dollar (91.01 euros) headphones, i think i need to also tell you guys that i have LD Sytems HPA 4 headphone amplifier so id like to have headphones compatible with that. Any suggestions are appreciated, please do not start "fighting" about others suggestions.
  7. i think gigabyte is way to go if youre overclocker otherwise asus
  8. JavaFx random number to word problems

    it's not hard it just doesnt work coz my code doesnt kinda make anysense, ill solve how to do it other way, myMessage.setText(Integer.toString(whateverishere)); i know that take's that shit from the code it just doesn't work, since my switch doesn't have id or someshit ive done now some string stuff, but thanks for trying to help i guess.
  9. JavaFx random number to word problems

    didnt work
  10. JavaFx random number to word problems

    Sorry, sout = System.out.println
  11. JavaFx random number to word problems

    i think im doing my stuff on way more complicated way, im sure there's easier way so ill explain you idea of this thing so, User opens the software and then he clicks button and it generates one of my souts randomly, i tought doing it with random number was the best way.
  12. JavaFx random number to word problems

    what do you mean? im dont really understand what do you mean.
  13. JavaFx random number to word problems

    What im trying to do is kinda like, you click button, it generates number and that number is like id for each test, so it picks that test, im sure there's much simpler ways to do this but im quite new on javafx, do you have any suggestions or any help to fix this, i tried yours it didnt work it always prints (test text and number on netbeans console) but it doesnt print it on label it only prints the random number generated to label not text, thanks.
  14. Hey! Im stuck on trying to get my random number to display text on label, but it display that random number it generates, ive tried many times to solve it out, done some research haven't found answer to this yet, so maybe you guys know what im doing wrong on this. Code below public void generateRandom(ActionEvent event) { Random rand = new Random(); int myrand = rand.nextInt(50) + 1; switch (myrand) { case 1: System.out.println("test1"); break; case 2: System.out.println("test2"); break; case 3: System.out.println("test3"); break; case 4: System.out.println("test4"); break; case 5: System.out.println("test5"); break; case 6: System.out.println("test6"); break; default: System.out.println("test7"); break; } myMessage.setText(Integer.toString(myrand)); System.out.println(Integer.toString(myrand)); } }
  15. Java gui

    this is great, thanks