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  1. M40x Vs Hyperx Cloud

    i bought m40x like 4 months ago and i recommend you to buy m40x its just great
  2. Case fan selection

    ik but i just answered to he's question
  3. Case fan selection

    I recommend you to check out Noctua's case fans
  4. Who Else Smells Their New Computer Hardware

    and the guys who drop it
  5. My Gambling Addiction

    uninstall csgo , problem solved - guy who spent 750euros to cs
  6. your visiting there counts
  7. Quick Question for Linus

    oh okey
  8. Which is healthier; a mug of coffee OR a can of Redbull ?

    Coffee is a lot healthier, since it doesnt contain thath much unhealthy stuff, like sugar etc, and coffee relaxes and helps to stress , and also its good against skin cancer or what ever its called.
  9. Quick Question for Linus

    nickly v isnt part of lmg anymore wot ?
  10. Does g-sync is really necessary?

    i feel i have special eyes then, I DONT SEE LAG
  11. Does g-sync is really necessary?

    10fps? you le drunk m8
  12. autoit error line 0 windows 10

    i recommend you to reinstall windows or try CCleaner named program its free clean registery with it
  13. autoit error line 0 windows 10

    well if i understood you correctly, i think your storage might have corrupted or some, have you tried reboot yet