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    Ryzen 5 2699
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    Rx 590
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    Idk random cheap case
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    1tb hdd, 700gb ssd
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    Seasonic m12
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    X2 1080p monitors
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    Stock ryzen
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    Cm tk stealth
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    Corsair m55
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    AT m40x
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  1. Go to sound settings and see if "Stereo Mix" is on, if its on disable it
  2. Check temps just incase, and install/reinstall new drivers
  3. Yeah it sounds like the psu is bad, buy a new psu and see if it fixes it
  4. Sounds like a dying/bad motherboard
  5. Here's some things that you can try. 1. Reseat everything 2. Try different GPU 3. If you can, check if your windows is on legacy mode, you can check it from msinfo32 (if it is on legacy reinstall windows so u can get UEFI) 4.Take CMOS out for a like minute then put it back. 5.Try different ram slots 6. Try another psu if you can, bad psu can cause no signal/display issues
  6. 1. Reinstall Graphics Driver 2. Run DirectX Diagnostic Tool 3. If 1 or 2 didnt fix it, try reinstalling windows
  7. Well, the upper one works for now atleast,im testing it more, ill let you know if i need more help or if something goes wrong
  8. I think i solved my issue that should be on 1 hour timer now, ill see in a hour if it works as i want it to work
  9. client.channels.cache.get('channel id').send('Test'); this works, but i dont know implement the 1 hour time to it, like i get the timer right but it just keeps spamming it
  10. i removed the code, it still complains about the send thingy
  11. Hi, i started making discord bot today just for fun mainly, but also to learn js. So ive been trying to make a thing for this bot that notify's ppl every hour but i keep getting some odd error, also i really dont know how to do the "pause/sleep" client.on('ready', () => { var testChannel = client.channels.cache.get(channel => channel.id === ('*channel id here*')) setInterval(() => { testChannel.send("TestMessage"); }, 3600); }); thats my code so far, it should post Test message but i just keep getting this error, "TypeError: Cannot read property 'send' of undefined" All help is appreciated.
  12. Ryzen 5 2600 Rx 590 16gb ram That should be good enough
  13. Hey, i have 400 euros to spend what vr glasses are good