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  1. Good headphones for $150 or less?

    m40x or m50x from audio technica
  2. Soundcard suggestions !

    well i dont need DAC that much, i need AMP more at the moment so......
  3. Soundcard suggestions !

    well im quite low on budget rn,so i will buy dac later when i have money
  4. Soundcard suggestions !

    LD Systems HPA 4 i decided to buy this one i believe its bit better
  5. Soundcard suggestions !

    but is is compabtile to my setup? im not really good on audio things
  6. Soundcard suggestions !

    what do you think about this one its 43euros Creative Sound Blaster E1
  7. Soundcard suggestions !

    what do you think about this one its 43euros Creative Sound Blaster E1
  8. Soundcard suggestions !

    oh any other good amp's? than that ill definetly start looking amps !
  9. Soundcard suggestions !

    Hi! So i was wondering what soundcard is good for budget max 60euros, im not looking for audiophile tier stuff just ok/good soundcard that will do the job, my motherboard and headphones listed under. (i do not need any kind of GAMING ULTRA XXX COMPETITIVE soundcard, since i mostly play runescape and listen music) Asus M5A78L-MLX3 Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Any recommendation is welcome!
  10. Hobby for a nerd

    coding is hell for start
  11. PHP help with $values

    i fixed it the code works it was pain in the ass, but it works
  12. PHP help with $values

    my head is about to explode i have no idea at all what i should do now please help
  13. PHP help with $values

    @OLS @Homeless Pineapple
  14. PHP help with $values

    <html> <body> <?php $value1 = 500; $value2 = 250; $value3 = 100; $value5 = 0; $value = $_POST["name"]; if ($value > $value1) $value6 = $value / $value1; $value7 = $value6 * $value1; $uus = $value - $value7; if ($uus > $value2) $value10 = $uus / $value2; $value11 = $value10 * $value2; $uus2 = $value - $value11; if ($uus2 > $value3) $value13 = $uus2 / $value3; $value14 = $value13 * $value3; $uus3 = $value - $value14; echo " $value6"; echo " $value10"; echo " $value13"; ?> </body> </html> My FRIEND DID THIS CODE IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE RIGHT?
  15. PHP help with $values

    Hi is it possible anyhow to make something like this ? echo $value / $value1 = $value3 basically use php divide output as new value. I appreciate any answers