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  1. Right now it is probably the best in most categories. You could probably find one that is the same size for much less money but not with all of the features that the 38uc99 has. LG pretty much went all out on it and if you have the budget for it then it is a safe buy you probably won't find anything better for a few months at least. Ultrawides are getting more popular and there will probably be more available before too long but I would guess that it would be lower end ones for people who want to game on them on a budget. Like you mentioned you don't really need it for gaming so the gaming ones that will come out won't really matter for you. With it already having a 60hz refresh rate (75 with freesync) it will be fine for when you do occasionally game. I don't feel completely comfortable recommending for someone to buy something as expensive as this is but if I had a $2000 budget for a monitor I personally would probably get the LG 38uc99-w
  2. I don't know about the other stuff but this in particular is not a problem. The PSU will only supply as much power as the parts draw. It might be able to supply 750W but if your parts only need something like 500W or whatever it is they actually need then the PSU will only give them that amount.
  3. I have two of these that I'm not currently using. They seem pretty nice but unfortunately they didn't fit with the project I got them for so I have two new coolers that have never been used
  4. That is really clever! Now that you mention it is seems like an obvious thing to do but I'd never thought of that.
  5. Maybe this helps?
  6. Probably any of the four that you listed would be fine for photo editing and movies. The lg 38uc99 is probably the best but the 34uc98 is probably just as good in most uses. It is a little bit less expensive and a lot of people probably couldn't tell the difference. The 98 does't seem to have speakers but the 99 and both the asus ones do if that is a concern.
  7. What is your budget?
  8. I agree that it will be really hard to do and it will be heavy and bulky but I have seen it done. Unless you make a custom chassis it probably won't look good but if you are willing to put the work in then go for it. There is likely a youtube video showing how someone else managed to do it. If you got something like those tiny "console killer" micro atx cases you could probably mount a laptop screen to it and maybe a keyboard. In the end it will probably start looking like a test bench but if you want to do it you just need to be creative.
  9. In the past I've seen mismatched ram work but I have also seen it cause problems. It is worth a shot though, the few times when it didn't work for me all I had to do was take out the ram that didn't match and then everything was fine.
  10. A 1080 should be fine with an ultrawide, I'm not 100% sure but I am fairly confident that that would be easier to run than two 144hz screens anyway depending on what the resolution was. Most ultrawides aren't 4k so you don't need to worry about that.
  11. Logitech G600 it is what I have and it is awesome
  12. I've never seen that case before that is really cool
  13. If nothing else you could go for neutral colors and get cablemod green cables and then get rgb to make everything light up green
  14. Reds are quiet and I believe there are some switches actually called silents. If you use either of those it should be fairly quiet but you can still add O-rings if you need it more quiet still.
  15. The processors really aren't the best but if you aren't super concerned with that then it really doesn't matter, I got a little bit of hate when I chose my x5690's but even if they aren't the best it is still better than what I've been using so in any case it is an improvement and I got a somewhat unique computer out of it, when I go to a lan party I am sure to be the only one who has a 70lb computer lol. But yeah do what you want with it some people will hate it because it isn't as good as other things but that is what I like about LTT is most people will still help you if you ask something.