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  1. I have two AIOs in my system and they are perfectly quiet. Just depends on what kind you get.
  2. Plus I know a guy with a x58 serverboard and xeons with included heatsinks Which he would sell cheap :]
  3. Yeah there are actually a lot of xeons that you can OC and often they do it better than their consumer counterparts
  4. Is that the PC-08 in your pfp?

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    2. tarfeef101


      Yeah, for me it was a really sketch build cause I had like, 4-5 hours to do everything cause I was actually moving the next day :D

      Didn't have time or gear to do pass-through fittings, so used a valve as a pass-through between the back and front. Only had 1 though, so the other tube that went through was just one tube the whole way with like 3 bends, and I just prayed it never shifted at all. 

      Broke a couple fans so ended up with push/pull stock fans on one rad. 

      Res was taped and literally tied with string in the back.


      Pump was taped to the PSU




      Yeah it was pretty jenk

    3. NoxiousOdor


      I'm glad I'm not the only one that suffered from jank haha.


      I needed to cut the little box that holds the power switch in half to make room for my motherboard and I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the case so my motherboard could stick out the bottom.


      Here are a few pictures from before I finished it (Don't worry I trimmed it up and smoothed the jagged lines)




    4. tarfeef101


      hahahahaha very nice

  5. Whatever you get in terms of motherboard I would shoot towards getting a 5675 if there are any in your area. It is about as good as you are going to get. The 5690 is similar and runs at slightly higher base clock speeds but has a much higher tdp. The 5675 is the best available for x58 imo. I am currently running two of the 5690 and while I am very happy with them, if I were to go back in time I would tell myself to go with the 5675 instead if for no other reason than less power draw and heat.
  6. I would go with the P2XL, I haven't used the others but I have been really happy with the pixel and I think you will get a lot more out of it than the other options. The screen isn't actually bad at all and I agree with others when they say you will like having an oled. It is suuper nice. Also while it can cost more you can get used ones for about the same price as the lower priced alternatives.
  7. I have a dual socket x58 supermicro board but it is eeatx which is a tad bigger than eatx. The upside is that it has two low end xeons and two coolers already.
  8. How in the world do they come off? It has been a while since I've seen the back of my SR2 but I was pretty sure they were soldered on. That is really cool though that they used to come with multiple mounting options I didn't realize that. Mine has the server mounts and I have been surprised with how many modern coolers are compatible. Both of my noctua air coolers worked and now I have two of the corsair h100i v2 and they fit ezpz too.
  9. That is really nifty, that is a much better deal than a lot of the test benches I see This made me laugh a little just be cause it is the SR-2 and the backplates can't be removed
  10. $40 isn't bad at all, does it come with feet and stand-offs and such?
  11. There is an official emulator https://education.ti.com/en/software/details/en/FFEA90EE7F9B4C24A6EC427622C77D09/sda-ti-smartview-ti-84-plus
  12. X10 - X6 = $100 X4=$100 X=$25 You get one "X" per $25 so really you are getting four more "X's" Seems like a silly question when the math is quite simple
  13. Well if either of them need a new home in the future I would be happy to rehabilitate them. Although they seem comfortable in your x58 nature preserve
  14. That is such an awesome board, if it ever needs a new home you should let me know
  15. That sounds like a problem with your build in particular. I have used several dual socket board builds specifically on that same platform and I have never had issues.
  16. Try looking through the bios and see what settings are available for QPI speeds. While supermicro boards do not let you overclock, some may let you adjust your QPI speed which can help improve the speeds that your two cpus can interact which might be the problem.
  17. I can't believe he just called Mr. T, Terry Crews
  18. LMG is under no obligation to feed your opinion of apple. They are their own company and if they don't want to like apple then they don't have to. I'm tired of seeing people complaining about LMG being "anti-apple." They have their opinion and you have yours. I have heard people argue that they need to be more neutral because they provide tech news. They don't need to do anything. They are a media company that provides entertainment, which often includes tech news. They are under no obligation of any kind to be sensitive to anybody's opinions about anything. It would be nice if all news sources were entirely unbiased but they aren't and they don't need to be.
  19. I got mine pretty low to thankfully. You should use it more! x58 is the true master race
  20. It seems like everyone is getting them these days. They have been dropping in price which is nice. @Zando Bob just bought two of them
  21. @Jumper118 When did you get your new score on the 1366 socket? I was aiming to beat Wezlax soon but then I saw that you upped the bar!
  22. I finished the game in about 4 hours, iirc I even stopped to make dinner part of the way through and still finished in about 4 hours