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  1. Oh okay thanks! that actually helps a lot
  2. Hey I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between kinds of PCIe SSDs. I've seen some where the contacts come off the end of the ssd and there are also some where they come off the side and are shaped more like a gpu. Is there any advantage to one over the other? The only thing that I have been able to find is that the gpu shaped ones tend to be more expensive Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks, I'll let you know
  4. It is going slow, I ended up needing to spend money on other things this month but it is good, the case I got is actually a server so it came with some neat server hardware I'm planning to do fun stuff with. Once I find a time to start building I'll post pictures and stuff
  5. Hey! I'm building a dual xeon too! Mine are x5690's though
  6. This is a video about a lamp made from acrylic but you may be able to something similar for your window
  7. I think your other post was more helpful
  8. Okay I see, I kinda distracted from the goal then sorry about that. Personally I would would agree that something is missing. I guess it is up to you to decide what that means to you but yes something is missing. I would also agree that there is a depressingly faulty system that people are stuck in like the cycle you mentioned. It is sad and it it is easy to get stuck in. I realize now that this isn't supposed to be about you but as far as being not necessarily being in the right state of mind I suggest finding someone you trust to talk to. I've been trapped in mindsets that are similar to how this appears and it can be rough to go through alone.
  9. When you say it makes you question your own life in what sense do you mean that? In a needing to restructure you life? Or in more of a suicidal situation?
  10. Thanks, I've just dealt with a lot of depression in the past. I try to help when I can
  11. I think that is what gets people, the idea of failure being the result of unmet goals. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you learn from them and find a way to improve when possible. Failure generally speaking, at least in my opinion, is when you give up on goals in fear of not meeting them. edit: mispelling
  12. I find meaning in my life from my religious beliefs. If you are experiencing an emptiness that you haven't been able to fill then maybe you might want to look into those areas. Even if you aren't religious, in more of a general sense it is a good idea to identify what you would define yourself by. If you don't like what you find then take the steps necessary to redefine yourself.
  13. I would have to agree with most of what everyone is saying, that it would be extremely time consuming and expensive and it is unlikely that you have the necessary skills... but even with all of that if it is something you want to try to do then go for it. I wouldn't expect to make money on it, but the process of making the game can lead to you learning a lot of useful things and even if you never finish it you can develop skills that you may be able to use in the future. I wouldn't expect too much but if it is something that you have the time and resources for than why not go for it, you might have fun and you can learn something while doing it
  14. The real question is why you left the sticker on it. That's just pure anarchy
  15. Okay cool thanks