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    I am a young, and enthusiastic guy who is always willing to accept a challenge.
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  1. V-Sync wouldnt give different frame rates. It would cap it at the refresh rate of the monitor. not 150 at one game and 15 at another
  2. Yeah, I thought that as well. But I didnt want him doing anything related to hardware if its not necessary. I was going to recommend that next.
  3. If I were you, I would do the following in this order: Power off your PC (Shut Down, Fully Unplug, and Plug Back In) Boot into Windows Check driver Updates for your GPU and CPU If the problem persists Back Up Your Game Files Verify Game Files If the problem persists Uninstall The Effected Games Reinstall The Games If the problem persists, DM me.
  4. Can you get a screenshot of your task manager while you are playing a game with these framerates?
  5. So.... if anyone else has seen the recent TechQuickie video that I have attached in the spoiler below, and you are infuriated at the INSANITY of the LIES about bringing us stress balls, THEN LETS HOLD HANDS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! If you also feel we should not be left with blue balls for the stress balls, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We can make this happen! SEND THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS!
  6. Haha.... But unfortunately, as loyal viewers, we want to watch the vids, and that wont change because of a thumbnail, but that makes it look like we want more
  7. I have been into Dbrand forever..... but I did learn about it from LTT, just not recently. But I love them too.... the skins are amazing in my setup, really bringing attention to the little, yet vital pieces of tech on my desk.
  8. I agree 100%... as I said, I think just excited thumbnails are very minimal when it comes to seeing something like this....
  9. no not nearly as much... at CES its understandable lest just wait and see
  10. Good point. Nvidia is just much faster, and AMD, as you can see in Linus's video on AMD's booth about Vega, is way too... slow, with their releases, to the point where they cover stuff with FREAKIN TAPE!?
  11. Hilariously, and I didn't even realize that too!
  12. Understood. I personally LOVE Nvidia, and think their high end cards are better than AMD but AMD has better low ends. To each their own mate.
  13. LMAO when anyone can find someone who is neutral on everything, let me know. It is our nature to defend our personal views....