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  1. Mmm...well, if that's the case, I'll try the memory to see if I can keep my speed, then upgrade the BIOS. If it still won't run the memory at speed, I'm willing to buy a 2k series Ryzen. Not worth a 3k series CPU in this board I don't think. EDIT: Well, looks like a 3700X is barely more than a 2k series chip >_> EDIT: Asrock has an outdated spec page for this, or it's only showing non-XMP possibilities...1700 is a Summit Ridge part, and it says the max it will run even two sticks at is 2667. I'm running 3200 now. Or maybe they didn't update anything since the first time they added it, and then have just added new charts when other Ryzen chips came: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X370 Taichi/index.asp#Specification Guess I can't depend on specs and I just have to see what happens once I put the other two sticks in.
  2. Guess it's better than the PS3 boomerang.
  3. Super easy I believe...it's just reading an identifier I would think, baked into one of the chips. Doubt they would put extra encryption and check mechanisms on such a thing....unless maybe Apple was involved. That said, the price doesn't sound really outside the realm of possibility, and you're often guaranteed a lower price NOT buying from the OEM on batteries, even on OEM parts. Or it could be a clever refurbishment. I wouldn't buy it without the guaranteed full OEM warranty if you're expecting an OEM battery though. The OEM might also say they won't honor a warranty if you buy an OEM part from an unauthorized distributor.
  4. That's unreal...and completely unlike the publishers of games such as COD to do anything that remotely resembles putting the players first by giving them options...that are free anyway.
  5. Thank you all who responded (and I still welcome more opinions). The answers thus far are mostly in line with what I was already thinking. I don't think this board will have anything beyond the 1700 in it in the foreseeable future. When I go for replacement I'll be doing at least a triple...CPU, mem, motherboard. These original parts I'm thinking will be the basis of a DIY NAS later. EDIT: Sweet, this was my 2,500th post. That's a nice round number.
  6. I've got an Asrock X370 Taichi motherboard running the 2.4.0 BIOS (or perhaps the 3.0.0...pretty sure it's the 2.4.0). I have zero issues with memory compatibility (using a 2x8GB GSkill Flare X CAS 14 kit). CPU is a Ryzen 7 1700. I'm about to add another 2x8GB (exact same kit and specs as the first set) to the board. Is there any point in upgrading the BIOS? EDIT: I'm actually already on 3.3.0, so this would be upgrading from there. The support page for the BIOS for this board really doesn't lend itself to pointing out benefits: https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X370 Taichi/index.asp#BIOS That is, aside from using 3.3.0 as the bridge BIOS, then 5.1.0, then a maximum of 5.6.0 since I have a first generation CPU. Ideally I'd like to hear from people with the same board, but I welcome everyone's perspective here. I'm currently of the mindset of if I don't have any issues after adding the extra memory, I shouldn't bother. What do you think?
  7. Lol...everyone kicking it into high gear at LTT based on team stats. Monthly Production Month Points WUs 04.20 27,318,409,576 1,161,456 03.20 37,275,460,526 1,570,501 02.20 4,752,852,713 126,196 01.20 5,080,434,187 137,732
  8. I...can't really say I'm surprised...insurance and medical costs have been batty since before I can remember. I've had garbage high-deductible insurance and other plans that were extremely generous...but if you encounter ONE thing that they don't want to cover, you can be billed an amazing amount for it. I had a prescription for a muscle relaxant once that my insurance refused to cover...the pharmacist told me my insurance wouldn't cover it, then said the bill for the 30-day supply would be $600. After uttering a very loud expletive aimed at the insurance company (at which the pharmacy tech covered her mouth to avoid laughing (her eyes gave it away)), I stated I guess I should stretch more, and to cancel the prescription request. On the better side, I had 3 surgeries over the past two years that would have cost about $30k+ (two in-office, one OR), but only paid $1700 out of pocket. That's with an insurance plan where I pay about $170 a paycheck (twice a month) and my employer pays about $600 a paycheck. ER's always have higher fees though...a flat higher fee copay for the ER if you're admitted, then everything else depends on your plan details. Can't really say much more without getting into politics (against the rules of the thread)...but I wouldn't trust people higher up in our country to run a national health care system. Nope.
  9. Ah well, didn't matter since the giveaway was closed
  10. I had this great joke about jumbo frames ready but then realized you were talking about a keyboard switch rather than a network switch.
  11. You can still get 15k RPM SAS drives here and there. Consumer side, they kind of lost a lot of their relevancy and cost benefits with cheap and fast SSDs. 10K drives were what I used in early SATA times...WD Raptor and VelociRaptor.
  12. That's not what Speccy says. Just curious. Edit: Must be free memory or something...it lists my 1080Ti with 3071MB
  13. Or just stop eating them. No point in killing them at this point anyway...it's jumped to multiple species. What you should be really annoyed with is if it gets widespread to the animals everyone else uses for food, like the average cow, pig, goat, and/or chicken, etc. The only people that win in that scenario are the vegans. No one wants that.
  14. Normal. DDR - Double Data Rate memory. 1600 x 2 is 3200. I run a 3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB) kit as well and mine shows the same. Now if your original post is correct and it says 1066 somewhere, not 1600, you might have an issue. Also...they made 1070's with only 4GB of video RAM?
  15. When you "check it"...can you be more specific where/how you are seeing 1066MHz? Also, what board? What memory kit? Model data?
  16. Well, since it sounds like mechanical noise there's only two sources if it's the AIO...fan and pump. If it's the pump you have more to worry about potentially. If you think it's the fan do you have the option of switching out the fan to see? Or perhaps hosing it down with compressed air?
  17. No issue. You might have an issue on dual GPU laptops with external monitors since it might want to run one app using a different GPU and you'll get a black window when you drag it over, but other than that no issues. I currently have a PG279Q (144Hz, GSync) and an older ASUS monitor (no adaptive sync...75Hz I think) on the same GPU...I drag stuff back and forth all the time. Play games on the main monitor while having YouTube on the secondary, etc. No issues.
  18. Also make sure your vents aren't blocked whether on the bottom or side(ex. playing on a soft surface) Depending on the vent design and age and environment, it could be a could be accumulation between the heatsink fins and the plastic vent grates on the chassis (seen that happen on older Inspirons and Latitudes). Either way, probably a good idea to repaste regardless. You're not guaranteed a good cooling solution on any laptop. My work machine's a Dell Precision laptop. It still throttles when crunching heavy numbers, usually around 100-105C. It's only a few months old.
  19. DId you localize the noise to the fans or at the pump itself? Are your temperatures still within expected ranges when this happens (i.e., does it still cool close to what is expected)?
  20. Bah...I posted my LTT forum name correction in the correction thread before it was closed, but it's still wrong. That aside, these are some really impressive numbers. I wonder how skewed they are from the servers being overloaded.
  21. Has the memory always been hardware reserved since Windows was installed did it just start happening one day? Also, what's your CPU and GPU in case an integrated (or in some cases even a discrete) GPU is reserving memory for its use. Have you also made sure your RAM was in the right slots? Also, try opening Device Manager, then click View, then Resources by Connection, and expand Memory. See what's reserving memory.
  22. In case anyone was wondering about their stats not updating, the Extremeoverclocking page had this update post a couple days ago: ------- It looks like the F@H servers have been getting hit pretty hard these past couple days. When things get overloaded, the stats feed become the low priority on the update list (hence, all the 0 updates). Rest assured, any WUs you send back to the servers are safe and will get processed eventually, just please be patient! The F@H team has been diligently bringing more servers online, but I think there are so many idle clients out there it still far exceeds all the new capacity. ---------
  23. @cbigfoot Huh...at first after enabling the advanced flag on my long-dormant GPU slot and then restarting it I was met with the same results...no WU assigned...then a couple of attempts later I got a unit. Not sure if that's due to the advanced flag or not. :: shrug :: I won't argue with the results I guess.
  24. @cbigfoot Care to elaborate? EDIT: Lol. I post this on response and fail to look at the VERY LAST POST YOU MADE. I guess I'm still asleep.