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  1. Nope, the only option that does have it on is anti-aliasing but I turned it off and it didn't do anything.
  2. I bought a new GTX 1070 and it came in today so I downloaded the latest drivers and tried to benchmark it against my GTX 560 Ti and found out no matter the quality setting of any game I tried, it would cap at 144fps but I have no v-sync turned on. I looked online for some answers and found apparently that it has a frame limiter of some sort and if i tried to tamper with it in the Nvidia inspector, it would do absolutely nothing. Thanks for any help.
  3. The fans started freezing for some odd reason and i have no idea why, they still function properly but the leds freeze. I restarted my pc and nothing happen and disconnected from the hub that comes with the triple pack and does nothing either. I bought these 5 months ago and they were fine but for some reason it started doing this. Any ideas?
  4. For me it's not really what i can see but mainly benchmark purposes to see how far i can stretch the graphics card
  5. I bought a GTX 560 ti for real cheap and I tested it out and its all good and dandy but when I play light games like CS:GO, TF2, LOL etc, the fps doesn't go higher than 144fps. READ: no fps cap, tried all at lowest settings - no higher fps, no v-sync, latest drivers. I tried the same tests with Intel HD graphics and achieved the higher 144fps cap but on much lower settings. Not sure if this is the problem with my graphics card specifically or that when this was released it was like a cap or something.
  6. I bought an old graphics card from a friend and its only connectors are 2 DVI Ports and 1 Mini HDMI. I do not have any Mini HDMI to HDMI and no DVI cables, my friend said he lost the adaptor. Should i just go and buy a adapter? Or can i use it without connecting it to my monitor
  7. Ok, what you said just made me decide not to do push pull. Thanks for the help anyway.
  8. Well, I have bought a triple pack of Corsair fans last few weeks and the AIO has 2 included so I don't see any downside.
  9. Just curious because you can put a fan in front of the radiator or behind so surely enough you can install 4 fans right?
  10. So you're saying it would be fine if I bought either one?
  11. So I been searching for a AIO cooler and was considering getting the NZXT X52 but i heard bad reviews that the CAM software is buggy. I was also looking at Fractal Design Celcius S24 but some other reviews said the pump failed after 10 months. Or is this just luck based and not everyone gets a good pump?
  12. I didn't know which manufacturer but it's the Motherboard VGA Drivers for anyone with a problem like this ^^
  13. So I came home from school today to play some games with my friends to find out that I am getting really low FPS, like 10 fps range on League of Legends, when I alt-tabbed I then saw a pop-up box saying "Display driver failed to start", So I searched the problem online and told me to go to Device manager and re-install the drivers. I have but when I do, it comes up with this message. What can I do?
  14. Forgot to mention but i have the hub that comes with it