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  1. Your whole situation is looking pretty dim If even the xeon overclocking forums don't know what to do the only think I can think of would be to try and get in contact with the original owner but I am assuming that might not be a possibility. Did you buy it from someone on ebay? If so you probably could get in contact with them. Thanks for the mutual excitement with my build, I feel a little bad now that your system is giving you such a headache. It will probably be a few weeks before I will have the case done but I will be sure to let you know when I have it done
  2. That is a super cool combo but Yeah honestly that is a ton of money I would mention exactly what you said here. It is a buttload of money for harware that is that old. Not to say it isnt good hardware but it is old none the less. You might be able to talk him down. You could also see if you could get it without the the two 5680's because if you can that should knock like at least $150-200 off the price
  3. That sounds horrible! why on earth did it do all of that? I can't see why tryng the card would cause all of that to happen. I am so sorry. That really really sucks. I wish there was something I could suggest but I can't think of anything and you are already more qualified than I am. The only possible thing I can think of is maybe if you can find someone on the forums who has the same board and could make a copy of their bios settings then send it to you. Is that something that could potentially work? I suppose even if it could it would be could be difficult to find someone with the same board.
  4. @crzyces I just bought the motherboard, I'm pretty excited.
  5. Oh I see okay that makes more sense. I was thinking it would be a little strange to have all of the io on the front. I like that imagery of the usb cables haha. I noticed on my current workstation that is has 6 or 8 usb ports on the back. I can't think of a single use for that many ports unless you had a ton of thumb drives to plug in but if that is what it was indended for then why are they on the back of a 70+ pound machine? I feel like someone didn't think through the practicality of it very well. I wouldn't worry too much about not knowing linux all that well. I feel like the people who generally prefer it aren't going to need help with it or if they do it will be for something so specific that it wouldn't be covered under "general knowledge" anyway. I might be 100% wrong though I don't feel qualified to speak for linux users as I have never effectively used linux for anything and if I did I would need a lot of help.
  6. Take a look on Cablemod's website I bet they would have something similar
  7. That is super cool!
  8. Haha well there they are! I didn't realize until now that they almost all require power like sata or similar. Not that that really makes a difference but this is the first time I noticed. And you say that you have one on the front of your case? do you have all of the IO on the front? $100-200 isn't too bad for something as fast as those are, I could look into that. Before I get one though I will have to do some research and see if there is anything I will be doing that will even maximize the speed of the drives that I currently have. While they and the optane drives are super cool, I feel the living week to week situation (I hate it when my lawnmower craps the bed). Thankfully most of my issues when I run out of money are self inflicted because I am not always responsible with the money I have (I am getting better though!) It will really help once I have the computer finished. If I finish it soon it will be just in time to save for a better monitor and for a trip that I am hoping to take in august
  9. As far as quiet fans go I think most people would recommend Noctua fans
  10. I did a little looking and I found these: https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Description=usb 3.0 pci card&Submit=ENE Which is good to know if I need them. I probably will end up getting something similar because I doubt that 2 usb 2.0 ports is goign to be enough. That is really good to know about the ssd I might look into that I don't know how expensive they are but if I can get something for not too much then that could be a worth while performance investment. Like I said with installing windows with the motherboard compatibility, if it doesn't work for whatever reason I am sure I will find out before it becomes an issue.
  11. That is exactly how I felt when I tried linux. I knew nothing about it and I didn't know how to code at all and I felt so lost. I knew it could be really cool if you knew what you were doing but I didn't know where to start. Looking back now linux isn't so scary especially with there being so much info on the internet it is really simple to solve most common problems I'm sure.
  12. Oh okay I can see why it would be something to be mindful of. I think I will risk it because if it works then that is great but if it won't work I will most likely find out before I ever put my product key.
  13. I hadn't considered this, is this a real potential issue? I already have a Win 10 Pro key I was thinking of using it would be a waste to not be able to use it. Those bigger boards are awesome but yeah they are just so expensive I don't really see why especially with it being as old of a socket as it is.
  14. The two ram slots that it looks like it is covering I am pretty sure is just because of the angle the picture is taken. I think if was taken squarely from the top it would look just like the spacing between the dimms and the heatsink on the right there is a small gap. If not though the heatsinks that I have would totally fit they have quite a bit of room for ram clearance. How much would I notice the lack of sata 3? Is it a noticeable difference, if so I could get a pcie ssd but I have heard that many boards do not support booting to those slots which would suck a little but at least I could have fast storage. I just thought of this but I could probably find a USB 3.0 PCIe adapter I bet that is a thing I could look into that. I do like how the heatsinks are short which would be awesome because I could cut the size of the case down a bit
  15. Nexus is great for mods, I agree that it is worth it to just get mods for free when someone else is going to do it better than me with less effort. Unless I already know how to use the programs then I could see making mods, but I don't know how to use them and it isn't really worth the time to learn when I'm already happy with what other people have made. I found a potential board for my computer what do you think of this? http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/QPI/5500/X8DTi-F.cfm http://www.ebay.com/itm/TESTED-Super-Micro-X8DTI-F-Motherboard-with-I-O-Shield-and-Heatsinks-LGA1366-/262877625097?hash=item3d34ba3b09:g:G94AAOSw0QFXBp3-