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  1. PC random reboots

    restoring to older win10 versio fixed it
  2. PC random reboots

    i did some research and found out its heat/driver issue, i installed now latest amd drivers and im gonna add new thermalpaste and full clean pc well see if that will fix it
  3. PC random reboots

    i dont, all i have is that event viewer thing, i really think its amd drivers : 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xffffe30fdfdcd8f8, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
  4. PC random reboots

    Hi! I installed windows 10 3 days ago, and at the same time i installed latest amd drivers, since then my pc has rebooted randomly 2 times and i only have this on event viewer. A fatal hardware error has occurred. Component: AMD Northbridge Error Source: Machine Check Exception could this possibly be amd driver crash?
  5. Windows 10 Update is going on without permission

    fuck it i will just update it and hope i dont get bsod hell
  6. Windows 10 Update is going on without permission

    Alright, but do you know any way to stop windows update come on, on every reboot
  7. Hi! I updated windows once, then i stopped windows update from services.msc (i set it disabled and stop so it should not go on, this has worked before), because i do not want to update more windows 10, it deletes my disable from windows 10 updates everytime i reboot my pc or something. Any help is appreciated (Reason why i want to stop windows 10 updating is, it pops up random shit that i couldnt give a fuck some security bs etc, and i do not want it to fuckup my pc, like random reboots coz windows needs to update n stuff, DO NOT QUESTION my reasons)
  8. Good headphones for $150 or less?

    m40x or m50x from audio technica
  9. Soundcard suggestions !

    well i dont need DAC that much, i need AMP more at the moment so......
  10. Soundcard suggestions !

    well im quite low on budget rn,so i will buy dac later when i have money
  11. Soundcard suggestions !

    LD Systems HPA 4 i decided to buy this one i believe its bit better
  12. Soundcard suggestions !

    but is is compabtile to my setup? im not really good on audio things
  13. Soundcard suggestions !

    what do you think about this one its 43euros Creative Sound Blaster E1
  14. Soundcard suggestions !

    what do you think about this one its 43euros Creative Sound Blaster E1
  15. Soundcard suggestions !

    oh any other good amp's? than that ill definetly start looking amps !