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    WLAN Long distance

    Of course consumer Grade Hardware cannot achieve those lengths. But there ist buisness Hardware that can achieve those distance. And yes it works. Actually in labconditions standard wlan already achieves 1km or so. I believe Sophos sells those. So basically it is supposed to be possible. So I know that cellular works cause of wavelengths which are below 1 GHz and WLAN works with 5ghz at larger distances. If you say that a Phones antenna ist powerfull enoguh to send a Signal Off <1 GHz Up to 30km, the wlan should in my Theory with a wavelengths 5 Times smaller reach 1/5 of that distances so around 6km. So taking loss into consideration it still makes total Sense To be able to send with ur Phone Up to 2 km or even 1.5 km , since it uses the Same antenna for WLAN. Hope I am Not mistaken in that.
  2. Hey guys, so a friend and I had a really interesting Talk. During that talk we talked about Access Points that can reach a distance of 2km. You can normally connect to them and we understand that receiving data ist easy, but how can the client, in this case the phone, send data to the access point. In our perspective the phones antenna shouldn't be strong enough. So how can the phone "Upload" Data? Hope you guys can help me. Couldn't find anything during my Research. Thanks for some enlightment
  3. Thanks for the Tips.but do you think it is a good idea?
  4. Hey all of you, So I wanted to hear your opinion about something I recently have been thinking about. I want to ditch my Dell XPS15-9550 4k, i7-6700hq, gtx960m, 16gb ddr4 and so on ... together with the dell Thunderbolt Dock tb15. I want to get a Desktop PC around 1000 Bugs (€/as I am from Europe) and a Laptop for around 700€ as I need one. And yes I know it all comes down to what I am doing with it. So here I Go: Desktop usage: Decent gaming Performance: I don't need to Play everything on very high or ultra I mainly Play League or small Indie Games. But it should handle Battlefield or newer titles since I Play those occasionally. 3d Animation and Content creation is a must have. (Mainly Blender, unity3d) since I am studying Games engineering. Laptop usage: The 3d Content creation Part hast to be possible on this device too. Since I need it in College, yet I still want to have a good build-quality, a nice trackpad and good battery life. A discrete graphics Card isn't mandatory but I would search for a device with One. To be clear I don't want any buy this buy that recommondations only If you know a good Laptop say so. Do you think it would be a good idea or should I just Stick with my xps15 and the Dock? Thanks to all who participate