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  1. Java multiplying

    Hi Is there any way to get text from label and mutiply it? ive tried label.getText and label2.setText but those doesnt work for me thanks in advance
  2. Java buttons

    arraylist solved this for me
  3. Java buttons

    Hi So i would like to ask does anyone of you guys know how to make buttons that has number value and when its clicked it takes the value and saves it so it can be calculated later Thanks in advance
  4. Windows 10 crashing pc

    *Update* After cleaning pc totally and adding thermal paste, and taking 1 ram stick out (different manufacturer than the other) bsod haven't showed up yet, also i switched back to windows 10 1703 build so i was able to take fast boot off from power settings
  5. Windows 10 crashing pc

    I tried to downclock but things get glitchy etc, im doing rn scannow from cmd ive DONE literally everything im so close to throw this piece of garbage out of window
  6. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Not fixed, still does it
  7. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Cleaned gpu with air compressor and i did tdrdelay stuff on regedit been around 3hours without any problems
  8. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Updated everything now diffrent amd driver crashsed, its called amdkmdap i might have possible solution for this gonna try it later when i can
  9. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Thanks luck we need indeed
  10. Windows 10 crashing pc

    I don't really think its motherboard tho this stuff appeared first time when i installed windows then and it was 6-8 months ago would be pretty weird if my motherboard would have fought so long i could be also wrong, ps i read from other forums that Win10 Update 1803 build fixed this for others, i will try updating my windows and if that doesn't work i think i will just reset my whole pc
  11. Windows 10 crashing pc

  12. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Oh yeah this is R9 270x gigabyte some overclock edition i dont exactly remember, cpu doesn't have overclocks
  13. Windows 10 crashing pc

    Hi! Ive had this problem before with newer windows 10 versions, but now the oldest possible windows 10 version that i can be on has started this same thing, basicly what happens is my both screens turns black pc is on for a while and it either turns off or doesn't turn off if my gpu drivers doesnt completely crash, i've tried older AMD drivers and they doesn't seem to fix it. Ps ive checked my temps gpu is MAX 65 and cpu max 50 Cpu: fx4300 Gpu: R9 270x ive had this pc for 2 years Windows event error A fatal hardware error has occurred. Component: AMD Northbridge Error Source: Machine Check Exception Error Type: HyperTransport Watchdog Timeout Error Processor APIC ID: 0 The details view of this entry contains further information. BUGCHECK Code 0x00000124
  14. New headphone suggestions

    What do you guys think about Sennheiser HD 4.30G it's like 20-30euros cheaper thans m40x, it has a bit "worse frequency, but it has better impedance" Naa, fuck it d00d ill buy m40x again
  15. New headphone suggestions

    I have good mic already, i got the t.bone SC 440