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  1. I don't know but I bet it comes with a reasonably sized font wherever there might be text
  2. It was only recently that I got a computer that could run games at more that 20fps. With not having anything to compare it too I had gotten used to it and it never really bothered me. It is really up to your own expectations whether or not it will seem okay. If you are a competitive gamer than no it probably wouldn't be the best but with it being console and if you are looking to play for purely entertainment value 30fps really isn't bad.
  3. I recommend Command Strips hooks. You can get awesome little clear hooks that stick to pretty much anything. I've used them for Christmas lights and ethernet cords. The ones I have hold the cords really well so that they don't fall out, in the past I have even used them to run cords along the ceiling for some projects and with them being clear they are easy to hide.
  4. I wouldn't cover the back but otherwise probably. I might be wrong but it is something that I would feel comfortable trying on my own stuff.
  5. I was hoping everyone would realize I was kidding. Sorry I should have indicated that better
  6. You should bake it in an oven
  7. When asking for help please include information in your title
  8. The monitor would be fine but you won't benefit from freesync at all. Freesync is AMD's system to sync monitor refresh rate with the AMD gpu. Nividia has a similar system called G-Sync, for the most part it works pretty much the same but unfortunately it is more expensive and generally only found on very expensive monitors. If you don't mind having a feature on your monitor that you cant use it might not be a bad choice or if you want to use the freesync it has you could also look into getting an AMD gpu.
  9. Awesome thanks I'll look into those for sure
  10. I have dual xeon x5690's 64gb of ram: upgrade-able to 128 I haven't ordered the gpu yet I am likely going to get a gtx 1070 though The main program I use now is Blender and I am probably going to get adobe premiere or something similar to add some more editing options. That is also a good idea with the storage thanks
  11. I would think that is all you need, I might be wrong but I think what you have is okay.
  12. Hello friends, I am currently building a computer I could use some help with storage options. I do both 2D and 3D animation and I can use up quite a bit of storage space. In addition to needing space, the speed that I read and write from the storage is also a factor. I don't need anything too crazy but I was wondering what some of my options would be, I have 6 drive bays available and 5 PCIe spaces. I was thinking of maybe getting an NVMe PCIe sdd or whatever the name is for the OS but what would you recommend for the main storage in terms of raid, number of drives, and kinds of drives if you have suggestions. I'm looking to have somewhere between 4-10tb of storage but I'm flexible on this. Any thoughts you have are appreciated
  13. Oh okay thanks! that actually helps a lot
  14. Hey I was wondering if someone could explain the difference between kinds of PCIe SSDs. I've seen some where the contacts come off the end of the ssd and there are also some where they come off the side and are shaped more like a gpu. Is there any advantage to one over the other? The only thing that I have been able to find is that the gpu shaped ones tend to be more expensive Thanks for the help
  15. Thanks, I'll let you know