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  1. Censoring the raw public opinion is so weird. They did this with Netflix reviews, they do this all the time with Rotten Tomatoes. I was hoping Valve was a little more immune to it but clearly not. All they want to do is suppress the raw public opinion, and keep the 'official' opinions on top of everyone else's. Probably should have seen this coming after they hid the number of people who said a review wasn't helpful, and disabled commenting on reviews by default. If something so drastic happens that people have to do the media-invented-term of "review bomb", then whatever happened is something worth talking about. They just want to make it harder for people to talk about
  2. If you're so mentally far gone you can't remember 4 digits, you shouldn't be buying things on your own either
  3. And yet it's still the best ARPG in existence. Path of Exile may be more modern but nothing yet has managed to match Diablo 2
  4. People said this before, and when they said this they thought Diablo 4 was going to be announced. The fact is until Blizzard gives any hint of it, and so far they've given none, it isn't happening or going to happen anytime soon
  5. I want games to be God of War. Finished on release, no microtransactions, no DLC, and the only updates afterwards are bug fixes or adding new game +. Making me pay $60 for a game that isn't finished then updating later may as well be an early access Steam title, and we all know those never get finished
  6. If one more developer says "stick with us guys it'll get better" I might just move to Alaska and take up moose breeding as a new hobby
  7. I wish they would outlaw data caps first. Lootboxes are fine if the game is free, but annoying if the game isn't free. Even more annoying if they directly affect gameplay in any way
  8. lots of strangely anti-American people working for these American companies
  9. silicon valley tech giants seem to want to stifle any sort of communication at any cost, and hide it behind advertising reasons. next will be the removal of the dislike button
  10. WoW is even more dumbed down now than it was when it first came out. It had the Blizzard perfection meaning it was easy to play, made sense, and didn't suck, but the WoW developers have said in some uncertain terms "the players aren't smart enough for this" multiple times HOTS was always considered the kiddie version of the MOBAs. There's no items to worry about or buy, no complicated build orders, just 3 or 4 skills to pick from in a very short 10-20 minute game when compared to Dota's or LoL's 90 minute or more games. It might have seen more success if they didn't sit around doing nothing while league of legends was doing to gaming what fortnite is doing to it today
  11. Man HOTS still boggles my mind. DOTA was a mod of Blizzard's own freaking Warcraft game, and instead of jumping right on that they do nothing and eventually, eventuallllyy get around to Heroes of the Storm, but on top of coming too late they do the stupid Blizzard trend of dumbing it down to kiddie levels for no reason whatsoever. I mean the second they lost Dota 2 to valve they should have immediately started their own and released it in like two months, even if it would have gone against the Blizzard perfection mantra. oh well
  12. no, never, not nearly the audience and it never will have the audience of YouTube
  13. never knew protecting IP and enforcing copyright was considered overzealous. why shouldn't they get compensated for their work?
  14. all the big American conglomerates need to just remove EU access to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and everything else for a while. It wouldn't take very long. But my guess is those companies would happily support censorship and strict copyright laws so they would have no reason to
  15. every single company out of scilicon valley banned alex jones within the same hour. they're all anti-free speech
  16. why are people under the delusion Fortnite isn't an industry rocking game, is here to stay, and is spectacularly successful beyond what any game developer could dream of?
  17. I don't think they're worth the extra cost. For most under $200 you're going to get maybe, maybe 20 minutes of 'safe' time, which is good if you are sitting at your computer but not very useful if you're not sitting at your computer and the power takes more than that time to come back. Just save often and backup everything often
  18. well apex legends is free, and it's from Titanfall which is easily the best FPS in the last 5 years but it was a dead on arrival game. I mean it doesn't matter what you think of royale games, they rocked the video game industry and aren't going anywhere
  19. I dunno about epic, but they own GGG (path of exile) and League of Legends Although I'm wondering, how do you take freedom of speech from a platform that already heavily suppresses freedom of speech? Go type "build the wall" in any of the default subs and see how long you last