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  1. Thanks for the responses both As I said, I'm 100% aware this sensible in terms of benefit and there is a lot can go wrong - the main appeal of this is the the challenge and to practice for other projects, so I'm not going to be easily dissuaded. I'm mainly looking to see if anyone who's actually done it ran into any problems I could avoid, specifically around the heat-sink materials on my GPU. @Fasauceome Out of interest, are there any specific pastes would you recommend more than others?
  2. Hi - first post here so be kind! I'm looking at experimenting with liquid metal in my PC, the only justification is that I don't really have much else to do other than tinker in lockdown (I'm in the UK) and it seemed like a pretty low cost (unless I brick something) thing to play around with. Of the components I can replace the TIM on, my GPU is the one I care about bricking the least as I've been eyeing an upgrade - its also where I get the most thermal throttling, I can get between a 5/10 FPS boost (and a lot more stability) in some games by cranking the fans up to max using afterburner if I'm willing to deal with the sound. The problem is; there is plenty of advice around saying you shouldn't do it, but I've found nothing reliable from people who have done it and what the results are. Can anyone with any experience of this weigh in? My main concern is what the material on the GPU heat-sink is and that its not Aluminium (I'm aware of the chemistry around electrolysis and what happens to liquid metal applications over time). I'm running: -GTX 1080 ti Founders (No OC) -Intel 8700k, OC'd to 4.88 mhz (with a beefy air cooler, no issues or throttling here) -120hz, 3440 x 1400 monitor NB. I'm aware this isn't the most sensible project, nor are the potential for gains that high. If anything this is practice for other projects I have in mind further down the line.