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  1. Does anyone know if there is any of the $500 ticket left? If so how many!
  2. I want water cooling! The reason being i just want to build my second water cooled pc! The first one I did not use PETG and I really want to try it out this time.
  3. I am looking to do a custom build that you the LTT forum would recommend. I would like some thoughts on what is the best of the best. The only things that is a must are as follows: 1) Must be as silent as possible. So at least 2 water cooling loops is a must. 2) Must be the best of the best. This is mostly for bragging rights as I am trying to top my brother's computer. 3) Must be an ATX motherboard. 4) Must fit inside the Caselab Mercury S8 ATX black Case with pedestal OR the Caselab Magnum THW10 XL-ATX Black case. 5) The GPU and CPU must be on a different water cooling loops, each loop must have its own res and pump. Tubs must be Clear PETG with Zero bends, so all bends must be done using fittings only. 6) Color scheme I am going for is 2 different colors, the over all color is Black and the secondary color is Red or Orange or Yellow (Red being the first choice and Yellow being the last choice). 7) The keyboard Must be RGB. All other parts does not matter. 8) Must be able to be overclocked but will most likely not be overclocked. 9) Usage for this system is mostly to play online games but also to be able to do 4K video editing using Adobe Master CS6. 10) The operating system must NOT be windows 10! 11) All hard drives must be Enterprise grade SSD in RAID 1 only. 12) Must have a Blu-Ray Writer. The items I already have for this build are the computer case, OS and Adobe Master CS6. The OS options are: Windows 8 PRO 64-bit, Windows 7 PRO 64-bit, Windows XP PRO 32 and Windows XP Pro 64 bit. Yes I still have full OEM licenses of all these that have not yet been registered! So feel free to list what you'd like me to build. You should also know that cash flow is not an issue! Also I am thinking of making 2 of these systems. 1 to keep and the other to sell off on ebay, the amount it sells for will go towards a charity of my choice. And before I forget the time line for your choices is the end of this month!
  4. Can I get a complete parts list of the different computer parts without the desk. Thinking of coping it or improving it.
  5. silly question: Can you downgrade to windows 8 pro?
  6. The bigger question is... how did the screw get into her boot in the first place!
  7. I am sure that too but it would still be nice to know what she says :-)
  8. Question: Did Linus actually watch this... I'd like to see a video where he tells his side of the story. Also CAN we get a video were we get intros on all the different people who work there, what they do and how long they've been there. Also how come his wife wasn't part of it or am i missing something.
  9. Does anyone know if it will allow for triple/quad sli?
  10. I am sure I already answered the how many vms... I said 8, tho i may scale back to 3 to 4. As for the NAS... the original plan was to do what Linus did. I recall he make a gamer with nas system and he also made a system for his home with his wife's in a U4 case. I was thinking of combing both of these system's without the water cooling due to needing to move it between Canada and USA. That and the fact that I don't really want to try water cooling at this time!
  11. um... how to best put it.... depends on if your talking about personal or work. For personal it's 2012 iMac! For work its even worst that the iMac because its way way way over due to an upgrade, heck it's still running Windows Server 2000. enough said! As I said the new one will be used as a gaming system AND workstation AND using VM be NAS!
  12. Well according to thinkmate the system I had in mind would be $66,476.00 http://www.thinkmate.com/system/superworkstation-7048gr-tr/183479 Was seeing if i could make it less in someway without making major changes to the parts.
  13. Actually I have been looking at doing a system build 6 months ago but could decide which parts to go with till about a few weeks ago when i went ahead and order the cpu and others. My main issue is finding the right motherboard to go with my colors (black and yellowish orange with a hint of red). As well some other parts I have yet to order! Like the case and others.